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  1. Nice work Jeff, great color choices and the details look spot on.
  2. Awesome story and build, always cool to see something that represents a part of one's life. Congrats on the anniversary and thank you for your service, welcome home.
  3. Likely depends on when they get shipments from the model companies. As we have seen, not every new release ends up there so gotta take what they get and use the internet to find the rest.
  4. Considering the issues with this kit, not a bad result. Practice and patience are the two things I have to remind myself of when building and they go a long way towards building nicer models. Keep at it, the next one will be better than the last one!
  5. I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and I don't pretend to know the inner workings of a large retailer or small manufacturing company, but I would guess that if HL wanted to buy Moebius kits and Moebius wanted to sell them, they could come to an agreement on payment terms and order volume. Anyone who has worked in manufacturing understands that terms can be worked out if the justification can be made. And as far as a being a premium brand, I don't think limited distribution makes you a premium brand, it is what is in the box.
  6. I believe it has to do with some of the other kits made by Moebius that HL finds offensive. Sad, because they would move a lot more kits if they opened up HL to selling them.
  7. I worked at a Mercedes dealership in Chicago from 80-83 and we had one of these as a shop truck. Pulled cars in from the back lot, ran errands around town, plowed snow with it, and generally it was abused by a bunch of teen aged shop employees. Never got a speeding ticket but it ran well for it's intended purpose. Would love to see this kit comeback but as stated in Chuck's article, likely not gonna happen. Wouldn't it be something if Revell still had the tooling and did run it, after seeing the longer WB model sell well? One can hope!
  8. And they also sell a resin 6 cylinder engine, so kinda one stop shopping for your conversion needs!
  9. Maybe throw a Foose chassis under it? If you go the 4x4 route, be sure to get a F-250 conversion kit from Joseph at Fireball Modelworks. Sure would be nice to see that series of trucks available in kit form.
  10. Please elaborate. I see some flaws, specifically with the doors and roofline.
  11. Fireball Modelworks has a set of 14" steel wheels and dog dish hub caps for a Camaro, not sure how different the Camaro caps are from the Impala. Worth checking out.
  12. I just got my new issue yesterday- shipped in a plain white envelope that wasn't mangled by the USPS. The subscription price is $29.95 for 6 issues per year (sound familiar?). I also get an email letting me know I can view the digital version before I get the printed version. The subscription also lets me view back issues.
  13. Just wondering if anyone else subscribes to CARtoons? I saw it was back and have been getting the magazine for a couple of issues now, brings me back to my youth and when times were simpler.
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