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  1. Hi ! Thanks a lot for your kind comments! And the Porsche 356 is a fujimi enthusiast kit ,tanks again and see you around! Keep safe!??
  2. ok here we go! hope you have a great time in 2021! and thanks for all the comments !
  3. Hi everyone ! well after a few months of a break , I have just finished this great kit but in my opinion very complex in some steps , well definitely it isn't perfect regarding paint and decals but it certainly looks ok in the showcase ,here the pics and wish you the best in this holiday season ! keep safe and thanks for watching!
  4. Hi everyone ! just here to show you the latest , It was sompleted 2 days ago , color is some kind of purple , the kit is nice in general, Then again it isn't ´perfect but certainly looks ok along with its brothers, here the pics. and thaks for watching!
  5. HI! well this one has just been completed , let's say my version ,and I say this because I've always wanted to get the revell version with the space decals but well I guess I have to settle for this one ha , thanks fro the commnets on my Mercedes powerliner and her the pics !
  6. Hi everyboby! well I must say that the following model is nit perfect in any way , the story of it is that when I bought between 1999 and 2002 more less ,I started to build it but due to some surgeries and house movings, the kit got damaged ,parts were lost and broken, just a few days ago I began to rebuild and try to finish once and for all , so here it is and thanks for the comments on my Peterbuilt post , have a great week and see you until the next one!
  7. Hi all! Well just recently done this Peterbilt ,not your usual red color or paint scheme but I wanted to try that blue on a rig ,not perfect but I guess it still looks good! Thanks for the kind comments on my Ford Aeromax and trailer, well here the pics
  8. Hi everyone ,now I have just finished these great kits ,it wasn't easy but I guess they came out ok ,no perfect in some details but still looking decent, and also thanks for the kind comments on my older post( Freightliner FLD 120) ,here the pics which by the way are not the best ,best regards!
  9. Hi everyone ! well Since I started to build models , I have always liked Big Trucks and as a matter of fact one of my very first "Automotive" models were two Big Trucks a T600 from AMT and a Freightliner ,the result back then was ok and well I`m still learning , however bulding Big guys is just different than regular small cars, anyways the next model is no perfect in any way compare to the master pieces you guys post in this section so some pieces were broken and fixed ,declas time didn't spare them , so after many years of wating finally got the time to complet it ,thanks for watching and best regards!
  10. Hey thanks a lot for your kind comments ?
  11. Hi everyone,well this is the F40 from tamiya ,this kit in particular has a story,when I tried the first time to work on it the rear frame that holds the opening pins broke ,I tried to fix it but didn't work out well so I did try some other times but it kept breaking well just a few days ago simply decided to glue the whole thing and build it the best way possible , so it isn't your nice and red Ferrari car but well here you have the end result, thanks for watching and best regards!
  12. Hi all, I have always liked big scales but never had the chance to build one until now , this is the F40 1/16 italeri let's say that in general the kit is fine ,fitment issues here an there of course if you have this kit and are planning on super detailing it , the result will be great, mine is an out of the box with some minor details and as you can see it isn't red! Anyways here the pics and thanks for watching ,best regards !
  13. Hi All, when this kit came out, I found it quite nice but it went right to the "to do list" specially because of its scale , the kit is nice overall lacks details in some areas but if you plan to detail it to the extreme there is plenty of room to it ,mine is just an out of the box of course decals where ruined due to age so here some photos and thanks for watching !
  14. Hi all! Here I share this one just finished hours ago, well nothing special about an out of the box ,the only modification were those ugly rear wheels and since I bought 2 kits, I just grabbed the front wheels from the other one and changed them, ok here the pics and thanks for watching!
  15. Hi , just before I started the Porsche 356 , I finished this F50 well you know typical tamiya quality , some photoetched from crazy modeler was used and some engine detail other than that it is out of the box , thanks for watching !
  16. Hi everyone ! just to share this one I have just finished ,there isn't much detail on it ,let's say it is my version of it ,and this is because I had to fix the top cause somehow got all cracked up rigth in the middle so put the kit in the pile and didn't touch it¡ until last couple of weeks,well here are the pics and my best wishes and prayers to all as we all face this pandemic!
  17. thanks to all of the nice comments you guys have posted! now regarding the brands for the paints I used, I' m sorry to tell you that they are custom made , I mean i went to an automotive pint shop and there i just looked at some catalogs and picked a metallic red (base color) then last February a contest was held here at my hometown and won a prize , such one included some sort of paints all of them enamels , and one of those was a clear red one the brand is Licona Hobby Color,( I couldn't tell you if this guy sells international) and such is intended to create a candy effect when applied on a metallic base color( silver,gold ,etc) and that is how I got the finished color on the Gt40, so I guess that if you guys go to your local automotive paint retailer probably you´ll get these materials easily. well I hope I was able to help with this info. pic 1 base color metallic red pic 2 clear red
  18. Hello ! Let me share with you this GT40 , originally the kit is to the #2 LeMans version but decals got ruined, so it became this, hope you like it and thanks for taking the time to read and watch!
  19. Hello ! Well I have just finished this one , I went a little crazy with the paint scheme , this model in particular had its problems when I sold its tires and then the top got broken, so it remained 15+ years forgotten , so well the surfboard is made from a wood tong spatula , well here you have some pic of it and one of the four works I have done in a 2 month period, thanks for taking the time to read and watch!
  20. thanks a lot for your kind comments!
  21. Hello ! everyone. well another Ferrari and yes in Blue! , all in all a decent kit ,lots of issues regarding fit parts but I guess this is a particular thing of Fujimi EM series, so let me share some pics and thanks for taking the time to watch! nice day!
  22. Thanks for all the comments ! and yes Rich Chernosky ,I took that Ferrari as a reference, well not exactly the same but almost there!
  23. Thank you all for the nice comments and for Ensis Ferrae this is where I got the photoetched kit: https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/category/top/CAR.html
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