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  1. Made some simple hinges out of brass.. still need to do the passenger side..
  2. Update on the C/10.. i C- notched the frame and added a 4-link. The rods and ends are from RB motion. I also added disc brakes.
  3. Worked on the C/10 today. Suspension work and body alignment. Suspension if functional..
  4. Yes but no problems or issues that im aware of.. its not a full kit with every single part. There is alot of scratch building needed so maybe that was a reason? I never really asked.
  5. Ive been working on the bodywork and made some side moldings for it. It will be 2 tone color. Next up some door hinges .
  6. Sorry for not saying what it is.. its a 3D printed kit. Only a very few were made and in different scales. I got it on a trade for a 1/6th Willys RC wich will be converted to a model.. not sure if it will ever be sold to the public.
  7. I got this as a trade deal for a 1/6th scale Willys RC that will probably be converted to a model. Unfortunately not many were made and the ones that were made were in different scales. This one is 1/12 scale. I been doing body work and aligning the doors. This will a a nice tow rig for the trailer it came with..
  8. I know someone that does 1/8th but not 1/16th scale
  9. You need to come back Greg... hopefully the weather is better down under so you can get on the bench again.
  10. Nice.. i had the same issue in 1/12 scale so i had to improvise.. it was a challenge but i have learned how to make my own tires and make a mold to cast them in rubber.. now i have options i didnt have before.. 3D printing helps, you can convert them into rubber..
  11. Thanks guys.. paused do to health issues.. had nasal tumor removed.. hope to be at it soon.
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