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    Just gotta love them Mopars
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    Sounds like we are not talking Factory cars here. Being the once owner of a 66 Barracuda I tend to like them. The first generation of Barracuda are an acquired taste. Either you love them or hate them. I call them the "Red Headed Step Child" of Pony Cars
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    I was just quoting from the same Wiki article. And only if the Valiant had a factory performance package. I have never seen a "S" code Valiant. Doing a bit of googling, I find the definition of a Pony car varies all over the place. It all depends on who you ask. It is all just opinions. After all you could be as right as I am or I could be as wrong as you are. (jk)
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    The first pony car to be released was the Plymouth Barracuda, which went on sale on April 1, 1964 (two weeks before the Ford Mustang).[10] The Barracuda was released as a fastback coupe, based on the platform of the Plymouth Valiant compact car
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    Well actually "yes" I would consider it a Pony Car. I have seen a lot of Nova street racers. I would even think about including the 61/63 Pontiac Tempest with the 215 Aluminum block 2 br with Saginaw 4sp. In 63 they offered the 327. Very fast little cars.
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    In my humble opinion that dog don't hunt. My criteria for a Pony car is a Compact with a High performance small block.This would be the 66 Barracuda with the S package and the Mustang with the GT package Nothing to do with hood or deck lengths. In 1970 Barracudas were getting out of the compact car range into the mid sized range. The 66 Barracuda was the first Barracuda without the Valiant badgeing and had a Barracuda fish on the grille, for me this was the first Barracuda and not a Valiant with a sport roof with or without the Barracuda badge. If it had a big block it was a Muscle car
  7. Just because you can doesn't mean you should
  8. A street Rod leans toward the Show Rod side of the spectrum and a Hot Rod leans toward the Gow Job side.
  9. Anyone making some nice looking alternators?
  10. I just started making door and trunk hinges, I started with these round pliers But found that I have more success with these wire bending pliers
  11. I do a bunch of Google searches for car pics related to one of my current builds, often when I click on a picture it will bring up old threads. Often when doing a search using the "site:modelcarsmag.com (what you want to find)" (so I don't have to receive any guff about not searching before I ask a question feedback) It will bring back old threads I just don't respond to the threads
  12. I just started using this for temporary glue for mocking up and doing windows
  13. And what if you wanted to build it in it's original configuration ?
  14. I fully understand. For me the futility and struggling to accomplish a goal is where the enjoyments is. I do have some diecast and they are in a box somewhere. I can look at a diecast and think "yeah I bought that" and look at a built model and think "wow that was a pain to get such and such right" or/and "that paint job was a real pain" and I also think about how much I enjoyed researching the build and overcoming the obstacles to get it right to my standards. Truth be told if I found a DM Kookie Car I would most likely buy but that would not stop me in building one.
  15. Mainly because I am a model "Builder" not a model "buyer" It is not the destination it is the the roads you take to get there.
  16. Anyone interested in building a Kookie T and a few other old celebrity Hot Rods. Hot Rod Deluxe Jan. Star Car Edition has lots of information and reference photos I have been researching the Kookie Car for a few years and just found a bunch I didn't know about it
  17. Here is a starting place http://roybriziostreetrods.com/progress/myers_22/img_09.htm
  18. It will be interesting to see how the exhaust systems is duplicated on your builds
  19. Keep us posted on your progress. I will be starting mine sometime in the future. Util then I will be hunting for reference picture thru Google.
  20. Thanks for the info . I don't think it would work for an era correct 60"s build (JK)
  21. What transmission is attached to the Nailhead engine in Revells 29 Roadster kit ? Thanks
  22. Jon Haigwood

    Cars in Songs

    I stand corrected . What next some "Prius Rap" ?? I would rather listen to "Schlock Rod"
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