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  1. Nice job on those three and great save on the glue bombs!
  2. Nice work so far, thanks for sharing the tips!
  3. 1964 GMC

    nice work and love the details. I would be interested in some of the pieces when you have the website up and running.
  4. Nice job as always on the rust and weathering Chuck!
  5. ISO Revell 1969 Camaro ZL1 parts

    True, I was just letting others know that the parts were not exclusive to just the ZL-1 kit. Hopefully you get what you are needing, I would help if I had them!
  6. ISO Revell 1969 Camaro ZL1 parts

    Any of the 69 Revell Camaros would have those same pieces. The hood is a cowl induction hood found in all but the Baldwin Motion versions.
  7. a set of 4 'full size' Minilites and tires

    Check out Fireball Modelworks, he has a resin set of tires and wheels in 15 inch for $16.00. His stuff is awesome, you won't be disappointed.
  8. Early Jeepster Hood & Body

    That is a trans/transfer case from the '70's. almost looks like the one in the AMT 72 Blazer.
  9. A Recipy for Financial Ruin

    That orange dump truck was impressive looking and I wonder if the green one with all the chrome has ever been dirty? Thanks for sharing.
  10. mini-tub chassis anyone?

    Head to your local Hobby Lobby and with the 40% off coupon, you can buy a whole kit for around $10-12 that will have the tubbed chassis. A lot cheaper than a resin copy and you will have some spare parts to boot!
  11. Regular cab for Monogram ‘91 F-350?

    That gives me an idea on how to build a couple of wreckers I was planning, thanks for the idea of cutting the cab at the door!
  12. Very nice! The work is so clean you can't tell it's not a kit!
  13. Excellent work as always Chuck! Love the grafted on panel and weathering. I remember seeing two year old Scouts back in the 70's living in Northern Illinois that had more rust on them then 10 year old Scouts!
  14. Lifetime Subscription Progress

    Just a thought I had today about the long term survival of the magazine and I know it might be a complicated one but here goes: What if Gregg was to allow the selling of kits here and charged a small fee to use toward supporting the magazine and this forum?
  15. Testors Automotive Paints

    So maybe the hobby shop employee had misinformation and caused a stir unnecessarily? Wouldn't be the first time.