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  1. Great to know Frank! Glad you can still follow along. It’s beginning to look more and more like I won’t be spending anywhere near as much time on this forum as I used to. I’ll still be lurking, but probably won’t be participating a lot. I’ve really become discouraged with several things around here, foremost being the fact that even though we’re told to voice our questions and concerns to the bosses through PM, I sent a PM to the admin back on December 22nd and have still heard nothing in return, now 2 weeks later. At least my existence isn’t taken for granted on the other boards and groups that I frequent. Steve
  2. Anyway, getting a little "off topic" here, aren't we? Regardless of whether or not anybody likes Facebook or not, that's where they're going to find continuing updates of this project if they're interested, along with the other forums mentioned. Steve
  3. That's fine. Not much different than here. I almost never look any deeper than the first page of a given category anyway. I'm interested in new activity, not ancient history. But hey, that's just me. Steve
  4. Hmmm. That's weird. Just posted an update on several Facebook groups a couple of hours ago, and already got well over 100 replies. Steve
  5. Updates continuing on "Mopars In Scale" and "Jerry's Cherry's" pro-boards, as well as several prominent Facebook groups. To anyone who's interested. Steve
  6. Yes, yes.......we must eliminate history. Steve
  7. They are both paint. The Edsel was just masked vertically and horizontally for each color. The Plymouth is just vertical stripes, bu due to the engraved seat pattern, it appears as a checkered pattern. Scale Motorsports makes fantastic seat upholstery decals! I’ve used them on several occasions. If you can find decals that are close to the pattern that you want to achieve, by all means, use them! A heck of a lot easier than painting them. Steve
  8. Very nice! Love the pooches! 🙂 Steve
  9. Just a note to those of you that have been following this project that there will be no more progress posts submitted until after I have been removed from the “moderation” list. At this point it appears that will take place sometime in mid January. Sorry, and thank you for following. Steve
  10. I'm going to agree that I've also grown weary of all of this silliness. I've already spoken to Dave through PM, who appears to be the one mod who understands nuance and has a sense of fairness rather than just being a box checker. While I don't expect him to, (and am not asking him to) just cut me loose on this, he appears to understand that occasionally people make inadvertent mistakes and are not necessarily hooligans bent on creating havoc on the board just for the sake of creating controversy. I'm confident that he will be fair in his final assessment of this, and while I expect no special treatment, I feel like I can trust him to use his best judgement rather than just washing his hands of it. Well, maybe it's because there are people on this forum that actually care about one and other and would like to know whether or not someone that they consider a friend is contemplating whether they plan to leave or not. Personally, your opinion of whether one should announce their departure or not is of no consequence to me. You may be a moderator, but you don't get to dictate everything. I'm going back to my shop. Steve
  11. What was unfriendly about it? If you read the post you could see that it was nothing more than a lighthearted quip, not directed toward any individual on or off of the board, but as a general crack at Americans, (of which I am one) from an Aussie perspective. But apparently, it was interpreted as something else. Steve
  12. I'm not trying to "rally" anything. I'm trying to get you guys to use a little common sense! Nobody in this part of the world uses this term basically AT ALL! When was the last time you heard anybody use it, PERIOD, unless it was used in the British or Australian sense. In those countries, and the intent of my post, the first definitions are applicable, and I would expect that anybody with a half of a brain would get that. But I guess intentions are not applicable, huh. As I've already told Dave, and he understands where I'm coming from, you can "moderate" this site how you choose, but if you really want to drive away your most loyal and prolific members, you're right on track with sort of stuff. Steve
  13. Oh, by the way, here is the Urban Dictionary definition of the word that I was admonished for. Of course, I can't use the word, so..... W_ _ _ _ _. British slang for an idiot or fool. 1. Someone excessively and annoyingly pretentious and/or false, with a strong likelihood of working in the creative industries, especially "new media". 2. Someone with a faintly sociopathic lack of regard for other people. See also a_ _ _ _ _ _. 3. Someone useless, inefficient or time wasting, especially in a place of work and/or position of responsibility. 4. A general term of abuse. 5......... Finally! now we get to the definition of the word that brought the hammer down on me! I guess you can all decide if this was worth "moderating" someone over. Steve
  14. Well, if the shoe fits...... The comment that I was dinged for wasn't an attack on anyone and it wasn't a "swear word" per say, it was a joke, and I'm pretty sure that most people would take it as such. I suppose that it could be perceived as an offensive word if taken out of context and in it's literal sense, but I guess that my mistake was that I assumed that other people would get the drift. It's a pretty common phrase used in other parts of the world that's basically the same thing as saying someone is a "freakin' idiot" here in the states. I would have thought that the meaning behind the post would have been pretty self explanatory, but apparently not It's only "sexual innuendo", as Dave puts it, if that's where your head is! In any case, I'm not going to apologize for anything because I was under the assumption that most of us here were intelligent adults with a semblance of a sense of humor. Now that I have said my piece, I'm most likely going to make it easy on you to moderate my posts for a while as I don't see much point in trying to carry on any sort of meaningful communications with anyone when it might take "several days" to have a post approved. See ya. Steve
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