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  1. Yes, but if someone was going for a quick build, it is the easiest, just depends on what the goal is.
  2. Depending on how detailed you want to go, besides the Cadillac options (AMT & Revell both did a kit), if you want a simple conversion the AMT snap fast Tahoe kit will go under any of the AMT short bed pickups of the same years (88-92) with little modification. Maybe with the reissue of the AMT Chevy SS454 short bed kit (1990 model), someone in the resin/3D world will do a conversion kit to make a 4x4.
  3. Wes's Model Corner is in the NE corner of Tennessee. Wes and his crew offer decent pricing and fast service on current kits and some older stuff. They are also expanding their supplies to include paint and accessories. Here's a link to his store: https://wesmodelcarcorner.myshopify.com/ I have also used Burbank Hobbies out of California, fast service and great selection of kits and hobby related items.
  4. Motor City Resin has much better quality. I know MCRC has had issues getting product out but his quality is far superior to RR
  5. He is temporarily closed to catch up on orders, but I believe Danny at Scenes Unlimited makes a set of Chevy truck wheels and caps like the ones pictured from Rookie Resin.
  6. Those are the kit tires! If you are looking for a similar tread but just a bit taller/wider, the Michelin T55D from Scenes Unlimited is about an eighth of an inch taller and a sixteenth wider. Michelin on the left, kit tire on the right
  7. That is the finished model. Still have a couple more to build, some day.
  8. Here is some of the chrome, the hub caps are nice.
  9. So I tried to take some decent pictures, need to create a photo booth with better lighting. Here are the instructions:
  10. Let me see what I can do tonight, it's been a long day at work and it isn't over yet!
  11. Which pictures do you wish to see? The frame is pretty much the same as the other longbed versions. Same goes for the cab and bed, engine. I have a kit opened and can snap pictures of specific things but to take pictures of parts already shown seems redundant.
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