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  1. Tower Hobbies show the new full bumper kit arriving late December for $27.99 and the older split bumper kit in stock for $15.99.
  2. Mega Hobby and Tower Hobbies are taking pre-orders for this kit ($49.99) showing a late December/early January delivery.
  3. Might grab one of the 2006 Camaros for the wheels and if the IH4300 is there, one of those too. I had my eye on the 55 Corvette because of the wheels, anyone have a picture of them?
  4. That explains it! I will have to try again when I get back home this weekend. Might have to get a IH 4300!
  5. Really? I was there on Saturday and all they had was a pallet near the toys with the Corvettes, Camaros and 300C's
  6. Let me know if you still need the wheels, I can trade for the tractor if necessary.
  7. Thanks to all who took pictures and shared them here for the rest of us who couldn't attend!
  8. Thanks for sharing! A lot of great models and cool to see so many faces from companies I have spent a lot of lunch money at!
  9. I might be in for one of those Camaro's, will wait to see how horrible the body warp is before dropping my $$ on one though.
  10. Yes, but only three weeks in August. LOL! I just returned from SoCal and it was eye opening to see how fast some of those fires developed and spread. My prayers to those in the affected area and hope the winds die down and the firefighters get a chance to put the fires out or at least contain them.
  11. As a member of Ollie's Army, I got an email with a 15% off coupon good for any purchase, so I will be hitting up my Ollie's this weekend to see what is left.
  12. Tell me about it, I went from $50 to $125 in the blink of an eye! And it was worth every penny!
  13. I seem to recall that someone was casting a stock front end (nose piece) for the 1986 MPC El Camino to convert it into a stock appearing vehicle. I have a kit that I would like to build as a regular '86 Elky and if anyone knows of a stock front end, please post it here. TIA
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