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  1. I started on everything from planes and military subjects, to ships and motorcycles. I settled on cars from around 1950 to 1970 built almost exclusively factory stock. I guess you could say that the history and art of the automobiles from this period are what really trips my trigger. Moreover, taking a simplified vintage kit from the 50s or 60s and adding detail much more comparable to a modern kit is the challenge that I find most stimulating. Steve
  2. Thanks fellas!! I suppose that's the ultimate goal after all. Steve
  3. Yeah, not diggin' that one either. Not disco, but I'm not impressed regardless. Steve
  4. Just received my half of a trade with Keith Buckner, (Bucky) It was an absolutely seamless and quick transaction! Thanks Keith! You are a stellar individual! Steve
  5. Thanks Bill. I suppose that I would be willing to let someone cast them if they wanted to, but I don't really think that they're good enough to sell on the open market. They're good enough for me, and they might be good enough for someone who's just looking for a simpler alternative rather than making their own and is not too picky, but I wouldn't want to have anyone selling them for $40.00 a pop or anything like that. If I was a caster, I would make a couple of sets for someone that I consider a friend, such as yourself, for free. Steve
  6. I too have nothing but praise for individuals who offer parts to those of us that restore vintage plastic. What the naysayers seem to forget is that for every single vintage kit that is parted out, a dozen other incomplete kits might have been saved. They can put that in their pipe and smoke it! Steve
  7. Yeah, but as has been said many times, "I'll know it's there". I'll never build for the casual observer. Steve
  8. I've owned 2 suits in my entire life. One was a light blue catastrophe that I had back in the 80s that I might have worn once or twice, but not to a disco. Ewwww! Every time I hear anything by the Bee Gees, I just cringe!! Steve
  9. That was just an estimate of time spent over the past week Wayne. I rarely can spend more than an hour or so at the bench without getting up to do something else for a while. That's part of the reason why I post so many progress reports on my build threads. I work till I need a break, and then I'll snap a couple of pics and sit down at the computer for a while. Steve
  10. Where's that on the list? Another one that should be at least in the top 100. Steve
  11. Honestly, I don't really think anything is bad. (well........) There are just some things that I can't listen to. Just like my father couldn't take classic rock, I can't handle rap. But to be honest, I would take rap all day, every day over the vapid "bubble gum pop" junk that has infected the airwaves for the past 30 years. Nothing nauseates me more than some brainless blonde bimbo wailing away because someone told her she had talent. Brittney Spears?........Please!! Steve
  12. Sorry. Disco has left scars on my psyche that time cannot heal. Steve
  13. I haven't stripped chrome or paint from a part for gluing in over 30 years. But then again I don't use the old tube model cement either. Steve
  14. Not for my generation of rock music. There were no rap d-js back then. We had disco to deal with! 🤮 Steve
  15. Geezer? Which Geezer? We're pretty much all geezers here! I can tell you right out of the gate that in all likelihood, every person that answers your questions in this thread is going to give you different answers. It's inevitable. Every one of us has developed his own techniques over decades of building. In my case, as well as many others, that can be approaching a half of a century of trial and error, and sampling nearly every product and material available for our hobby. This is good because there is a wealth of knowledge on this board.........but bad because it's going to get very confusing because of all of the conflicting answers, no doubt. I could offer you my thoughts on your inquiries, but right out of the chute some of them will probably contradict what's already been offered, so I think I'll just leave you with the cautionary remarks I've already stated. Don't take anything as gospel. There are a million ways to accomplish a singular task. If anyone tells you that they have the "best" way, or "best" material, they're blowing smoke up your backside. It might be the best for them, but you have a multitude of options to consider. Steve
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