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  1. The problem with tube glue is the fact that it is a solvent that bonds by "melting" the plastic parts together. To remove it means that you need to somehow remove plastic. If you have parts that are very stubbornly bonded together, the only solvents that will loosen it will also destroy the surrounding surface. Like straight acetone. Guaranteed to destroy the body if you are not extremely careful with it. Steve
  2. I especially enjoy restoring vintage kits and using modern parts to upgrade them. Vintage kits are pretty much the only thing I build now, because I love the challenge of seeing how these old kits can benefit from some modern techniques. Plus the subject matter is completely different from what's available today. Steve
  3. The nice thing about using plastic rod is you can cement it down as you go, inch by inch, in any shape, on any contour you desire, very quickly and easily with a liquid cement like "Plasti-Weld". The draw back is that you have to paint it afterwards. I have used wire or plastic and wrapped it with thin strips of BMF and then painted it to resemble tape wrapped wire. It works okay, but it takes time and it's a little "fiddly" to do. I used this technique on the firewall of my '65 Fury. Steve
  4. You're right. Sorry about that. As I was working on the fuel pump, lines and filter at approximately the same time, I guess I had "fuel" on the brain. Steve
  5. Today I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get the intake hoses configured correctly on my '68 442. The will be glued to the air cleaner, but not the chassis so that the air cleaner and hoses can be lifted out as a unit for display purposes, so everything needs to fit just right. I believe I'm getting close. Steve
  6. I think he might mean just engine compartment wiring for looks. I've been doing mine lately with styrene rod and stretched sprue cemented in place and painted later. Steve I will still be adding wire tie downs to these. Steve
  7. Best part is, they won't be playing the Packers!!! Steve
  8. With the engine nearly finished, it's time to get the intake hoses figured out. They will need to be attached to just the air cleaner so that the air cleaner may be removed for display purposes, which means they need to be pretty much exact so that they can be slid back into the engine compartment without any interference anywhere. I believe I'm getting pretty close. Steve
  9. I don't know. You might want to ask Kris Morgan. He's a member here. Steve
  10. I don't even like the look of these T-Birds, but.........Wow!! Steve
  11. Thanks for looking everyone! The Bonneville is taken. Steve
  12. Hi guys. Just wanted to give a heads up that the AMT '64 Pontiac Bonneville that I was offering in the trade section is again available. This time it will be offered complete. What you see is what you get. Go take a look! Steve
  13. I got my first dozen distributors from Kris, (Morgan Automotive Detail) through a trade for an old promo a couple of years ago. Still have several left. I guess the price point all depends on how many projects you finish. I finish 2 or 3 builds a year. It's well worth the $15.00 a year to me not to have mess with making and wiring my own distributors. Steve
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