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  1. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

    Thanks everyone! This color screams to be in natural light & I don't think I can wait until spring to get some outdoor shots. So I figure that I'll just toss a piece of plywood or something out onto a snow bank sometime over the next few days & "rough it" a little to get some pics. I've already had a comment on another forum that it looked good in black & white! We can't have that!! Steve
  2. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

    Hi guys. I'm sure that by now, most of you know that I have been sweating over this old MPC built-up for many months. Finally finished it today! I won't bore you with all of the modifications & up-grades. You've probably seen all of those on the WIP thread. Anyway, here it is in all of it's "Plum Mist" glory. I can't wait to get some outside shots! I'm sure that will do a lot to highlight the beautiful color. The inside shots do it no justice. But, being February in Minnesota, it will have to wait. Hope you enjoy it. Any comments at all are welcome Steve
  3. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! Interior Finished!

    Great looking interior! A vast improvement over the original!! Steve
  4. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville. 2/20, COMPLETE!!

    Well, Hallelujah!! This project is finally done after messing around with it since the end of July, 2017! Almost 7 months is way off of my target time for a build completion, but I'm already looking forward to the next one! I'll leave this thread with a few shots of the finished engine. I still have to install the antenna & rear view mirror & then I'll get busy shooting a few photos for the "Under Glass" section. You can see it there in the near future. Don't expect any outdoor shots just yet. You know, February in Northern Minnesota & all. Whew!.......Glad that's over! Steve
  5. paint question

    Why not spray the engine & other small parts with a rattle can? It will give you better coverage, plus a much nicer job than brush painting. save the brushes for the small details. Steve
  6. Painting Engine Parts

    A lot of it depends on what you are trying to replicate. A showroom stock build should have some gloss to a good portion of the engine parts. Steve
  7. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    Very nice! Steve
  8. Painting Engine Parts

    Depending on the type of paint you use for the engine color, gloss clear can be ok as well. I use flat colors for engines, so a coat or 2 of gloss will dry in a less than high gloss finish. Plus, if you use a wash to replicate light grime, that will eliminate some of the gloss also. I like the parts like the air cleaner to be a little shinier than the rest of the engine too. Steve
  9. 1969 Dodge Superbee -- better pics added.

    Now we're talking! Now that I can see the larger pics, I can say I'm pretty impressed! The detail is great! Thanks for the bigger pics! I will almost never click on a link to view photos, & I'm sure I'm not alone. If the photo is not in the post, I probably won't take the time to go looking for it. Steve
  10. Mayfair Maize

    Testors used to have a pale yellow in their lacquer line called "Phoenician Yellow". It was a 1964 Ford color, but it looks very close to the color you're looking for. Not sure if they still make it, but it is available if you look at places like ebay. Steve
  11. What order to do things?

    Clear coat & polishing will give you a beautiful shiny paint job if done correctly. In my opinion, it will give you a much better & more durable finish than just putting a coat of acrylic over the top & leaving it. I believe that there are few alternatives to polishing if you want a truly great finish. Steve
  12. Painting Engine Parts

    A good thing to do is to do your spraying of the engine, transmission, etc, & then come back & do your detail painting. After the details are all picked out, a shot of clear lacquer over the top of the entire engine will ensure that the details that you added will not be rubbed off from handling. Just be sure to use a clear that is compatible with the paint that you used for the engine & the details. Testors clear lacquers are a good choice & will play well with nearly any kind of paint. Steve
  13. `Polished Plastic ; Please Share'

    I see it all of the time. It usually will manifest it's self as a line running across a large panel area like a hood or roof. Just as an example, this Revell '64 T-Bolt has several of them Molded in non-metallic maroon, there is a large "Y" shaped one running through the center of the roof, another diagonally through the drivers side c-pillar, & one running the entire width of the trailing edge of the trunk lid. There's also a small one running through the rear of the drivers side door. Some of these might polish out, but I wouldn't bet on it. This is the first kit that I checked for this anomaly. Steve
  14. Testors spray enamel

    I used to set parts on the hearth in front of my gas fireplace for this purpose. Worked pretty well. Steve