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  1. I'm not sure, but were the '67 full sized chevy poverty caps the same as Camaro? If so, Fireball Modelworks has the answer. Steve
  2. I'm no expert, but I would expect that a '32 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron would have had pretty nice paint from the factory. It was a pretty high end machine right up there with a Cadillac, Lincoln or Duesenberg. A good majority of these luxury cars from this period were hand built, and were meticulously done. Certainly not on the same level as a Ford or Chevy. Steve
  3. Japanese Sirloin Steaks with Mirin Demi-Glace, Buttery Glazed Carrots and Jasmine Rice. Steve
  4. Not a big fan, so this is a guess, but I'll say "Kill Bill". One of the Kill Bill movies anyway. Steve
  5. Isn't it funny how things in life can turn around 180 degrees in no time at all. It was just a few short weeks ago when I was still reading posts on the SA forum about how the members there were so happy that "their" magazine was still around, accompanied by a considerable amount of "dissing" of MCW with their view of the handling of the mag. Now SA is gone forever, and MCM is beginning it's return. Maybe a little bit of poetic justice? Steve
  6. Great Kevin! I'll contact you whenever I need a windshield made! Steve
  7. "Charging a man with murder in this place was like handing out speeding tickets in the Indy 500." Steve
  8. Not the same color. The '68 in that thread is "Cinnamon Bronze". Steve
  9. I agree. I really have a soft spot for Patsy Cline. Steve
  10. Okay. Granted. But I can post others if you would like. Steve
  11. I might buy that if it weren't for the fact that others have done it before them with no issues whatsoever. The guys that put on the "Desert scale Classic" did an exemplary job. Just because one group screwed up doesn't mean that everyone else will follow suite. Maybe, just maybe, others can learn from this mistake and not repeat it! Steve
  12. You could very well be right. But, if they're going to do it, is it too much to ask that they do it right? Either that or scrap them altogether. Steve
  13. Ooh! Now I'm scared. That's a good idea! Have them read it. Maybe they'll address the situation so that some confidence can be restored for the next time, and then they won't need you to run interference for them. No "keyser", this is not about me. It's about every individual who enters a model in a show and expects some semblance of fairness if awards are offered. I entered a few builds, and left the voting to the other participants, expecting that it would be "participants" doing the voting, and planning on nothing else. I suppose that I could have voted for my own model and had my wife and everybody else that I know vote as well, because lord knows, that door was left standing wide open. I guess it's more important to insure that the organizers don't get their feelings hurt than it is to guarantee that there is integrity in their voting system. Steve
  14. Agreed Wayne. The guys from RPM that run the NNL North show know exactly what they're doing! This is without a doubt the show that I had in mind when I made the statement about never exiting a show a feeling like something weird was going on. I believe that those that organize and attend the show are all absolutely conscientious about the responsibilities that they are tasked with. That includes voting for prize winners, whether it's for club or peoples choice awards, because despite some peoples assertions that the organizers of these shows are the ones that deserve our deference, I believe it's the participants that should always be provided the ultimate consideration. If you don't respect the participants enough to get it right, how can you expect them to return the respect. Steve
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