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  1. Narampa added a post in a topic Monogram 1970 Challenger T/A Rebuild-Under Glass 03-13   

    Nice Job!
    How were you able to take the model apart? I have a model of the first car I ever owned that I would like to finish. It scares me to death thinking about how to get the body off. It was built well over 45 years ago.
    Any Ideas?
  2. Narampa added a post in a topic Need Help with Acrylics   

    Thanks I will try Testors Dull coat. I wasn't sure it would work on Acrylics.
  3. Narampa added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Need Help with Acrylics
    A while back it was noted by Chris Chapmen that MOP AND SHINE. No longer shone like it used to. I did not realize this and bought 2 liters of the stuff. Had a model all painted and ready for the shine. Wrong! Did not work just as Chris said. So I stripped it off and started over found the right product and was back in business. Turned out well but was double the work.
    I am now working on another car but I don't want a shine I want a flat looking paint somewhat like a primer. Would the not so shiny mop and shine work for this and give my some added hardness to the paint?
    In order to get a flat with Acrylics what would you do?
    Acrylics just are not tough enough to leave without some sort of coating.
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  4. Narampa added a post in a topic I have a Question   

    If you are curious at all take a look at the above links.Check out the prices Amazon Canada and Amazon USA.
    You people in the USA are getting a much better deal. So much for free trade!
    Now my next Question.
    Anybody want to adopt me.
  5. Narampa added a post in a topic I have a Question   

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate your time. I am going to go with the Paache TGF 3.
    Cant wait to get it!
  6. Narampa added a topic in General   

    I have a Question
    Happy New Year everybody!
    I need a little help with finding a new airbrush.
    First off I have a siphon type that was OK for enamel paint. I have just started to use acrylic paint and I really don't like the results I am getting.
    I would like to upgrade my airbrush to gravity feed and I need some help here.

    Because I don't live very close to a hobby shop I will be shopping on Amazon.ca
    Would you be so kind as to help me select a decent Airbrush off Amazon.ca

    I am on a very limited budget.
    Thanks everybody!
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  7. Narampa added a post in a topic How do they do it   

    Thanks for the replies I will be doing as a lot of you have suggested. This is going to take some time just to figure out what am going to do to make it realistic. And yes it must be spotless which makes it extra hard not to look toy like. I never thought of Nascar shop for a search but will get right on it. Thanks!
  8. Narampa added a post in a topic How do they do it   

    It would be around the Dale Ernhart era.
  9. Narampa added a topic in NASCAR   

    How do they do it
    Anybody have a picture of the body being lowered onto a NASCAR? Need this for a Diorama. Also any pictures of the inside of Nascar garages would be appreciated.
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  10. Narampa added a post in a topic AMT's Tbird, almost there   

    Very nice. I have this kit. What is the color?
  11. Narampa added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Is a kit available like this?
    I used to drive this rig. I would like to build a kit. Any links to something like this would be appreciated.
    Trailer and pipe layer also.

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  12. Narampa added a post in a topic World's largest diesel engine   

    OK so big deal the engine is big.
    Wait till you see the mechanics tool box
  13. Narampa added a post in a topic Stretched Pete   

    Looks like it might be something special. When this truck is finished what is the intended purpose? I know with the rear fenders it won't be off road.
  14. Narampa added a post in a topic Acrylic Wax In Canada   

    You are correct Brett. My mistake!
  15. Narampa added a post in a topic Acrylic Wax In Canada   

    Found a Dollar Tree about 50 miles away. I bought the only two bottles of mop and shine they had. Don't laugh but this has be a hunt of mass proportion.
    I dipped a painted part in the bottle and let it dry. I like the results but tomorrow the real test. I have a body to paint from my spare parts bin. I will post a picture later.