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  1. Custom Squads by Tony. Great product and service.
  2. yes it should. The double axle was just for the racers wedge body, the camper is standard single axle wheelbase.
  3. Thanks for posting Casey, I ordered one of these last night. The wedge bed will likely end up on a different truck, not sure yet.
  4. Glad you have been able to get back to building, that looks fantastic! Great details and accurate suspension.
  5. To be fair, the magazine title is FINE SCALE MODELER, so to see figures, automotive and military models in it is what I would expect. It's my hope that they add more automotive coverage to it and I know they are working on it, but I don't expect to see them have endless pages of features any time soon.
  6. The OP is the maker of the resin body, he mentions it in the first post. He is working with some others to bring these to market.
  7. Modelroundup has Tamiya sprays at what seem to be reasonable prices. I did not see the TS-84, but they had TS-83 for $19.99. Sounds like the paint is used on smaller pieces and parts and not a whole body, so hopefully it will last longer.
  8. That looks killer and the black wheels & stance make it look MEAN. Nice work so far!
  9. The easiest way is to use the 84 GMC pickup kit Deserter as the chassis donor. Here's a picture of a Burban sitting on the chassis, sorry for the bad lighting, but the wheel base matches up. The beauty of the donor kit is that you can build it stock height with regular tires and wheels or you can jack it up and use the big wheels and tires from the kit.
  10. Which means they will be marked up and on eBay before you know it.
  11. Incredible work, attention to detail is outstanding and this will be a beauty when done. Your skills are enviable!
  12. From what has been written, they aren't accepting orders and have refunded previous orders. Not sure what is going on with them, I do know from talking with other resin casters that they have been swamped with orders and with most of them being small operations, many just a one person business, it can get overwhelming. We have seen some go out of business as a result of the demand of time required to run these businesses. A lot of work goes into making molds and casting parts, much more than any article in a magazine lets on!
  13. I'd think that there is a big difference in featuring your build on the cover and having a few sentences about it inside the magazine versus researching and writing an actual article for the magazine. From what I have been told, the monetary pay varies and depends on the article length and complexity. Some of the people I know who have written articles over the years for various types of publications say it's a nice way to earn some extra bucks but by no means is their sole form of income. With the decline in the number of printed magazines, I suspect that the pay hasn't increased and may have actually decreased, not sure.
  14. It's a 50 year old tool and had fit issues during previous releases so no surprise that they are still prevalent. The wheels can be replaced with aftermarket options, a master cylinder can be made if one cannot find a spare.
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