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  1. Beautiful car. I think it helps define the epitome of luxury. They just don't build cars like this anymore.
  2. Nice Datsun. I've always had a fondness for the early Z cars, well actually all of the Z cars.
  3. Nice build. I really like the blue color and overall nice detail.
  4. Great looking Roadster. I really like the Orange, it's certainly a good color for this build.
  5. Nice pickup, it kinda reminds me of my Grandpa's pickup he had before he passed away.
  6. Nice pickup. I'd definitely drive a pickup like this.
  7. So if I understand correctly, it would be better if I used the Lightning kit to build a street truck from? Would it be best to keep the Lindberg kit 4x4?
  8. Hello everybody, I am wanting to convert my Lindberg F150 Stepside 4x4 into a lowered street truck. I was wondering if I could use the kit chassis or if I should build a chassis from scratch. If I build a chassis, how would I go about doing so? I've never built my own chassis before and I am curious.
  9. That's a really cool pickup.
  10. Very nicely built and detailed Willys.
  11. I'm thinking about the Firestone Ford kit and the 77 GMC. I was also thinking about the 1929 Ford.
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