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  1. That last picture of the whole fleet is impressive! Been watching this come together and outstanding job as always Tom!
  2. Liking the color on that one Jim! I wish the model companies would bring us updated versions of this kit and the pick ups, they could really improve on that old tooling and help us make even better looking models.
  3. I am watching this, I have two of those dump bodies and have been working on getting a couple of WIPs done so I can jump on the dump project. Danny makes some really nice stuff and this dump bed is awesome!
  4. Looking good, I would like to point out that a shortfall of the utility bed is the front of the bed missing in the lower corners, leaving the illusion that the front door compartment is not complete. I intend to fix mine before installing it on a similar set up. The interior is very nice and love the crane!
  5. mikemodeler

    The future

    The future of the hobby is what consumers make it, just like any other consumer driven sector. In the last couple of years, look at what 3D printing has done for our hobby! People who have mastered 3D printing are now bringing us stuff we had hoped for but didn't think was possible. I get most of my new releases at shows or via the internet as Hobby Lobby and Michael's are my LHS. If I want another Revell 69 Z-28, my 40% off coupon and HL fills that need, but they don't always have the newest releases. I would love to have a LHS to patronize but I have seen at least 5 of them go out of business in the last 5-6 years, mostly because the owners were older and no one wanted to take over. We can all pontificate as to the whats, whys, and various reasons for how long this hobby will be around and whether or not the youth of today derive the same pleasure we did in the 60's/70's/80's but we would be better served just enjoying what we have while we have it. Change is constant, that is for sure.
  6. Started work on my F-350 conversion using these same parts Bill, hope I can do it justice like yours. Nice job on that build, loved watching it come together!
  7. Well, look at it this way. If you don't buy any models in April and May, when it rolls around in June you would have the money saved to buy it.
  8. Check out Scenes Unlimited, Danny has those tires. Great guy, great product, great service.
  9. Me too. Sold a Can-Do for silly money because someone HAD to have it, made decent money on the Will Do as well.
  10. There are other differences between the two, namely the amber light bars are different. The artwork might be a licensing issue. I was mistaken when I made this comment. What I meant to say was when the tow company went through the original truck and rebuilt it, they upgraded to different light bars. Revell chose to represent them by leaving them clear on the Will Do version. There are aftermarket companies on FB that offer other light bars for trucks like these if you want to update it.
  11. Brian, Let's talk before either one of us places an order, I am sure we could save some shipping! Great minds think alike!
  12. I normally travel almost every week, usually by air, but that all changed three weeks ago. I have been "grounded" since March 5 and working from home, which is what I do when not traveling. I have been keeping busy answering emails and working on customer's requests for product information, but at some point that will dry up. They haven't said when we will be cleared to travel again but I would say it will be late April at the earliest. All employees who can work from home have been directed to do so, even though we are considered an "essential business". I have been working at the bench more and have grandiose plans to get a bunch of WIPs done and just may surprise myself and a bunch of you ! This crisis will end and hopefully people will heed the warnings and directives and the medical experts will find a way out of this for all of us. My immediate concern is that many small businesses and service workers will suffer the worst of it.
  13. I took a 72 cab, built an 84 MPC 4x4 frame and have a resin short bed almost done and about to get it in primer. So much can be done with these kits, we really need some new stuff so we don't have to rob three kits to get what we all want!
  14. Not to mention an updated Blazer/Jimmy and Suburban models! Done right, a model company could have the tooling paid and making money by the time the second or third version comes out.
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