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  1. 60 Plymouth Rear Bumper & Glass

    Sorry Elvin. I feel a little stupid as I now realize that it was you that got the resin '60 Plymouth! I sent out several boxes early this week & I had forgotten who got what! Are you using the resin body I sent you, or an original Johan? Steve
  2. 1961 Mercury Comet Fender Ornament.

    Wow Steve! I would really appreciate that. Give me some idea of something that I can send you in return! Steve
  3. Pet peeve of mine!

    Yes, just click on the text box & hit "backspace" to delete any photos or text that you want to omit. Steve
  4. Pet peeve of mine!

    The only nice advantage to using the quote function is that the poster of the original message will receive a notification insuring that they will read your reply. Steve
  5. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I hope a rich uncle died! Steve
  6. Great Traders List

    I appreciate that Al. The sentiment is absolutely mutual!! Steve
  7. 1961 Mercury Comet Fender Ornament.

    As far as I can tell, they look the same to me. I don't have a '60 kit to compare, but after doing a little google search, they seem to be the same part. Here is the one that I have. Steve
  8. 1961 Mercury Comet Fender Ornament.

    Must be a different kit. The AMT '61 Comet is a curbside kit with no engine. Steve
  9. 1961 Mercury Comet Fender Ornament.

    Oh, I'm not too worried about it. If nothing shows up, I'll work something out. Steve
  10. 60 Plymouth Rear Bumper & Glass

    Jeez Elvin! If you would have been a little quicker, I just traded away a resin '60 Fury body, front bumper, rear bumper & glass to another member this week! Sorry but that was all that I had. On second thought, let me check on the glass. I believe that all of the Johan '60-'61 Plymouth & Dodge glass was pretty much the same. I might have one left. I'll get back to you. Steve
  11. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    My son came for dinner tonight. It was fried chicken with mashed potatoes & gravy. Another Lemon Curd Cake for desert. Steve
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    My end of a very good trade with Al, (thatz4u) arrived today. It has always been a real treat trading with him. Thank you Al!! Steve
  13. Pet peeve of mine!

    Yeah, that one bothers me a little too. And it's not difficult to do. Steve
  14. Revell 1960 Impala.....

    Nice! I like the color especially! Steve
  15. 1961 Mercury Comet Fender Ornament.

    Just acquired a very nice '61 Comet in a trade, but it's missing one fender ornament. So if anyone has a derelict Comet promo or kit that has one good one left, I have plenty of vintage and newer stuff to trade. Steve