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  1. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    After a slight detour courtesy of the USPS, just completed a trade with Jordan White. We have traded before and he is a great trader.
  2. mikemodeler added a topic in How To Use This Board   

    deleting messages
    Before the software update last year, I was able to delete old PMs in my inbox easily. Today I was in there and tried to figure out how to delete some and could not do it.
    I am sure there is an easy way to do it but darned if I can figure it out! 
    Anyone know how to delete PMs? I am getting close to full and don't want to clog up the forum server with old meaningless messages!
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  3. mikemodeler added a post in a topic The Nickey Camaro   

    That's a smoking deal, better than anywhere else I have seen it!
  4. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Daisy Duke Jeep decals   

    found and sent!
  5. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Some kits and parts Im looking for   

    Never heard back from you on my PM regarding the Monte Carlo.
  6. mikemodeler added a post in a topic SCENES UNLIMITED   

    Any updates on these tires? Interested in what sizes will be available as I see them possibly on several different builds.
    Hurry up and take my money Danny! LOL!
  7. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Kit snow plow Temco sold   

    Incredible scratchbuilding, watching this one!
  8. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Heartbreaker: Wrecked/Salvage C2 Corvettes   

    Seems like the flood damaged cars would be the easiest to fix, albeit a complete teardown and rebuild. I would think much could be salvaged from those cars.
    I have a friend who has a 71 Corvette that he bought back from the insurance company when his house had a minor fire in the garage. He took the car to D&M Corvette in Downers Grove IL and they restored the car back to it's former glory and he was able to get a few other things fixed in the process. 
    Looking at some of those cars and knowing what they can go for, I doubt they end up in the junk pile, I am sure there is a person out there who is willing to rebuild them.
  9. mikemodeler added a post in a topic I have a problem...   

    Here I thought I was alone with this issue!
  10. mikemodeler added a post in a topic People must hate waiting...   

    Ordered mine this morning from Tower Hobbies, they estimate I will have it by next Tuesday. Added a can of spray paint to get the order total over $25 and I got free shipping! Total order was under $30 for kit and paint, a better bargain than that eBay!
  11. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    Thanks for the heads up, just ordered mine. Spent enough money to get free shipping!
    Update- Ordered before noon on a Thursday and received notification overnight that I should receive my order on Monday. Pretty darn fast service from central Illinois to Charlotte if I say so myself!
  12. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Round 2 new releases for 2016   

    If that Datsun Monster truck is indeed the flip front end, then I will pass.  I would LOVE to see that 1975 kit get re-issued, built that years ago and would appreciate having another chance to build a couple of them.
  13. mikemodeler added a post in a topic '69 Yenko Camaro   

    very nice and well detailed. the paint is a nice change of pace and overall the model is spot on!
  14. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    Emma Samms, one of the reasons I watched that show as a teenager! Hubba Hubba!
    She replaced Pamela Sue Martin, can't remember how they explained the accent.
  15. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Crossing the tracks   

    Harry, I doubt anyone on here would disagree with your statement; however, there are enough attorneys out there that will argue otherwise. And, unfortunately, the railroads will settle with the families instead of fighting it in court, despite probably finding at least one sensible juror who shares your sentiment.
    For the same reason McDonalds had to put warning labels on their coffee cups, you can't assume EVERYONE has common sense!