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  1. Idk if you frequent youtube that much but tony angelo just built a cuda drift car he debuted at sema caled project fishtail. Im not a huge fan of the drift scene but its deff something different and may be a fun challenge.
  2. My old man sent me a pic of this the other day and boy iam excited. My first vehicle was an 1987 ramcharger . Not the exact same but the bodies were similar.He found this one at hobby lobby.
  3. The truck is a lil red express kit that i could not stand the chassis it came with. I decided to Build a one off full custom tube chassis even though i never did it before. The project was never finished and my son got ahold of the chassis and demolished it kinda dissapointing.The next are a set of scratch built headers i made for a twin turbo ls motor. The motor was for an irocz tribute car i was building for a friend who passed but once its started coming together it tears me up to look at it still. I hope to finish it one day.
  4. The question i have is how much for a printed srt4 im an old school turbo dodge guy and Iam currently building a real 85 omni glh that is going to be srt4 swapped. I have pretty much every turbo dodge models made and would love to have the srt4 for all of them.
  5. The motor and turbo are resin cast purchased from so online vendors. The headears are handmade with solder and styrene flat stick.
  6. Yea he ran a regular 350 on the bottle then decided to build this boosted LS. It was a bad ass car , he really knew his stuff .
  7. Quick side shot the car has been lowered drastically since this picture to better replicate his car.
  8. Well guys heres my attempt at a tribute car for a freind and coworker of mine that past away this last october. The car im building is a twin turbo 80's z28 to match the car he built. So far ive been working slowly and doing what I can . Heres some quick pics so far. The kit i got as a base was not a ttop car like his so that was modified . I also found wheels pretty similiar to his so I used those as well. So far it has been alot of work making it all fit but it should be worth it in the end.
  9. I could not find these rams forever i scored one a few months ago at a show for $12 bucks . Then At a hot wheels show this weekend a guy had three of them for 5$ a peice so i grabbed 2 . Im kicking myself for not buying all three.
  10. I work some pretty crazy hours so it will be slow but the headrs are dry now i just need to make the fron half for the fron mount turbo
  11. Well guys after a long long hiatis shes finally back on the build table. As for right now im in the process of fabing up the turbo headers for the boosted small block. left side is done, right side needs final trim down. Now to find some decent turbos to toss on it.
  12. You should check out the set of slick that come in the 8 pack made by amt i think there like 8 bucks at hobby lobby.
  13. Thanks bill this is my first scratch built truck and so far i've learned alot and had alot of fun doing it. I still dont know if im going to do the lil red express colors or the sublime lime with the shadow hood.
  14. Tubbs i do like the look of drag trucks but this one started as a street truck so i went with the raked look. If i do another it will be flat but the bed will def require a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH ton of modifying. I can say this thing got outta hand real quick.
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