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  1. Not sure if im gonna do doms charger or just a sick paint job. Was really thinking about doing the front silver and having the dukes paint job in the back making it look like it goes so fast that the paint heated up and peeled back. Pics wont load sorry cause I would really love to show them.
  2. I've seen them on ebay was hoping there was somewhere else I could get one from
  3. Where did you get that kit from?
  4. I used it an loved it and I used a rusto flat black primer. If the coast of paint is not an issue. I just got a can a few weeks ago it coast 12$ its called liquitex light coat of primer is a must then after you spray the body give it a coat or 2 of wet look. Let it sit in a box for a week or 2. Well lets just say simply amazing and finger prints just wipe right off. Lol an they told me at the store it's not for plastic only canvas. ....
  5. I got 2 one of them is when I was about 7 I painted a car with a brush and I came out almost flawless. I then took the body and set a drafting table lamp right over it them went to the store with my mom. When I came back the whole roof melted almost down to the table. The second story I had a vw rabbit I did so much body work to it. Got into an argument with my mom about cleaning my room and she took it and thru it against the wall. I took it put it in a box. A few years later when I got my own place I took it out and started it again. This time I did way moer work to get all the broken body peaces back together. I had it all smoth and ready for paint. I come home from work thinking all day about what color im going to paint it. I walk in the door and out of all the models on the dest my 6 month old pit bull grabbed that one and it was in about 50 to 60 very small peaces....
  6. I still think it's not big enough just yet. Gonna add another bored. Building is not 100% straight because im goin for a very old look with new paint...
  7. always painting

    PT Ute

    Dude that's so dope I love the pt pick up look.
  8. Thank you I have been trying ti load more pics but can't site wont let me
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