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  1. This is just one of the reasons, (but one of the biggest) why I don’t use Molotow, and why I continue to try to warn people about it’s shortcomings. Personally, I can’t quite figure out how I could ever get the body and window trim chromed with Molotow with almost all of the final assembly finished. The way it is, I generally foil the trim WAY before I ever even get close to installing windows, interior, engine, chassis, etc. I would not only have the trim all smudged and dulled by the time I was finished, but I’d probably have half of it worn completely off! Steve
  2. If you’re planning on airbrushing it, just use lacquer thinner for thinning. Speeds up drying time exponentially! Steve
  3. I agree. I get a little perturbed every time the bill comes due, but all that I have to do is envision employees and patients at my place of work and I feel better. Almost invariably, people that don't have Verizon have to step out the front of the building just to get a signal. I see it umpteen times every day. I'm not good with that. It's worth the extra money to me not to have to stand outside when it's 30 degrees below zero in the winter just to make a phone call. Steve
  4. I got an e-mail from "Amazon" a couple of weeks ago claiming that there had been "suspicious activity" on my account. Claimed that someone had ordered an item for several hundred dollars. Also a scam. They're hoping that you'll call the number provided to "verify your account information". U-huh. Steve
  5. I’m pretty sure we all do, but that’s the assignment. 😉 Steve
  6. Uh, the task was to name your 3 all time favorite "songs", not your 3 favorite bands. If we were talking about favorite bands, the 3 songs that I listed at the start of this thread wouldn't even rank in my top 20! Steve
  7. For this kind of price, the cheapo blades would definitely be worth checking out! On Amazon. 200 for $11.99. 300 for $15.99. Steve
  8. Wow! That's nice! But I can't see myself spending that much time on a box. I usually use an upside down display case with some foam in the front and rear to help hold the model stationary, and wrap any loose parts in paper towels and either place them under the model, or along side. I also often pack a separate small box with cotton cloths and layer my loose parts within. This wouldn't be a good way to ship a model, but it works very well for transporting a couple hundred miles to a show by car. I have yet to experience any broken parts or damaged paint. Steve
  9. If you need a larger tip for the metallics, wouldn’t that mean that the particles are too large to fit through a standard sized tip, ie. out of scale metallic particles? I might be alone on this, but that’s my absolute biggest killer when it comes to metallic paints. Steve
  10. I believe that they’re some type of lacquer, but I’m not certain. I don’t use them myself. Steve
  11. My personal opinion? You’re better off just getting into the habit of priming everything. Not only that, but you’re going to get much more satisfactory results by spray painting everything that you possibly can. I brush paint almost nothing, with the exception of very small details. Not much else says “amateur” more than brush marks all over your finished model. Steve
  12. Do you know anybody who has a little bit of heated space that you could borrow occasionally? Someone with an unfinished basement, or a mechanic’s or auto body shop, or the like, that would let you use it for a few minutes after hours once in a while? Otherwise, you might be stuck. Steve
  13. I listened to the Hair of the Dog album constantly when I was kid cruising main. I’m certain that I know every lyric to every song on that album! 😊 Steve
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