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  1. Yes. I sent you a PM, check your inbox.
  2. Just throwing this out there. It may be possible that considering the cost of the item- $1,300- the retailer waits for people to order them and then places an order with their supplier to either drop ship the item or to ship it to the retailer for them to turn around and ship. If that is the case, shame on them for not being upfront with you. The company I work for does drop shipments on products that cost $3,000+ for a large auto parts chain and their customers know it is not something that is stocked at any of the retailers locations.
  3. Alan, It sounds like you and your Dad are/were close and did many things together, which can make dealing with this disease harder to take and bring on guilt. My Dad was nearly 42 when I was born (we're Catholic) and when I was 8 he nearly died from a heart attack. My Dad lived to be 92, but the last 10 years were hard on him and us as he slid downhill with dementia. The last 9 months of his life were spent in a nursing home as my Mom could no longer care for him and it truly was the best place for him at that point. I learned a lot from my father, in many ways I am just like him, and it was very difficult watching the slow death from dementia. The brilliant mind, the sharp wit, the ability to do so much was slowly robbed from him over the last 10 years of his life. Around the time my Dad went into a nursing home, my oldest brother (17 years older than me) was diagnosed with cancer. He fought it hard but succumbed to it three years after my Dad's passing. Losing those two influential figures in my life so close together was extremely painful, especially having to watch them waste away. In between the passing of my father and brother, I lost my mother. She passed away 18 months after my dad, likely from a broken heart, but actually had a massive stroke. My mother was rarely ill, claimed she didn't have time to be sick because my dad seemed to hold that position in the family. As others have said, spend as much time as you can communicating with your Dad AND Mom. If you can Facetime them on the phone, do it! If not, phone calls will have to work. Make sure your Mom has support, many counties have agencies for the elderly and can cover the cost of having someone help your Mom, sit with your Dad while she gets out of the house, checks on him and her. I have lost loved ones suddenly and also over time. None of them have been easy but I like to think those that went suddenly didn't suffer, but then again I didn't get to say all of the things I wanted to either. It sucks, it's part of life we dread, but put forth as much effort as you can to make peace for yourself and your parents. Wish you all the best and know that you are not alone in this battle.
  4. I see newspapers print corrections all the time, so as hard as they try, they make mistakes, they're human. As has been noted here and elsewhere, MCM does not have a full time dedicated staff to fact check, spell check and research whether it should be clevis pin or cotter pin. I would suggest you contact Larry Greenberg as he would likely welcome the help in making sure the magazine is as accurate as can be. Given the long history of MCM, I would have to say it's at the best it's ever been in terms of content and layout, the occasional misteak aside. And yes, I purposely misspelled mistake.
  5. I don't believe it was, but in today's market big production runs are not as common as they once were. Unless a Hobby Lobby type customer places an order, smaller runs are more economical for manufacturers. It's better to sell out and schedule a second run than to have an overrun and have to sell them to an Ollie's at or near cost.
  6. I have seen pictures and it looks nice. Of course will have to wait and see when the kit comes out. I plan on getting a couple even though I have the Fireball conversion kit.
  7. I have heard that this kit was limited to a production run of 7,000 kits and has been oversold. In other words, if you want one, better jump on it as it might be a hot minute before they can get another run in and back in stock here.
  8. So Moebius caught a lot of grief over the release of this kit as it shows a F-250 but the contents build up as a F-150, which as you point out has a different front suspension. Fireball Modelworks engineered a beautiful conversion kit but stopped selling them because he couldn't keep up with demand. Ironically, not long after he announced he was ceasing production, Moebius showed pictures of upcoming new releases of this series of trucks that has the correct F-250 4x4 suspension. No release date has been set but estimates have it late this year, possible early next year. To build a proper F-250 kit you either have to source one of the Fireball kits, wait for Moebius to release the new kit or get busy scratch building some parts.
  9. https://icemancollections.com/products/dropped-front-suspension-control-a-arms-spindle-custom-slammed Check with Joel and see when he will have these back in stock, easiest way to convert that front end to 2wd and slam it.
  10. I think you made your point on the accuracy, why are you insisting on a response? The magazine doesn't have a full time staff to answer messages.
  11. The 82-90 Chevy S-10 grilles would nice. The 85-87 Chevy and GMC truck grilles with single headlights as well as 88-91 Model years would be nice.
  12. This is awesome news as I was interested in a 71 Chevelle conversion but the extra $17 in shipping across the border had me rethinking it, but if you will have it George, then I am back in! I will look over the website as I was hoping someone would do some more grilles for the GMC Deserter and it looks like Wylde is working on em!
  13. I would be in for a couple of these. Z Force Modelworx used to offer some different grilles for the 85-87 GM trucks but they are the quad headlight trim option. I have one to donate to the cause if needed.
  14. I would try contacting Robert Burns on his FB page- Too Many Projects- and see if he can print those grilles you are looking for. I haven't seen anyone else offering them.
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