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  1. Made some simple hinges out of brass.. still need to do the passenger side..
  2. Update on the C/10.. i C- notched the frame and added a 4-link. The rods and ends are from RB motion. I also added disc brakes.
  3. Worked on the C/10 today. Suspension work and body alignment. Suspension if functional..
  4. Yes but no problems or issues that im aware of.. its not a full kit with every single part. There is alot of scratch building needed so maybe that was a reason? I never really asked.
  5. Ive been working on the bodywork and made some side moldings for it. It will be 2 tone color. Next up some door hinges .
  6. Sorry for not saying what it is.. its a 3D printed kit. Only a very few were made and in different scales. I got it on a trade for a 1/6th Willys RC wich will be converted to a model.. not sure if it will ever be sold to the public.
  7. I got this as a trade deal for a 1/6th scale Willys RC that will probably be converted to a model. Unfortunately not many were made and the ones that were made were in different scales. This one is 1/12 scale. I been doing body work and aligning the doors. This will a a nice tow rig for the trailer it came with..
  8. I know someone that does 1/8th but not 1/16th scale
  9. You need to come back Greg... hopefully the weather is better down under so you can get on the bench again.
  10. Nice.. i had the same issue in 1/12 scale so i had to improvise.. it was a challenge but i have learned how to make my own tires and make a mold to cast them in rubber.. now i have options i didnt have before.. 3D printing helps, you can convert them into rubber..
  11. Thanks guys.. paused do to health issues.. had nasal tumor removed.. hope to be at it soon.
  12. Finaly adding a little color to the motor after delays... hoping to finishing this soon..not moving as fast as i would like it to but moving none the less..
  13. All of them...lol....👍 wish i would have know you were going to go.. could of meet up with you..
  14. Would love to go but its just to far up north for me.. one day when the kids are a little older might give it a go..👍
  15. Rubber tires Mike.. belive their in the AMT mopar kits..
  16. By the way those are in 24-25 scale.. you could probably scale them up...?
  17. These are the tires i would like to have in 1/12 scale polyglass GT....
  18. Thank you.. i enjoy building..but i dont build fast enough lol... been under the weather lately..
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