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  1. hgeffen added a topic in Wanted!   

    Pierce 1902 Mod-Ac
    Somewhere I read that Mod-Ac made a Pierce 1902, 3/4 scale, an early balsa wood kit. I would like to buy one, or if somebody could make scan of the plans, I think I could make a replica myself. I am looking for one for a long time now.
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  2. hgeffen added a post in a topic 1/18 Duesenberg wire wheels   

    Looking forward to the January 1915 magazine.
    Meanwhile I was hoping to see more details from LWBNomad's wheelbuilding, I was expecting more info about how to handle the outer wheels.
  3. hgeffen added a post in a topic Got another one to identify   

    Skip or Harry,

    Recently acquired the Fuman/Bandai Mercer, Chinese instructions, and I would appreciate an English very much.