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  1. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    El Pollo Loco here in Burbank CA. Vacation time has meant trying food from places not found on the East Coast, although we did do Jersey Mike's for lunch as we were hungry and it was the first place we found.
  2. hard to believe it's a model, looks so realistic that it could pass as the real thing! Nice details, excellent execution and a beautiful model.
  3. hobby lobby

    It was in the online version I read everyday. It was near the sports section, IIRC. There were no models on sale but the 40% off coupon was in the ad.
  4. Very nice, the paint work is outstanding!
  5. Double cab Dodge

    My thoughts exactly! I sure hope you can make the needed corrections and do your buddy proud! Surprised no one ever offered this in resin, but considering that getting AMT to re-issue these kits has been dang near impossible, not too hard to believe.
  6. Class 325 Chevy/Maxim fire truck

    Awesome work as always Charles! Love to watch you create these masterpieces.
  7. WW II Jeep by MPC

    I think Danny at Scene Unlimited used to offer military tires, might be worth checking with him to see if he still has the molds. I think this Jeep would have sold more to the military modelers IF it had the correct tires, IMO. Nice work on this one, the weathering looks good!
  8. Modelhaus Shasta w/ 60 Chevy SD resin build thread ..

    That should be a nice combo when done.
  9. pricing at swap meet/show

    Mike999 and Alexis pretty much covered it all with some excellent advice. In regards to pricing, I will say this- You stated you wanted to sell some kits, so price them accordingly. Whether you bought it at Ollies' for $7.99 or Hobby Lobby for $29.99, if it's a common kit $15-18 is probably all it will fetch, at best. I will package deals and if I feel generous, might sell for less if I truly want to come home with more money and less kits. And unless it is some real OOP Revell kit, don't let the recent hysteria over a lack of kits fool you into thinking that ALL of your Revell kits are now rare and worth big money. Finally, the buddy thing- (Spouse, girlfriend, friend or family member) is a must. If the show gets busy, you will need help.
  10. To add to other's comments here, I would suggest that initially you focus on a couple of items and gauge which direction to go from there. Maybe it's wheels, maybe it's engine parts, or something else but if you stay focused on a small product line and build upon it, you will be able to manage it. The recently closed Modelhaus should be the example you follow in setting up your business. Be upfront with your customers, stay in contact with them through the order process and deliver excellent product when promised. This forum is full of posts about what a great company they were and how they will be missed. This forum is also full of posts of other companies that have disappointed customers and not performed as they should. This venture will take more time than you think or plan for, so be prepared to work long hours and in the end, maybe low pay. The old saying of treating your customers the way you want to be treated is going to determine how successful this venture becomes. Best of luck and look forward to seeing your products.
  11. Scout Parts

    Cool stuff there Dave, should be good sellers. Now if we could get a first gen Scout, a IH Pickup truck and a Travel All then you would make me (and a bunch more folks) happy!
  12. hobby lobby

    That looks like a Chicago Deep Dish pizza! Having grown up in the 'burbs of Chicago, I got to experience lots of great thin and thick crust pizza along with deep dish. Living in North Carolina, we don't get to experience real pizza unless we have it shipped in or make the trip back home.
  13. hobby lobby

    LOL! Gregg, in some parts of the US of A, Pizza Hut is considered one of the better places to get a pizza, I know because I travel all over!
  14. Holmes 750 wrecker plans or instructions

    Call me lazy, but I really don't have the time to scratch build a wrecker bed and rigging, but would gladly pay for a resin cast one. Either a Holmes 500 or 750 would be great to have and my first thought for a 500 wrecker would be to use the International cab that Charles Rowley mastered! I have a nice resin cast Holmes 440 wrecker bed that will be going behind either a Moebius 70's Ford or a Revell 78 GMC converted to 2WD, sure would love to have a 500 to go with it!
  15. Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

    The one to answer your question would be Gregg himself, as he is the keeper of the magazine and this forum. It is best to email him directly.