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  1. The one time that I asked my doctor, who was a respected Mayo Clinic doc, about a drug that I saw in a commercial, he gave me this face. And said, "Yeah..... it really doesn't work". Steve
  2. I had the "Bruised Orange" album when I was a kid. I loved the songs "Fish and Whistle", and especially, "Aw Heck". Steve
  3. There were a lot of cars in the late 60s and 70s that had square mirrors, but nothing as ugly as the AMT kit part. Most were just a smooth rectangular mirror. This is the '73 Chevy mirror. About the closest thing that you will find to the AMT mirrors are the ones from some 50s Fords. Steve
  4. Good! Than you can spare the hard top kit.....right? Steve
  5. Worse than the insurance commercials, which can at least be entertaining occasionally, (ie, Geico) is the drug commercials! I see these almost constantly! And they're all just the same stupid add for different drugs using dopey actors and some bad 40 year old song with the name of the drug worked into the lyrics! I just want to hurl every time I see one!! 🤢🤮 Steve
  6. Nice Rich!! These '64 Bonnevilles are getting exceptionally expensive and hard to find. Hope you got a good deal on them. Steve
  7. That's why I felt so privileged and fortunate to have been able to have the opportunity to build this model Erik. Imagine the price if it had a kit inside! Again, I have to thank Claes Ericsson for giving me that opportunity! Steve
  8. If It meant the elimination of all of the adds, I'd be on board. Steve
  9. Just on this page alone, with 21 replies so far, I am seeing 3 adds for clothing, a face mask add, and a pair of Mobil adds! Steve
  10. I agree. The next step will be for the board to become unusable. The adds will be useless when the members begin to leave. I don't need to worry about installing an add blocker on any other forum. I shouldn't need to have one here either. Steve
  11. I might have it covered Phil. I'll get back to you. Thank you! Steve
  12. That will be very helpful indeed! Thanks Steve Steve
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