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  1. this came up on my FB feed . I haven't tried it .I have to find some first
  2. Well Gerry I am thinking about all the Ford GT's. From the first version to the latest version. I have always been a GT fan.
  3. I mostly build Hot Rods and Customs but I have been pondering on building some Ford GT's. Any tips or suggestions on what kits are good would be appreciated. I know the Tamiya kit is supposed to be great, Also is there much in the way of after market parts and detail items available for them. Thanks
  4. I no longer buy the pens, I only buy the refills. I either drop some into the airbrush cup or use a small brush and apply it to the spots I want to touch up.
  5. this is the base coat I have been using. This is over a combination of Candy2o colors
  6. A true Candy Apple Red is a candy red over a gold base but over a sliver base it still looks good , Yes this is airbrush but it is a candy red over a Rustoleum (rattle can ) silver metallic base.
  7. Ditto: I normally wait weeks for it to fully dry and try not to ever touch. I have yet to find a clear that will not dull it, but I am still looking. Just airbrushed these . now to play the waiting game
  8. Yes, I have Iwata, Paasche and Badger airbrushes and I use quick connecters on all of them.
  9. After rethinking my answer I took another look and I ended going with the kit quad .
  10. As a follow up from the great thread "What did you learn to drive in? " I thought I would see how we all got our first ticket ? I was 17 driving a 51 Ford in 1967, It had some air in the brake system and you had to pump the brakes up to stop. I was doing 45 in a 30 and got pulled over. The Officer must have noticed my brake lights going off and on, so he asked me to push on the brake pedal while he watched. Of coarse the pedal went almost to the floor. Got a ticket for defective brakes and speeding. I was under 18 so I had to go to Juvenile Traffic Court, got lucky and only lost my license for 2 weeks. Not sure how I survived my younger years.
  11. I have a body from a kit I used the rest as a donor for another project. But Thanks Gerry Now that I think about it I don't have kits, just a lot of boxes of parts LOL
  12. Maybe I will match it up with a Orange Grate body I have in the stash
  13. Thats what I first thought, I even checked out with the Ala Kart grille but not it either
  14. I ordered this grill from Replicas and Miniatures by mistake. I am not sure what custom grille it represents. I know someone here can tell me , Thanks
  15. Never got to it, waiting in line behind some other builds, I keep getting involved with challenge builds
  16. Learned how to drive in my Uncles 48 Ford Sedan , in 1964, I was 14
  17. For the first time in a very long time I spotted an AMC Eagle Wagon yesterday.
  18. For me it looks like a Gremlin half way thru a time portal
  19. Not sure if Monogram and AMT are the same but I have a Monogram 66 Mustang GT350 #2797, also have a Monogram 66 Mustang GT350H #2736. I haven't looked at them for awhile but both should be complete and unbuilt
  20. That looks like a better way to get what I want , Thanks
  21. I thought I might build up a stock 65 Fairlane like the one I drove when I first got married. They wifey found an AMT 65 Stocker at Walmart so I had her buy it for me. After opening it when she returned home ,I discovered it was far from stock . I may be able to remake the fender openings , not sure about the interior or the rest of it. I do see a 64 Fairlane that may work as a donor kit. Has anyone attempted to do this ? Any suggestion's on if I should try it or should I just move on?
  22. But I don't think you could get George Barris and his brother Sam to build one for you
  23. Hirohata Merc Sold yesterday at Mecum Auctions for $1,950,000, Lots of crazy prices and cool cars.
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