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  1. Change......

    x2. I guess that it's probably a good thing that I never got involved in all of the social media stuff. I spend 90% of my time online on a few forums, ebay & Amazon. I don't think that I can get into a whole lot of trouble that way. Steve
  2. Actually the Plymouth grille is from a Johan 1959 Plymouth. As far as the '59 Pontiac bumpers go, where ever they are from, they're way out of whack! They're just "barely" reminiscent of a '59 Pontiac! Steve
  3. Lindberg 1953 Ford Decals.

    Thank you much guys! PM's for both of you! Steve
  4. 1958 Ford, Corrected Stance.

    That was easy! But unfortunately, the resin top is no longer available. The top & the continental kit are from Modelhaus. Steve
  5. Lindberg 1953 Ford Decals.

    Hi everyone! Just as the title says, I'm in need of a set of Lindberg 1953 Victoria coupe decals. I'm contemplating an AMT 1956 Crown Victoria build, & some of the badge decals might be as close as I can get to a '56. Unless anyone knows of some '56 Ford photo etched parts or the like. Steve
  6. Carpeting

    As far as I'm concerned, embossing powder is the ONLY solution. It looks much more realistic & is exceedingly easier to apply than anything that comes in a sheet. As far as color options go, if you do a couple of quick online searches, you can find almost any color that you can imagine. I love these metallic embossing powders. They may not always fit the bill, but they give you that great "salt & pepper" look found in a lot of vintage cars. Steve
  7. Carpeting

    Looks like felt to me. Steve
  8. Broken windshields

    It's a two way street. Steve
  9. What type of BMF did you have? "New Improved" or "Ultra Bright"? Steve
  10. Broken windshields

    Why do people post questions & then disappear? If it's not important enough for the OP to respond, why should it be important enough for us to offer solutions. Steve
  11. fix light scratches in windshields

    I use a very similar method. Steve
  12. 64 dodge 330 super stock

    Exactly my method. Just keep in mind that even a "very slightly" darker color than the body color will look much darker once in the panel line. Plus the fact that these paints seem to dry darker than when they are wet. I still frequently wind up with my panel lines too dark. Steve
  13. Chrome plating on modified parts?

    I wouldn't spray anything over it unless you have a lot of filler on the part. If it's all plastic and as smooth as you can get it, there's no need to spray anything over it. The first thing the chromer will do is shoot it with a base coat before the plating process. Steve
  14. 64 dodge 330 super stock

    The build is well executed Bill, and it is surely no fault of yours that the kit is flawed. I'm just curious as to why I have not heard the criticisms that one normally hears about this sort of shortcoming when a kit comes out. That criticism may have very well taken place and I just missed it, due to the fact that this particular model does not interest me & I have not followed many builds of it. But, when I saw your model, it just leapt out at me. That being said, I don't think that I will bother ever purchasing one of these kits. Thank God we have more accurate Johan '64 Dodges still out there. I have an original Johan '64 Dodge Polara "flat top" kit that I look forward to building, & while it's not the sedan version, the proportions are much more accurate. Steve
  15. 64 dodge 330 super stock

    I didn't mean to hijack your thread with proportion critiques Bill, but it just jumped out at me. I was just curious if this was another in a long line of inaccurate kits in the past couple of decades. Steve