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  1. I ordered a copy from Burbank Hobbies and got it in two days. Maybe costs a bit more per issue but at least I am not wondering when it's gonna be delivered. Plus I got a model I had wanted so there's that!
  2. Let me check, I may have ordered that 67 grille from him before he shut down. I will check back later today.
  3. Considering the NAPCO was a conversion that could be adapted to various makes, surprised someone hasn't created a resin trans kit to build some? Much like the awesome kit Joseph at Fireball came up with for the F-250, the NAPCO kit could be done in a similar fashion for any of the 50's Ford or GM pickups.
  4. Had a neighbor years ago who had a 2wd K5 Blazer, 1972 model year IIRC. This was back when the 4wd craze was in full swing and we thought he was nuts but looking back, that thing was COOL!
  5. Should build a second one as a plumbing company truck, see a lot of ex-ambulances used that way around here. Nice save, should be nice when done!
  6. I totally get the nostalgia angle and I am sure it will be bought up. I just wonder how many versions one would build?
  7. I know that a lot of people are excited to see this kit make it to the shelf but I can't help thinking why not a wrecker body? There is literally nothing in scale of a medium duty wrecker and seems like a lot of folks would go for one. This kit does nothing for me but if they had a Holmes 500 or 600 wrecker I'd probably buy 3 or 4. Just my opinion.
  8. This makes the most sense with the ability to create multiple versions with minimal investment. I know that wagon kits have become more popular but the GFT seems unlikely. Others have mentioned Jim Rockford's Firebird but I think those tools have been modified to the point of not being able to be used, but I would welcome a new set of mid-70's F body kits!
  9. How cool is that? Now you can build a replica of your car! Be interested to see them posed side by side!
  10. The 63 Nova Wagon was already on my radar screen. Nothing else trips my trigger so I can rest easy and let my bank account recover.
  11. And some were asking for kits that are current or recently reissued and easily found.
  12. I noticed a lot of people were asking for models to be reissued that were Revell tools.
  13. Seems like all of the great guys who were a part of Indy Car racing are leaving us. Last Wednesday Robin Miller, who was a great journalist and deeply involved in open wheel racing passed away from cancer. He has been described as a cranky, crude, foul mouthed guy who had a knack for having the inside scoop on what was happening in the sport and his circle of friends included the likes of Roger Penske down to the guys in the garage. Loved watching him on RPM 2Nite and his insight was incredible. His last interview was with Jimmy Johnson and discussing the switch from NASCAR to Indy Car at Indy earlier this month.
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