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  1. What Do I Do?

    Update! Steering wheel is missing as well. Steve
  2. What Do I Do?

    All of the parts are present! The only issues were that the exhaust/rear suspension assembly was broken up a bit, the tail light was broken in half & there is no chrome on the majority of the chrome parts. Oh, I take that back! I believe that the windshield is missing. Should be a pretty easy resto. Steve
  3. What Do I Do?

    I think that I have made a decision on this matter folks. I appreciate everyone's suggestions. It made it much easier for me to come to a conclusion. Thank you all! Steve
  4. What Do I Do?

    Thanks Snake! I will email you shortly. I can use all of the help that I can get on this matter. Two heads are better than one! Steve
  5. What Do I Do?

    I will Patrick. There will not be an "announcement" when it leaves. And just like the gifter had done for me, there will be no strings attached. They can do with it whatever they would like. Just for my peace of mind, I was hoping that it would go to someone who would treasure it. I would really hate to see it on ebay in a couple of weeks! I guess the entire concept of this thread was to try to glean a little bit of information to help me make that decision. It would have been much easier to just post it in the trade section as a "free to a good home" post, but then there would be no telling where it might wind up, & I'm positive that I still would have had to make a decision in the end. I guess I figured that if I did it this way, I might gain some sort of epiphany as to where it should go. Steve
  6. What Do I Do?

    I can think of a couple, but I thought that you might have some individuals in mind who I hadn't thought of yet. Steve
  7. What Do I Do?

    How about sending me a PM with a little information Snake! Steve
  8. What Do I Do?

    Thanks Pat. I suspect that this thread has about run it's course anyway. Thanks everybody, for your helpful ideas. I will take them all into account while I decide what to do with the kit. I guess at this point there is little harm in revealing that it is an MPC 1965 Dodge Monaco. So as you see, it's not just a typical kit & is worthy of a bit of consideration as to what should be done with it. When it makes it's way to it's new home, I will inform the recipient of the identity of the gifter. I would prefer that he not be bothered by anyone for whatever reason. He's a stellar individual & I would rather that he remain anonymous at this time. Oh, by the way Patrick. Please don't include Joe, (SfanGoch) in your list of "Grumpy Gus's" He is a terrific guy & I happen to know that his last response was a "tongue in cheek" jab that was not directed towards me. Steve
  9. Johan '62 Mopar Parts Questions

    Hood ornaments. Somewhere along the line, these Plymouth hood ornaments were "carried over" between several different kits. They were included in the '63-'66 Plymouth Fury kits & somehow they wound up in the later issue '62 Dodge & Plymouth kits. They are all Plymouth ornaments & were included in pairs. Possibly because they felt that there was a good possibility that one might be lost at some point. They are not pictured in the instructions because obviously, the '62 Plymouth & Dodge didn't have hood ornaments. It's easy to see why you had problems identifying these parts with all of the flash evident on your parts. Most of the ones that I have are much cleaner & easily identifiable as a Plymouth hood ornament by the "rocket" in the center. Hang on to them! They might come in very handy if you ever come across a '63-'66 Fury that you want to restore! Steve (CORRECTION, the ornament pictured below was from the '63 Plymouth, (included in the '62 kits) the '64-'66 were styled differently.) 1963 Plymouth hood ornament.
  10. 1969 Chevelle SS396

    That's a great looking color on that car! Love it John!! Steve
  11. What Do I Do?

    I didn't realize that we were keeping count. If you can think of a better avenue for getting advice from the members here, I'm all ears. You're correct Bob, it's a model car. This is a model car forum. Steve
  12. What Do I Do?

    Thanks Bob. So far the guidance has been very helpful. But I guess there needs to be one bomb thrower in the group. Steve
  13. What Do I Do?

    That's probably the best approach that I've heard so far. I just want to be certain that I don't stash it away & forget about it. Steve
  14. What Do I Do?

    I promised myself that I wouldn't trade for it, but in this case, I'll make an exception! Steve
  15. What Do I Do?

    I just built one not too long ago. I have way too many subjects that I haven't yet built to get interested in building another one. Steve