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  1. I just bought the GMC Big Game Country pickup kit and am planning to use the suspension from it on the Suburban. Then I can take the Suburban suspension and put it on the pickup for a 2WD street truck.
  2. Hello everybody, I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but I was curious if anybody has ever converted the Revell 1966 Suburban to 4WD or would know how I could do so. I recently bought two of these kits and would like to build one as a 4WD.
  3. Those are great looking builds. I like both of them, but I am really liking the Olds. The color choice and the black top just really set it off.
  4. You have a nice looking collection there. I'd certainly be proud to have builds like those in my collection.
  5. This is a really nice build. It looks to me like a Japanese show car.
  6. Nice Porsche. That red really pops on this.
  7. I think you did an excellent job on this build. This Mach III looks great.
  8. Wow that is absolutely amazing work. The level of detail and skill is beyond my level for sure. That is a beautiful model as I'm sure all of his work is.
  9. That's a nice looking Ferrari. I really like the color choice.
  10. Very nice Suburban and camper combo. It looks like a nice way to travel across country during retirement.
  11. That's a pretty cool Land Rover. I really like the older Land Rovers.
  12. Very nice build. The color combination is great for this build.
  13. Very cool Cuda concept. I always liked the style of the 58 Plymouth and you brought even more style to it. Awesome job!
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