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  1. I used 01A15, pretty much every time I order at least $50. The free shipping was icing on the cake!
  2. Took advantage of this offer again this past week, free shipping and $15 off of a $50 order made for some nice savings!
  3. I am going to wait and see what they end up doing. I will give them a few issues to get their bearings and figure out how it will all work together. It is quite possible that FSM will be expanded to accommodate the additional automotive coverage, placating the military modelers and giving us automotive modelers enough to stay interested. MCM is going to have to produce something other than a contest issue to generate any excitement about a revival, the recent shows have been covered either online or by SA.
  4. I get your skepticism of what the new FSM/SA magazine will look like, but I have confidence that a blended magazine may appeal to more modelers and will be better in the long run. There has been talk of resurrecting MCM for a while now and it will be a Herculean effort to accomplish that.
  5. Nice work so far, it builds up very nice. I drove a couple of Uni's back in the early 80's when I worked at the M-B dealership, they were a blast, could go through anything!
  6. X2! Plus, how much longer before the short bed and chassis are ready, would love one of those too. Knowing Greg Wann is involved means a lot, he does some great work!
  7. Another work of art! I have relatives that live near the Pierce factory in Wisconsin, whenever we visit them we can see the fire truck factory from the highway, some impressive machines in that lot. Great details and will be watching this one come to life.
  8. Right as hobbies have made a comeback during a pandemic and maybe brought some more people to model building? Their model section gets smaller as they bring in new stuff to sell along side of model kits. Five years ago you didn't have the tools and supplies that exist now at Hobby Lobby, things like Evergreen sheet, all of the different small tools and airbrush accessories and paints. Yes, they will have to do something about the Testors paints but I am guessing they will just carry whatever Testors offers, maybe they will add the Revell paints.
  9. I haven't seen anything as of yet, but with the Testor's announcement anything is possible.
  10. Have not seen it on a shelf or available from one of the online retailers just yet, although Tower Hobbies is advertising they will be carrying it soon.
  11. If any of you who have been around here may remember a guy named Alan Raab, ran a business called Ma's Resin. He cast some beautiful tires and had quite the demand for his product. Along the way the business overwhelmed him and he disappeared. I mention this because he is/was supposedly George's cousin. Nuff said.
  12. Whats your website? I was looking at some pickup truck bumpers and tool boxes he had.
  13. I am tempted to order of these, it would like nice sitting with the Meng F-350 and the Revell Raptor F-150 as the only modern (post 2010) pick up trucks available.
  14. That is looking fantastic, love that body style of the old Fords. Love how you married the modern drivetrain with the old body, definitely a great combo. As far as those Shuey's, search the internet for some examples of what others have done. I think a dull cote will make them fit into the look better. I personally would shoot the centers a darker gray to contrast with the body color.
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