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  1. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1970 1/2 Camaro - MADE IN BRAZIL   

    Absolutely beautiful, great details and you nailed the look!
  2. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Moebius - Now that the Comet is out, What's Next   

    I think that is how we ended up with the first generation Bronco.............
    Now back to Moebius, any one hear when we might expect that Ford F100 4x4 pickup kit to be on the shelves?
  3. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Couple of car shows in the last week   

    Thanks for sharing, some nice cars in both sets of pictures!
  4. mikemodeler added a post in a topic rotator wrecker questions   

    Don't forget the outriggers to stabilize it when being used. I would look for a set Moebius wheels and tires, very lifelike and nicer.
  5. mikemodeler added a post in a topic `66 Suburban question   

    Not sure how period correct you are trying to be with your model, but if you are just looking to put 4x4 underneath the 'Burban, it might be easiest to swap in the running gear from the recent MPC 84 GMC pickup. I personally haven't tried to do this just yet, but I do know the frame from the '84 fits nicely under the 64-66 Chevy pickups from Revell and looks good to my eye.
  6. mikemodeler added a post in a topic rotator wrecker questions   

    You have a lot of work there Jeff! I would search the internet for pictures or even possible diagrams of how everything is connected. I would see if there is anything on the Miller Industries website, they are a large wrecker manufacturer in Chattanooga TN. If you have seen "Highway thru Hell" on the weather channel, Jamie Davis got his Western Star rotator wrecker from them. 
    To lengthen or strengthen the chassis, you will need some Evergreen or Plastruct structural styrene or if you are really up to the challenge, use brass! 
    I believe the 2nd steering axle tires are the same width as the front/forward and the is controlled hydraulically. 
    Not sure about the rear axles but there are probably only 2 drive and 2 helper axles.
    Keep in mind that all of this will be out of view unless you display the model with mirrors or turn it over.
  7. mikemodeler added a post in a topic '66 panel sub   

    Nice, love the color choice so far. Should be another beauty when done, enjoy your holiday!
  8. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Need Revell 62 Corvette parts.   

    Have you tried contacting Revell? They will likely send you the parts needed if they have them on hand.
  9. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Round 2 has a few new kits coming!!!   

    I think those are the "MSRP" and not necessarily what most retailers will price them at. That being said, there is a LHS that seems to follow whatever the manufacturers show as list price and their inventory seems to be the same with little movement. I see kits at their store for $29.95 and can go down the road to Hobby Lobby and see them for $24.95 before the 40% coupon.
  10. mikemodeler added a post in a topic shout out to everyone   

    I am one of the first hundred members here and have seen/heard/witnessed quite a bit in the time that I have been here. I have to admit that overall, this has been a great place to share ideas and information. The majority of the members here are the most helpful and encouraging bunch and offer inspiration through their words, actions and builds.
    Outside of a few, my interaction with the members here have all been positive and trading/selling kits has been a great way to make friends and get rid of or adding to my model collection. Like many, having a local hobby shop is not an option and if it wasn't for Hobby Lobby and Michael's, I probably wouldn't have as much passion for this hobby by virtue of not being able to physically see/touch the models. I know our friend Harry liked to discuss the merits of online shopping versus visiting the LHS, but for me, walking into a store and seeing model kits is more exciting that paging through computer screens looking at thumbnail pictures! I have also met some great people through this forum and attended some local shows and made friends as well.
  11. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Round 2 has a few new kits coming!!!   

    With my recent decision to thoroughly think through every model kit purchase, there isn't any thing on the list that I want or need. I am looking forward to the Fall when the Datsun pickup comes out, not much else has grabbed my eye or screamed "Gotta Have It!"
  12. mikemodeler added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Thank you for the kind words! Yes, we are going out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate. It was her birthday on Tuesday and that was also the day I got the word on the job.
    I do have a lead on another job that I should know about in a couple of weeks. It will pay much more than this one and will include some heavy travel but may be worth it!
  13. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Revell 82 Camaro Z-28   

    Didn't MPC have a Indy Pace Car version of this kit too? 
    I haven't seen this kit around, good luck finding it. I know the 83 Camaro kit is slated to be out this fall.
  14. mikemodeler added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    After getting caught off guard on June 30th and losing my job, I got a call today with a job offer! While not exactly what I was doing, it is in my field of work and is a stepping stone to being back among the employed! I start in 10 days and it's like I took the month of July off without pay. The Mrs. is happy because I finally got the wallpaper stripped and the dining room painted while I was between jobs.
    Now I can think about getting one of those Revell Suburbans and getting my creative juices flowing!
  15. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Greetings from South Carolina   

    Welcome sir! There will be some shows in the future you may want to plan to attend. SCMA is a statewide group and they have a show in January in Spartanburg and a show in May near Greenville. Both are good shows, and lots of models to buy.
    There is a show near Winston Salem next month, the CKM club puts on a great show and lots to see and buy.