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  1. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Clear coat problem.   

    True, but the paint cannot harden if covered with something that hardens first.
    I think of it a little like molten lava.
    The hard shell that forms over the surface is no match for the softer stuff underneath & at some point, somethings gotta give.
    Regardless of what the ultimate cause of the cracking was, it's always a bad idea to spray something that is incompatible over a paint that is not fully cured.
  2. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Scale Auto Magazine "2016 Contest Cars" Issue   

    Ok, well then I won't bother.
    It's strange though, I had at least 2 people at the show tell me that they thought they saw it in a magazine.
    One of them I hadn't met before & he wasn't at the show last year.
    I have the October 2016 issue with the NNL North coverage, but it's not in there, so I thought possibly it was the contest issue.
    Maybe they saw it somewhere on line.
    But, it doesn't matter to me.
    One more thing I don't have to store.
    Besides, I received all of the accolades that I need from the people that count.
    The other builders at the show!
  3. StevenGuthmiller added a topic in Wanted!   

    Scale Auto Magazine "2016 Contest Cars" Issue
    After being told a couple of times at the NNL North show that one of my builds may have made it into this issue, I figured I had better look into it.
    I don't subscribe to the mag so I had no idea if any of my models made it into print or not.
    They photographed my '59 Dodge at the show last year, but I had not heard anything afterwards.
    Anybody have an extra copy?
    Or at least can someone tell me if this model is in that issue?
    I suppose if it is in there I should pick up a copy, just to say I have one.

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  4. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic 1962 Chrysler Resurrection   

    Missed you Wayne!
    Maybe next year.
  5. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Oooh, I want one!
  6. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Clear coat problem.   

    The problem was that the enamel was not fully cured before the clear was applied.
    This is one reason why I no longer use Testors enamels.
    They take weeks to cure fully.
    The acrylic cured much more rapidly than the enamel, hence the cracks.
    An acrylic should be no problem over enamel paint, but the paint beneath needs to be completely dry before applying anything over it.
    I used to box up my bodies that had been painted with enamel for up to 3 months before doing any polishing or the like.
    Better safe than sorry.
    Now I use nothing but lacquer for bodies.
    Completely cured in a couple of days, at the most.
  7. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic 63 Bonneville HT   

    Wish I could help you more Elvin, but I have a good body, hood & firewall as well as a few other misc. parts, but nothing else.
    The body is painted & needs stripping.
    The main issue is that it is packed away at the moment for a move & won't see the light of day for at least another month.
    If it's something you need, keep in touch.
  8. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic 1962 Chrysler Resurrection   

    I would give my left arm to be building one of these again versus packing for a move!!
  9. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible   

    Nice Tommy!!
    You're right.
    It would look great with an up top!
  10. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Another Ford Fairlane 57, AMT, coral blue   

    I haven't built one of these old Fords in many years!
    But I did pick one up some months back.
    I've always wanted to build one in either "Inca Gold" & "Silver Mocha" or "Coral Sand" & "Silver Mocha".
    Nice work Bo!

  11. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks to you Al!
    You definitely deserve a large portion of the credit.
    Without your generous trade, I quite possibly might have never built a 300 convertible.
    Thanks again!
  12. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    That's exactly what I said as I was leaving!
    Just what I need!
    More stuff to pack!
    But it's good stuff.
    Unlike most of the junk in my attic, basement & garage!
  13. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic 57 Bel Air Kits   

    The only "sedan" that I can think of is the Revell 2 door sedan kit.
    I believe that everything else are hardtops or convertibles.
    I haven't built the Revell sedan, but judging from most of the kits that Revell has produced in recent years, it should be a good one.
    As far as hard tops go, the old AMT kit was a good kit.
    The newer tool AMT kit with the opening trunk is a fairly good kit as well, but it's a little more "finicky".
    I had some parts fit issues when I built mine.
    Especially with the engine & transmission mounts.
    But it finishes pretty nicely.
    I have not built one of the Revell kits yet, but the convertible that I got recently looks like a great kit.
    This is my AMT build.

  14. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Mood Disc   

    I'm almost positive that I have some.
    Unfortunately, all of my stuff is already boxed up for my move.
    If you're still looking in a month or so, I can probably help you.
  15. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Sometimes the work pays off!
    Just returned from the NNL North show in Bloomington MN.
    I wasn't even planning on going this year with the stress from the move & all, but I'm glad I did.
    I made out like a bandit!
    I had 6 kits entered in the show this year.
    A '59 Bonneville & a '60 Dodge Dart in the "Fins" category, which was this years theme.
    I also entered a '61 Starliner in the street rod category, a '63 Ford in the truck category & a '69 Coronet in the muscle car category.
    The only "Factory Stock" entry I had this year was my '62 300 H convertible.
    I won the trophy for the fins category from the gentlemen from the "Model Car Club of Minnesota" for the '60 Dodge, & a trophy for "Best Road Car" from the guys from the "Winnipeg Model Cal Club" for my '62 Chrysler!
    I also picked up a plaque for one of the "Top Ten" in the show from the participants, also for the '62 300.
    My head is still reeling a bit!
    I never really expected to win any awards this year.
    It was very unanticipated!
    I just want to send my heart felt thanks to all of the guys from the MCCM & the WMCC for their kindness, especially Scott & Rod who have both sort of taken me under their wing & made me feel really comfortable.
    I also have to thank all of the participants for the top ten vote as well.
    There were a lot of really great builds there & I am humbled to receive their votes.
    And last, I have to thank my beautiful wife for suggesting that I take the time to go this year & accompanying me to boot.
    She is my biggest reason for living!