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  1. Name that movie quote

    Ooh, that's a bingo! Is that the way you say it, "that's a bingo? You just say "bingo". Bingo! How fun! Steve
  2. Name that movie quote

    That has to be from "The Jerk". Steve
  3. I ordered a set of metallic colored powder on ebay. You can get it there, or on Amazon, or almost any craft store will carry some. Steve
  4. 1967 Ford Galaxie XL, 1/30.

    Things have slowed down a little due to a couple of issues that have arisen. First, the oil pan is shaped a little differently on this engine versus the original kit piece, so some trimming was required on the frame cross member to get the engine to sit in the position where it needed to be. Likewise, the air cleaner sat too low to allow room for the distributor and plug wires, so I needed to fashion some spacers to raise it up a bit. The combination of lowering the engine slightly and raising the air cleaner a touch has left me with very little hood clearance, but it appears at this point that it will be just enough. I knew that there would likely be some exhaust issues, and I was correct. The exhaust manifolds came nowhere near to meeting up with the pipes, So I removed the forward section of the original exhaust and fashioned new header pipes. Otherwise, most of the engine is assembled and looking pretty good. Still need to add the pulleys, alternator and fan, as well as a few other parts such as the starter, oil filter and a few odds and ends on the top of the engine. Next problem could possibly be the length of the drive shaft due to the fact that the original kit tranny is a little longer. But that will be a relatively easy fix when I get to that point. Steve
  5. molotow marker question

    Pull out the tip and use a brush. Works better that way anyway. Steve
  6. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Here are a few dinners in recent days. Chicken with Rosemary Cream Sauce, along with Roasted Acorn Squash with Feta and Walnuts. Valentine's day dinner. New York Strip with Lobster. Tonight was Baked Rigatoni with Little Meat Balls. Steve
  7. 1968 Chevrolet pickup promo prices

    Personally, I wouldn't give you $10.00 for it. Steve
  8. Survivors/Gluebombs ??

    These are good examples of a glue bomb. To me, this is what I would call a survivor. Steve
  9. Name that movie quote

    Movies that jump back and forth don't bother me much. I have seen a lot of great flicks that do this. The God Father Part 2 comes to mind. The Only Tarantino movie that I thought was probably better than Pulp Fiction was Reservoir Dogs. Inglorious Basterds was very close, although it was getting into that "blood bath" realm that Tarantino has gotten into lately with his movies. Django Unchained & The Hateful 8 could have been high on my list also, but they just went too far down that road for my taste. I never cared at all for the Kill Bill movies either. Steve
  10. Bare Metal Foil question.

    You can do it either way. The ultimate solution would have been to apply it before the color was finished using the "foil under paint" technique, but at this point, it won't matter much. You might find it easier to apply it before clear coat just because the script will be crisper. Clear coat over the top of a small script won't affect the chrome finish much, and will actually help protect the foil. Steve
  11. Name that movie quote

    Best John Travolta Movie! And possibly the best Tarantino Flick. Pulp Fiction! Steve
  12. Name that movie quote

    The best Jack Nicholson flick ever!!! One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest! Steve
  13. 1955 Chevrolet Belair convertible

    I just love the color combo! You definitely don't see that one every day. Steve
  14. He says in the video, "If you screw it up, there's no way to fix it"? I don't know about the Tamiya paint, but if you use Testors #2949 "Transparent Black Window Tint" you'll get the same results, and if you're not happy with the results, an alcohol swab will take it right off so you can try again. This stuff is very forgiving. Steve