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  1. Had my annual review with my boss today. Our fiscal year runs April - March so that explains why it was done in April. I knew that we had a challenging year and despite the hurdles our group did a remarkable job in achieving the sales total we did. Was not expecting much in the review and raise department as we did not get raises last year but imagine my surprise when I got a raise that is basically equal to what I got the first two years combined with this company! Yes, hard work does get recognized and rewarded. Now my model budget can get a raise too!
  2. I'll get some pictures up later today but I found an alternative source for some of these same parts- Iceman Collections. He sells exclusively on eBay so I was forced to finally make my way to it and I have to say, his product and service is top notch. He updates his store on Saturdays so be sure to check out his offering. He has a lot of stuff- figures, engines, diorama parts, even the welder like the one on the Bolide site. Buy with confidence and you won't be disappointed.
  3. That looks fantastic, saw the in progress pictures but the finished product is outstanding!
  4. That is very nice, love the color and the details make it pop.
  5. Probably depends on how fast they get the ships unloaded in Long Beach.
  6. Best prices I have found on Tamiya paints, they have a wide selection and great service.
  7. There was an article in one of the last issues of Scale Auto detailing the Revell paint line. Maybe the folks at MCM will do a similar story now that the magazine is back in production. They could also do an article about Tamiya's new line of paints as well.
  8. P&P Resin once offered a cab like that, not sure they still cast and sell. They have a Facebook page, that cab was on there 8 years ago.
  9. Funny, I bought two kits when they announced their retirement with the intention of building them both. Ended up selling one of the kits to a fellow modeler because I knew he would build it, and he did. I still have the other and have wondered about selling it, but will likely build it as it would look great for what I have planned. I am sure there were many speculators who placed large orders with the sole intention of selling them later on eBay for insane money.
  10. Ironic that I see this post as I was on their website and thinking about ordering. I have a few things I was thinking of ordering but was waiting to see if someone else has/had and what their impression is/was.
  11. Yep, with the optional soft top. The full door kit is being reissued this year, you would have to cut the roof off to replicate the one in the picture.
  12. What size are you looking for? Fronts and rears? Pickup truck or semi truck?
  13. Well, I would think you could call them on it and get a refund.
  14. In addition to kits being 40% off this week, they are also giving free basic shipping to orders over $50, so if you want to see if what you are looking that the store may be out of, check out the selection online and maybe they have it there.
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