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  1. So I have wanted to build a 4wd version of the 69-72 Ford F series pickups from Moebius and was happy to hear they were releasing their long awaited kit. I didn't get one when they first came out but was able to get a couple of the F-250 4wd conversion kits from Fireball Modelworks to build the version I really wanted, a more HD 4wd truck. In looking over the detailed instructions supplied from Fireball, it dawned on me that maybe the frame in the 2wd version of this kit might be the same as the 4wd one, which would allow me to use one of the 1972 Ford Ranger long bed kits to build a 4wd truck. What I am unsure of is whether or not the frames are the same, which is important as Joseph has drawings to show where to modify the kit frame to incorporate his kit pieces. Can anyone confirm the 2wd and 4wd kit frames are identical? It would help me greatly as I want to build up a kit over the coming holidays. TIA for your help.
  2. 2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H

    Kit Found! Thanks!
  3. New Revell U.S.A web site

    https://revell.com/ Does look nice, hopefully it will be well managed and over time more stuff will be added.
  4. Modelhaus End Of Business Sale

    I, like I am sure many others, got this email yesterday. I looked over what is left and didn't find any thing I haven't already bought and stored away. For those of you who didn't, Don and Carol are going to great extremes to make sure if there is anyone still in need, they are making a great deal on what is left. Dear Customers, One last push to clear the remaining stock of parts. All orders placed in Dec. will receive a 50% discount on merchandise figured at the time the order is billed. The site will close for good on Dec. 15. IT IS ESSENTIAL to follow these instructions when filling your shopping cart: On the original page where the parts are listed, only check the part and add it to the cart. DO NOT adjust the quantity you wish to order from this page. Click "Add Checked to Cart" each time you check an item. In the shopping cart, adjust the quantity you wish to order one part at a time, clicking on the "Update Cart" button each time. Please check to make sure you have correctly typed in your name, address, credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Following these four steps will allow you to place the order. If any item is not managed correctly, the order will not be placed for any of the items. If your billing name and address do not match that on file with your credit card provider, the order will not be placed. If your card number, expiration, or security number are typed incorrectly, the order will not be placed. As orders are placed, we will attempt to keep up with updating the site to remove parts that are sold out. As of the sending of this e-mail, all parts listed are available. Many parts have only one left in stock. We wish all our customers a Blessed Christmas Season and a healthy and happy 2019!. Thank you for your loyal business these many years. Don and Carol Holthaus ReplyForward
  5. That is looking nice, great color choice. I was working on the one I have had semi finished earlier today, need to get motivated and wrap up a couple of WIPs.
  6. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    That is my problem too Rich! I went yesterday and would up buying some paint and glue.
  7. 2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H

    Check your mailbox, you have a PM.
  8. 2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H

    Looking for this kit, have much to trade. Let me know what you want in return via PM.
  9. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    In 2-3 weeks it will be back to normal, so unless you GOTTA have it now, wait and get it with the 40% off coupon. Hobby Lobby puts all of their model kits on sale at this time of the year, no surprise to those of us who have been shopping there for years.
  10. Buying a compressor

    Hobby Lobby has compressors, and with their 40% off coupon, makes them real affordable. If you are using one inside the house, you will want one that is a bit more quieter (meaning more expensive). A pancake compressor is not quiet, but it has more uses than a regular air brush compressor. Really comes down to budget and if it will be used for something other than powering an airbrush.
  11. 2020 Family Truckster !

    I work for a division of Toyota and we are transitioning away from internal combustion engines and getting more involved with electric vehicles and autonomous capable vehicles. While they will not displace the 280 million vehicles already on the road in the US, they will be here sooner than we thought. To think we will all be driving in electric cars exclusively is a bit of a stretch, but the day is coming when we won't have much of a choice because gasoline will be priced out of reach for many. There are many parts of the world where an electric car is not feasible and therefore there will be a market for some form of gasoline powered vehicle. One must consider the lower income person- teenager, entry level employee, etc- that will not be able to afford a new, electric car and will be forced into public transportation. It will change a lot in our lives- where we live, how we socialize, and it might be a reminder of the early 20th century in terms of how many people did not have a car. There will need to be a massive investment in infrastructure for electric cars to thrive. Many will look to the government to fund it, however it will be up to the private sector to make it functional. Interesting times and boy are they a changing!
  12. I love it, weathered just enough to look accurate without being overdone! The updated driveline and detailed underside is perfect. Not sure how you got that picture of it sitting in front of what looks like a real Gulf station, but that just adds to the realism! Great job overall, envious of your weathering skills.
  13. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    Power Wagon? YES PLEASE ! Maverick? dunno, maybe? Vega? I would like another shot at building that one, mine from the '70's was so poorly done, most likely because I was still figuring out how to use glue and paint!
  14. Buying a compressor

    Go to Harbor Freight and get an oil less pancake compressor- guaranteed to keep EVERYONE awake in a 1,000 foot radius. Not sure how good it will work, but when you have the chance to be obnoxious, don't let the opportunity pass you by!
  15. 2020 Family Truckster !

    My thoughts exactly. It's like they went back to the first generation Colorado pickup and said " Let's take this grille, make it a bit uglier, and slap it on the new 2020 Silverado".