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  1. Dang, just like the CJ-8 Scrambler body someone was working on, a great project stalls. If I had the time and inclination to do this justice, I would scoop it up, but I struggle to get snap tite models done these days. Sure hope someone picks up where Casey is leaving this and brings it to completion.
  2. The difficulty in resin casting is part of the reason for it's perceived higher cost. There was a time when buying resin was out of reach for me and I missed out on some stuff I really wanted. The advent of 3D printing has helped drive down the development costs of resin pieces and kits, so hopefully whatever you are looking for will become affordable. I know many modelers were hoping someone would take over for Don and Carol but so far no one has done so. I know that I was fortunate enough to order some things as they were retiring, as did many others, and look at guys like Norm at RMCO and hope they hang around long enough for me to get another order in .
  3. And some of them might be named.....Mike! Looking forward to this show, not vending or displaying for a change, just gonna go and soak it in!
  4. Work will prevent me from going to this show, but hope to make it next year!
  5. mikemodeler

    67 GTX

    Interesting color combination, that brown doesn't do much for me but then again, the car manufacturers used to have some crazy colored interiors before they went with just three colors like today! Like the way you have the hood opened, any particular reason why you chose to have it that way?
  6. MCW Resins has both a Ford and Chevy L-6 engine, $10 each, much cheaper than a kit.
  7. Considering this is an American built vehicle, kind of an interesting choice for Academy. My extended family has had several Hyundai vehicles and they are/were nearly bulletproof. I might have to get one just because it is different but yet something I see around town more than I do 69 Camaros or 70 Superbirds!
  8. I like that JD wrecker Matt, but it sure would be nice if somehow we could have that wrecker bed! I am struggling with which bed to use- a scratchbuilt one or the one from the recent Peterbilt issue? I agree on the decals, but there are some sheets out there if you want to go another direction, I know mine won't be a Coca Cola rig!
  9. Darn it, I was wanting to get one of his 6 cyl engines for a Bronco I am working on. The old saying is true when it comes to resin- buy it when you see because it might not be there tomorrow.
  10. All of his stuff is on Facebook. His email is robertburnsjr101@yahoo.com
  11. Likely drawn as an art project by some fifth graders. Hopefully the kit is better detailed than the artwork. Might have to grab one and build it as a wrecker.
  12. Read that earlier and the theme song to the Dukes of Hazzard popped into my head...."Just a couple of good ol' boys, never meaning no harm.." !
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said! Outstanding work and attention to detail is incredible.
  14. It's rather obvious by your bloviating that you have much more insight, knowledge and understanding than any of us that have been around here and this hobby for decades, not to mention you must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so therefore we must all bow at your feet and admit defeat. The funny thing is, if you know all so much, what was the point of posting your question/statement in the first place?
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