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  1. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    Nothing on the Moebius website nor Tower Hobbies, but considering the only changes (based on box art) appear to be the grille, I would think it could be here by the first of the year.
    Hopefully Dave Metzner from Moebius will chime in with an expected date.
  2. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Revell 49 Mercury   

    Me too! I had it for years and never got around to building it.
  3. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Real or Model #235   

    I went with Real, cuz if it is a model, it is a very well executed one with great details.
  4. mikemodeler added a post in a topic AMT 51 Chevy Bel-Air   

    PM sent
  5. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Starsky&Hutch   

    There is an extensive review of the kit on here and it points out a lot about the kit, especially it being molded in red.
  6. mikemodeler added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Had a meeting with one of my customers and my boss. 
    Sure wish some people lived in the real world and understood how the sales process worked.
    Thank goodness for a rainy weekend and adult beverages.............
  7. mikemodeler added a post in a topic $7.99 models back at Ollies!   

    Probably not much I need or want, but a Corvette or two might be nice.
  8. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 9th Annual Hope it Don't Snow Show and Contest   

    There is the January show in Spartanburg and the May show in Simpsonville. Both great shows to see some nice models and the swap meet area usually has some great deals.
  9. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Buying kits at swap meets   

    I have never bought a kit at a 1:1 show for the very reasons stated here- too dang high! The guys selling at swap meets are hoping that the people walking the meet aren't aware of Hobby Lobby or our model car swap meets where that same kit could be half as much!
    When I go a model swap meet to sell, I am the guy that usually walks out with a pocket full of money because I am there to thin the stash and will make deals. Sometimes I regret selling some models so cheaply, but then I remember that the kits have sat in my garage for 10 years and I need to get my stash to a more manageable level.
    If I go to a swap meet to buy, I will circle the room and look for the guy who isn't a "professional seller" as he can probably make deals. I see some of the same guys and kits at shows around the area and wonder why someone is stuck on a high price for a kit that has been at swap meets for years? I have yet to find a kit I had to have that I was willing to pay a premium for, and if they insist on a premium price, they should try their luck on eBay.
  10. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Where did you start building model car kits?   

    I have always been fascinated about cars and machinery. I grew up at a great time as my oldest brother is 17 years older and he would buy me Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars every week. I would circle the Sears Toy Book every year and Santa brought me lots of cars and trucks. I have the distinction of being born right after Christmas (12/28) and my birthdays were usually pretty good as I got a lot of car stuff as it went on sale after Christmas!
    Some neighbor friends were given some models by their uncle in the early 70's and I got hooked on them at the same time. Been building on and off for over 40 years, have tried to find some of the kits I destroyed in my youth.
  11. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 56' Nomad   

    WOW! Very nice and clean, shiny paint and detailed!
  12. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Truckin for Kids 2015 pics   

    Nice pictures, looks like it was a nice show.
  13. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Back at ya! Happy with what I received and wouldn't hesitate to trade again.
  14. mikemodeler added a post in a topic AMT 72 Chevrolet Fleetside   

    If you can find the GMC stepside kit from the same era, it will have the shortbed frame in it.
    I may have an extra '72 C10 kit for trade, I will get back to you later once I get a chance to check the stash.
  15. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1970 Camaro   

    What he said, X2 !