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  1. Hello everybody. I was wondering if there was a 1/24 or 1/25 scale 6-71 Detroit Diesel available. I have always been fascinated by the idea of putting a Detroit in a pickup and I thought it would be a nice idea in model form as well.
  2. I really like your rendition of the General Lee. I think it just might even be better than the actual car in the show. This is how I think they should've built it.
  3. Nice builds you have there. It looks like you definitely had a lot of fun with these.
  4. Very nice classy looking Thunderbird. The wire wheels really give it a slightly more luxurious look.
  5. Nice collection of some great looking rides. I really like the two Nash's.
  6. Really nice Mustang. My grandfather has a 67 Mustang Coupe with a 390 sitting in the pasture since before I was born. I wish he would've taken better care of it. It certainly would've been a nice cruiser. Your Mustang looks great and I like the gold.
  7. Nice pickup. Did you resin cast the engine for it?
  8. Very nice models. Some of them I wouldn't mind having in my own collection.
  9. Nice job on all your builds. It looks like you have a great variety of different types of models.
  10. Very nice builds you have here. Definitely top notch quality building.
  11. Very nice builds. I really like the Volksrod.
  12. Looks like a nice cruiser.
  13. Beautiful Cadillac, I'm really digging that Black and White. 👍
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