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  1. WOW! I am in total awe as to how you have created this masterpiece!
  2. Thanks for the insight, I had a feeling the two kits were so close that it would work.
  3. mikemodeler

    AMT economics

    To add to Casey's comments, I believe they did the same thing with the recent release of the Jeep Honcho pickup truck- molded in color and no chrome.
  4. Out of curiosity, has anyone put the Fireball F-250 conversion underneath the AMT 78 Ford Firestone pickup kit? I have a grille for an earlier model year that I want to combine with the kit and was going to add the 4wd conversion to build a truck a friend had back in the 70's. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Nope, none have been done. Die cast is your best bet.
  6. Not sure how long ago this was, but last I heard they hadn't set up a customer service department since the bankruptcy and new ownership had taken over. Sending a PM to the original poster.
  7. I had two orders- the first one was when they announced their retirement and I ordered a Dodge Crew Cab pickup and their Shasta camping trailer kit. Later, after every previous order was shipped and they had some surplus product left, I ordered some grilles, bumpers and wheels for various vehicles that I knew I would use (lt. trucks and GM cars). I also recently placed an order with Norm at RMCoM for some stuff in his catalog. I fear he will decide to retire one day soon and I wanted to get stuff before he did as he might not want to work for two additional years like Don and Carol did after he announces his retirement.
  8. I lost two mailboxes back when I lived in Illinois- one from the snow thrown by a plow and the other by some HS kids playing mail box baseball. Both times I got reimbursed for a new mailbox. Nice work on that Oshkosh, remember those from the rural parts of Wisconsin and how impressive they moved the snow.
  9. To add to Casey's comments, sometimes those older topics have comments from builders no longer members here or who have passed away since they posted. There is a ton of valuable information in the archives here and sometimes researching it will yield useful tips that a new topic won't. We all have a bunch of pet peeves and reading this and some of the comments ring true for me. I get intimidated by the quality of the work here and other places that I roam to the point I wonder why I even try. Then I remember those that are posting some of the models I envy had to work to get that good and if I am willing to take the time and put into practice the tips learned here, I may be that good too. I won't be the guy who mills his own parts on a lathe or casts parts in resin, but I can surely do detail painting and clean assembly to get a nice model. Someone recently mentioned that they were going to go back to building models for the fun and just do basics and not get caught up in minute details and custom parts and I want to try that myself. Just build a kit and not worry if it will get a trophy, but if it will look presentable. This place is for learning and having interaction with like minded individuals. Many of us grew up building models with friends and as we grew older, our lives changed. This forum, and others like it, allow us to build with our "friends" again and while we might not be at a card table in our parent's basement, we do have the ability to share. There are some great tutors on here who share their skills and know-how to help us all become modelers.
  10. Yep, it's a $50 kit on his website. I will say that I recently ordered a couple of bodies from Jimmy and I had them within a week of ordering.
  11. Yeah, I might be to blame for that.....I have several of them just for the wheels and engine.
  12. Yes, sadly. The whole car is rather cartoonish if you ask me. If this was available as a stock version I think it could do well.
  13. Earlier this week it was announced that the founder of Ollie's had passed away unexpectedly. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the Ollie's chain and if they continue to offer closeout merchandise or if they transition to more of a traditional retailer like Big Lots has done. It's entirely possible that Ollie's cut a deal with Round 2 to run some model kits because if you look closely at the inventory at an Ollie's store, there are some things ALWAYS there in stock and not really "closeout" items. Could be a once/twice a year thing for them, could be that Round 2 knows they can always dump excess inventory if needed to clear the warehouse or free up some capital. Whatever the reason, us cheapskates in the hobby should be glad that we get the occasional "great deal" on some kits. Much like the Wal-Mart thread, maybe $19.99 isn't a great deal compared to a 50% off coupon at Michael's, but if it's the only game in town, then you do what you have to do.
  14. Nice! Great details and of course the color!
  15. That is looking great Donn! The paint and details are outstanding.
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