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  1. Great looking Pontiac. That paint job is very nice and I like the interior as well.
  2. Nice. With the gray painted bumper it kinda looks like a tuner build in progress. Overall I think you did an excellent job.
  3. Nice 32. I'm enjoying the two tone and the early Hemi up front. Just a nice classic hot rod look.
  4. For a kit that wasn't the best you sure made a nice 34. Gives a new meaning of making lemonade out of lemons.
  5. That's a pretty cool looking Charger. I like the wheel choice.
  6. Nice Camaro. I really like the day 2 look and that blue is pretty neat.
  7. Sweet collection of Mopars.
  8. Cool build. I like the scallops and all of the details you put into this.
  9. Nice Pickup. I really like that 440 beast in such a small truck, it would definitely be a screamer in 1:1.
  10. Very nice and unique van. I think it's cool that you put the Audi drivetrain into the van.
  11. Really cool Ute. Definitely thinking outside the box on this one.
  12. Nice Charger. It's too bad the decals broke as I enjoy Dick Landy's Charger, but instead you have a nice street prowler style.
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