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  1. In my area, the NORDICON show is on Saturday, September 25th, in Inver Grove Heights MN. Still haven't heard, but the "Hope it Don't Snow" show is usually in Rochester MN sometime in February. Both of these are IPMS events, so there's a lot more planes and tanks than automobiles, but we can ignore those. Steve
  2. I think I remember that. was he the guy that seemed to be able to type quite well, but apparently couldn’t read? If I recall correctly, he always asked a lot of questions that he apparently already knew the answers to, and had no interest in the answers he got. Steve
  3. I guess it's on us for not thinking more simply. If that's all that the OP wanted was a yes or no about being able to spray clear over decals, the answer is "YES". Never mind any of the dozens of variables. Steve
  4. I thought that in some strange turn of events, that if the thread continued, it would give the OP the opportunity to rectify his indifferent attitude towards those who have offered help, but sadly, it looks like that's not going to happen. After all, I figured that it's in his best interest not to alienate those who might wish to help him on this board. I can pretty much guarantee you that there are going to be a great deal fewer beneficial responses the next time that he needs help. His loss I guess. Besides, it appears that the "comprehensive" response that he got from Rustoleum was apparently exactly what he was after. Not to mention the highly sought after product reviews. Steve
  5. Actually, if you should decide to try the embossing powder, it's not difficult to remove. I use slightly thinned Elmer's glue as the adhesive, so just dropping it in a tub with some warm water will have it peeling off in no time. But, as I said, it does add a very small amount of thickness, and from the sound of it, you don't have a lot of room to spare. This is one of those variables that can be very difficult to judge when you begin swapping chassis and engines. Even after going through all of the mock-up procedures, sometimes tolerances can be so tight that even the thickness of paint in a couple of areas can throw things off enough to the point that the hood won't seat as it should in the end. It can be pretty frustrating when you find that out at this point of the project. Steve
  6. No, it's more like people getting frustrated and pissed off when they waste their precious time trying to help someone who asks questions and then not only ignores, but won't even acknowledge the help that they try to give. Even just a, "hmm, I'll have to consider that" post might help give the impression that he's actually looking for advice. If I ask for advice on a subject, it's obvious that I'm not going to implement every suggestion, but at the very least, I'm going to be courteous enough to acknowledge that it was received and understood. Steve
  7. Correct. It only needs to be warm. Just hot water straight out of the tap is plenty hot enough. As Bob said, you're really darn lucky the can didn't explode on you! Steve
  8. Correct. 1960 was the pinnacle for "fin height" for some of the Mopars. They don't get any higher or more pronounced than Plymouth or Chrysler in '60!! Steve
  9. Dark gray embossing powder makes pretty nice looking hood insulation too, but I don't think it will help in such tight quarters. It adds some thickness as well. Steve
  10. Well heck, you're most of the way there now! Add some parts from the '68 Charger and you've got a model! If you need a grille, I have a bunch of laser printed ones that a fellow forum member was so good as to send me. They're actually pretty nice, with tubs for the addition of clear head light lenses. No R/T emblem in the grille, but there are R/T PE emblems available. Steve
  11. Not likely. He is apparently immune to reason.......unless the information has been recorded on a You Tube video! Steve
  12. I suppose that's true. He seems to have the attitude that if it's been recorded on a video, it has much more credence than if not. Steve
  13. More power to him, but I'm never going to pay to watch a "how-to" modeling video. I don't even watch You Tube videos on the subject. It's become very apparent to me that there is way more dependable knowledge on a board like this than you're ever going to find on You Tube. Steve
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