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  1. You are referring to the ones that were in the AMT/MPC CJ-5 Jeeps, correct? I have a set to swap, do you need the wheels and wheel backs too?
  2. If nothing else, I guess I do admire your relentless stubborn instance to be wrong nearly every time you post here. Because saying Ed Sexton isn't in a position of knowledge might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen said here - and that's saying something. Ya know, the funny thing is I can probably find a dozen instances of YOU posting incorrect information before you could find one thing I posted incorrectly. But you go on thinking you're right and the rest of us have it wrong, it's thinking like that that proves what many of us know.
  3. Oh why not? What harm can come from that? There's a reason why second hand information isn't considered in most court cases and for good reason. And just because you talked to someone who works for a company and they relay information you take to be "insider knowledge" doesn't mean they are accurate or speaking from a position of actual knowledge.
  4. Is the same kit that was at Ollie's for $19.99?
  5. Gonna have to change my pre-order quantity as this looks better than I imagined it would. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Took the wife's Nissan to the dealer for an oil change (They only charge $39.95 for Mobil 1 synthetic so why not?) and while I am walking around spot one of the redesigned 2022 Frontier pickups. Salesman walks up and says "Wanna take it for a test drive?" 5 minutes later we are out cruising around and it's a nice truck and I am actually considering buying a truck after not having one for 25 years. We go back inside and he gets my information and says without seeing my 2016 Accord, he will give me nearly what I paid for it in 2017! Crazy market but what the heck. Now the best part. He went on and on about how other dealers are marking vehicles up over MSRP because of no inventory, but not this dealership. However, they did add on $4,995 in "accessories" and when I pushed him about it, he said there was a lot of value added stuff like tinted windows, pinstriping, bed liner, wheel locks and the best- Nitrogen filled tires. I mentioned that all of those "accessories" didn't total but $700 at best and that I didn't want them. He replied- "That's the way we sell them, take it or leave it". Well, driving a paid for car is a lot better than lining the pockets of dealerships that are getting creative in dreaming up new revenue.
  7. That is the kit grille. He opened up the backside to give it more detail.
  8. In the Charlotte area the LHS that closed were small and the owners were older with no succession plan for the future of the store. In some cases it was rent being doubled that caused them to close up. They found out that the internet was the problem- people would buy their R/C stuff online and then bring it in to have the shop help fix it and expect it for free. Same was true for model kits but I always went in a bought something, even if it was just glue or paint, because they had stuff that HL or Michaels didn't.
  9. I live in a hobby shop desert- closest thing we have to a LHS is a Hobby Town USA about 40 miles north of me in Mooresville. At one time they had a huge aisle of plastic, cars, trucks, military plus all kinds of paints and tools. Then a few years ago a Hobby Lobby opened a mile away and it changed their business. Any serious builder/buyer of kits would shop at HL when kits were 40% off compared to HTU's usual MSRP. In Charlotte where I live there are only Michael's and HL to shop locally for kits and supplies so I am an online shopper for the most part. If I need a donor kit and HL carries it, I am there when they are 40% off. Our hobby has changed and so has our buying habits. I have probably spent as much, if not more, on resin stuff this year as I have on kits, and that has come from online shopping. Being able to click on website and find whatever I could possibly imagine because someone has either cast it or created it with 3D printing has changed my hobby world. While it is easy for those that have a LHS to struggle to understand why those of us left with only HL shop there, many of us do remember when there were more hobby shops to shop at and spent time and money supporting those businesses. But as owners aged or passed and no one wanted to take over the business, it was inevitable that they would be gone.
  10. That is looking good! The only correction I would make to your post is that the dump box is from Scenes Unlimited, not Olson Bros. I have two of those dump boxes and Danny did a fantastic job of creating them, fills a void in our hobby.
  11. I believe that was the earlier body style, with a sleeper cab and exhaust stacks. May have been a silver or gray truck on the box art.
  12. Hard to believe a shiny truck like that would have a crusty old plow! Nice work!
  13. I saw the rears were available, # 187 & # 189.
  14. Olson Bros just introduced a set of 6 - 6mm lenses for $6. They look spot on and are a much needed part for our hobby
  15. If you don't find anyone to trade with, Modelhaus Tires has those tires available. Just like his parents, Chris Holthaus offers great product and fast service
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