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  1. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Is it me or is it my builds?   

    Dave, you have to have a thicker skin my man.
    First of all, you have to remember, there's about a million "works in progress" going on here at any given time.
    I had to go back & look, but you haven't posted any progress on the Buick since March 7th!
    That's well over 2 months ago!
    Of course the interest has dried up, people have forgotten about it.
    As far as the Charger goes, I think you have a lot of people following that one.
    With well over 3,500 views, that is pretty evident.
    People are watching, they're just not necessarily responding every time you post an update.
    I posted the beginnings of a '65 Plymouth project on May first.
    Haven't had a response in almost 2 weeks.
    I also haven't updated anything in 2 weeks, so it only makes sense.
    It's just the nature of the beast.
  2. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Posting Your Build on the Other Guy’s Thread   

    Kind of the same way I've always thought about it.
    It never bothered me if someone posted on one of my threads, but I guess if some people take issue with it, I'll try to avoid it from now on.
    Although, just saying that does smack of political correctness.
    I think we may already have enough rules on what should or should not be done or said to avoid "offending" someone.
  3. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Deaf as well as "dumb" & blind?
    I guess anyone can get a license to drive!
  4. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    That's true, but at a certain age those "swivel" bearings begin to fail.
    I can't count how many times I've been nearly run off of the road by some old fart who can no longer look over his shoulder while changing lanes!
  5. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    The scariest part is that some people will find it perfectly acceptable to re-elect this dweeb!
  6. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    I drive for a living & believe me, I see these idiots all day long, every day.
    In some intersections where there is no left turn signal, some of these idiots will sit at the cross walk instead of moving out into the intersection when the light turns green!
    There are intersections in town that are busy enough where you could easily sit for literally hours without being able to turn left.
    Sometimes they just need a gentle "nudge".
    Like a full blown laying on of the horn!!
  7. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Question about tape   

    Everyone has their own experiences Nick.
    I'm just speaking from over 25 years of experience in the drywall & painting trade.
    I've dealt with almost every type of all purpose masking tape there is & I've had problems with just about all of them.
    From the blue tapes falling off of the walls overnight as we were readying for painting ceilings after texturing, to regular tape pulling off wallpaper, paint or not coming off at all.
    I recall having to scrape masking tape off of painted surfaces & tub surrounds because it had "fused" to them overnight after being wet from paint & then drying.
    I've had similar experiences with both of them with modeling, which is why I only use them for limited applications.
  8. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Question about tape   

    There are circumstances where you should be careful with regular masking tape.
    Moisture is a big problem with the adhesive.
    If you've ever had a roll that has gotten damp & then dried, you'll know what I mean.
    The adhesive becomes the worlds best super glue.
    You'll never get a piece of tape off of the roll again.
    Heat is another issue.
    If you use it to mask & then use some sort of heat to speed drying, be cognoscente that the moisture from the paint followed by application of heat can have the same affect on your model as the wet roll.
    You may never get it off.
    There is also the possibility of the tape leaving it's impression in the paint.
    I've also had circumstances where regular masking tape has stuck so well, it has peeled paint off of bodies.
    These things I'm sure can happen with other tapes, but after many years of negative experiences with regular masking tape, it no longer touches any of my paint jobs.
  9. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic 1956 Nomad Custom Delivery   

    Looks like you've got it under control!
    All great choices!
    The wheels are a terrific choice, but I personally might opt for something with a little wider white wall.
  10. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Question about tape   

    I've never had any trouble with it.
    But I would use it sparingly anyway.
    It doesn't stick well enough to be reliable.
    After all, it is "low tack" for a reason.
    I would never try to use it for a color separation.
  11. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Chroming Trim: Fender Wells-Roofline Rain Gutters-Driver/Passenger Door Windows etc   

    This is sort of the way I do it too.
    I use very thin strips of blue painters tape to lay along the edge of the foil "after" it's applied to give an edge to run your blade against.
    The contrasting blue color against the foil helps as well.
    This also works great for straight pieces where the trim is not well defined.
    Works especially well for curved areas.
    But it does take a little fussing to get it curved around something tight like fender well trim.
    Works nicely though.

  12. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Generator/alternator brackets - HOW?   

    I know Harry, wrong bracket for a Chrysler. 
    It was just a last minute thing on the Chrysler.
    I got a little closer to correct on the '65 Dodge.

  13. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Paint crazing ?   

    The good news is, that is "lifting" not "crazing", so the plastic is undamaged.
    Bad news is, Hugh is right.
    I see some blistering, so I'm afraid a stripping is in your future.
    More good news. Enamel is very easy to strip.
    So look at the bright side.
    You have more good news than bad.
  14. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic AMT '63 Ford Truck & Go Kart   

    I did mine as a mild custom too.
    I used the engine with the tri-power from the original kit, removed the chrome spear & the hood badges & added a pin stripe, and rounded it out with steel wheels, wide whites, side dump exhaust & a wood bed.
    Still one of my favorite pieces.

  15. StevenGuthmiller added a post in a topic Paint crazing ?   

    If it was enamel paint, it most likely would not be crazing.
    Crazing is when the paint is too hot & attacks the plastic itself, usually with lacquers.
    What you have is more likely "lifting" which is a reaction between layers of paint.
    Not exactly sure what the cause is or how to fix it.