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  1. Radial vs The World Corvette I've been messing around with for 2 weeks. Completely scratch built tube chassis on a 315 Drag Radial with a 932 BB from Vcg resins with some mods & Turbo 400 trans. Working on 2 the second will have a 526 hemi with a screw blower Scratch built the block, blower hat and oil pan for the blower only had the heads,valve covers and blower. Thanks for looking !! =
  2. Small update i did a few days ago. Painted front bumper spoiler and added trz motorsports decal i made & made a vacuum pump for motor just need to drill holes.
  3. Small Update I did 2 weeks ago I deiced to do a 1 piece scoop did a little bit of cage work and bought a resin front spoiler for it thinking about painting it black. Thinking about changing rims to weld magnums.
  4. Thanks. Ik the distributor wire & rod for scoop is a bit big i bought the distributors off someone off Facebook a while ago bought 10 & got 5 free lol. For the fuel lines i used pro tech 0.35 braided lines says fuel lines on it.
  5. Thanks. Car Didn't make No Mercy 6 doe lol
  6. thanks thanks working on it now lol
  7. 69 Nova built for X275. This car is 100% Legal 572 BBC cast intake 1 carburetor with a turbo 400 trans & 1 Stage of Nitrous. It is stock suspension(leaf springs) I need to do nos lines make a fuel pump, water pump, vacuum pump, finish roll cage make a few electronics and install fuel pump & fix the other header lol collector needs to be a little longer. 18 days left till No Mercy 6 tryna make it lol Leaf Spring Shootout & X275 class we plan on running. WIP
  8. Thanks Engine is a 904 from VCG Resins with a 3 speed lenco
  9. Big Tire N/T Camaro "Copper Head" with a 5.3 Bore Space Nitrous car pics do no justice to this color im thinking a decal on the scoop not sure what grill to go with will most likely be black. Backhalf car = stock location firewall and stock front frame rails w.i.p still. Pics are outside
  10. Nice! Can we get a pic with motor in body?
  11. 67 Camaro No Time All Motor Street Car. Powered By a Vcg Resins 572(close to 1:1 CI), Turbo 400 Transmission & Dominator Carburetor. Was paid to build as a father day gift the 1:1 is in the pics. The Pro Stars and Drag lites are from Madmodeling. Car is on 28x10.5 slick and stock suspension. Street Cars in grudge racing are classified as Full Interior(Backseats & Fronts, only a roll bar & full exhaust no side exit headers). Has stock fuel cell hood had some last minute paint problems so I will be sending it to him this week. This is probably my only truly complete build Lol & 1st completed 1 of 2015. Hope you all enjoy.
  12. Thanks for the good comments guys . Did a little painting Monday.I didn't know Team Z did Camaro's Lol ‪#‎TeamZ‬ ‪#‎ExtremeRacingEngines‬‪ #‎NoTime‬ kitchen lighting is dumb
  13. Thanks for the good comments. The rims are from the chi town hustler kit. Front tires are pro sportsman kit & rears are 275 drag radials.
  14. Getting an fittings on, changed carburetors from demons to dominators, got the headers & Distributor in going to do fuel lines tonight & nitrous lines. I'm stuck between a Black & Purple Paint job & a Gold & Black Paint job
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