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  1. Congrats Chris. Just saw the best automotive entry award in the above video. Well deserved for a stunning build. Looked like an awesome show with so many great models
  2. Chris. The pics look fantastic. You can reall tell all the hard work that went into it. Congrats and good luck.
  3. Beautiful work. Looks perfect. I hope to biild one of these one day.
  4. Wow John. Simply stunning work. Love your detail work in your builds.
  5. Oh wow thanks for that. I didn't realise that book existed. Will head over there now.
  6. Gday Clay. As everyone else, i am waiting on any update in this thread to appear. I am also a massive fan of your quality of work. As a novice builder i love the detailed information this thread has offered so far. I tend to struggle with 9/10 paint jobs. If possible could you give a run through on how you do your paint jobs? The finishes you achieve are awe inspiring.
  7. Gday all. Im building my first truck, its the Ford LN8000 race car hauler. Im about to do my nut trying to get the mirrors sorted. Are there any easy how to's for them? Any tips greatly appreciated.
  8. Chris thank you for the detailed responce about alclad. I have one more question. How long do you leave the alclad till you clear coat it?
  9. Gday guys. All 3 builds are looking the goods. I have a question about the chrome work. Do you guys clear the chrome afterwards or just leave it bare? Chris mentioned he clears afler the black base coat but doesn't mention anything after that. Cheers. Callum from down under.
  10. Awesome work there Chris. Great to see 3 awesome builders building similar models. Keep the updates coming...!
  11. Gday mate. The work you have done is awesome. My old man had a crappy hx ute that was good to get up to no good in but thats it. haha. Was just wondering, with the incredible detail you have done in the back with the paneling and wall ribs are you going to line the inside of the bonnet with bracing like real deal?
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