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  1. mikemodeler added a post in a topic SCENES UNLIMITED   

    What size wheel and tire is that supposed to be?
    Nice work as usual!
  2. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Our police officers   

    I have a son who has entertained the thought of becoming a police officer and as of late have been encouraging him to consider another line of work. I think he would make a great cop- he has a grandfather who was one and I am sure some of his interest comes from him- but the current political climate is such that he would probably hate his job because of the media fueled whackos who have somehow made being a police officer a bad thing.
    I didn't know the police officer from Fox Lake but know someone who did and all they could say was he was true professional and not one to do something foolish. Hopefully we will find out what happened yesterday that caused those three thugs to take his life, but in the meantime prayers for his family and police family will have to suffice. I cannot imagine what his wife and children are going through, losing a loved one in such a tragic manner is not what any of us are prepared for.
    I hope that somehow the media will see through the BS and realize that giving legitimacy to these anti-police hate groups is not helping anyone advance any agendas and is doing more to widen the chasm between the two parties.
    May all police officers finish each and every shift and make it home to their loved ones and for those not fortunate to do so, may God hold them in a special place in heaven.
  3. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1969 Moebius ford pickup grille   

    Looking good Tom. Interested to see the finished model as your builds are always impressive.
  4. mikemodeler added a post in a topic ModelHaus Closing for Six Weeks   

    Can't say enough about how first class Don and Carol are with their business dealings. I have an order that has been sitting here and I will place it come late October once they are back taking orders via their website.
  5. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet crewcab   

    Nice conversion work on that 55, very simple but yet spot on.
  6. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Revell 67 camaro   

    Contact Revell, I am sure they will send you one.
  7. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1972 Corvette   

    Love the color, nice shade of blue. Take your time on the scripts and they should look just fine.
  8. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 2013 Camaro ZL1 (almost done)   

    A black wash on the wheels, dullcote or both would make them less gaudy. I painted mine with gunmetal gray and it looked great.
  9. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Ford F-150 SVT Raptor   

    Looks great, nice detailing on the kit.
  10. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Kits gone at WalMart again   

    The Christmas stuff is in earlier than normal this year, probably figure start selling it now if the public will buy it.
    As far as the kits go, I remember them having some foreign kits at one time, but I think they discontinued them do to a lack of sales. IIRC, they were in the $35 range at the time when the AMT & Revell kits were $20 or less MSRP. I doubt they will take them on again, but I could be wrong.
    The 40% coupon is helpful if you do find something to buy- paint, kit or otherwise. I stopped in one today and picked up a Revell Snapper Raptor for about $10 and change with tax, cheaper than the interweb and if I can, I just might get it painted this weekend!
    back on topic- it will be interesting to see if Wally Mart brings kits back for the holidays.
  11. mikemodeler added a post in a topic What's your next model purchase?   

    Despite telling myself "No more models", I have found a couple of the MPC WWII Jeeps on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $14 the last two weeks and figured they were worth it for parts to fix some Jeeps already in my collection.
    I truly have to rid myself of some more models before I buy any more as I am trying to de-clutter my life in other areas. I am looking forward to getting some bench time here real soon, maybe getting a bunch of WIPs finished!
  12. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Kits gone at WalMart again   

    I saw a news article last night that mentioned Wal Mart was getting their toy department ready for Christmas shopping earlier than usual this year, so I would imagine there was a lot of stuff that was clearance priced in anticipation of this event.
    Haven't seen a model kit at Wal Mart in years that had me wanting to buy it. Lately it has either been Hobby Lobby or online for me, don't see that changing much soon unless someone opens a hobby shop in the Charlotte area.
  13. mikemodeler added a post in a topic MENG F350 DUALLYS   

    There goes more of my lunch money! Those look nice Danny!
  14. mikemodeler added a post in a topic CKM NNL Pics   

    Sure wish I could have made the show, looks like a lot of great models.
  15. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1966 chevelle ss   

    Very nice, simple, clean and well detailed!