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  1. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Rally Sport Grill 4 "NEW" Revell `67 Camaro?   

    Just for the record, a true RS grille is different from what is being shown for the upcoming Nickey Camaro, which has an RS/SS grille. 
  2. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Question about to primer or not to primer   

    Here's your answer, plain and simple.
  3. mikemodeler added a post in a topic `67 Camaro RS/SS NICKEY-Revell   

    Even though I already have several of the existing Revell '67 Camaro kits, I will be buying a couple more just for the reasons you pointed out above! 
    As far as the wheels go, maybe one of the resin casters offer some better fitting tires or can cast some up!
  4. mikemodeler added a post in a topic In need of travel advice   

    If the truck turns out to be in good enough condition to buy, I would suggest shipping it to Long Beach and use the time to see the USA in a rental car. You will be on a strict deadline to return home and it could be a problem if you are in a vehicle that keeps breaking down. It would also serve you well to give it a thorough once over and source any parts needed for it here in the USA before sending it back to Norway, even if those parts come from an auto parts store like NAPA or Auto Zone. Simple things like brake pads, water pump, etc that might be hard to find back home.
    The modern Dodge Hemi Pickup is a fun vehicle to drive and gas mileage is surprisingly good. I have rented both a 2wd and 4wd version within the last two years and they delivered in the low to mid 20's on the highway! They were much more comfortable than their 50 year old counterpart you are looking at and much more reliable. I would shop around but I have had the best luck with Enterprise Car Rental. Search the internet for your travel plans but be prepared to pay a little extra if you aren't returning the truck to the same location as you rented it from.
    Enjoy your trip and hope you do find the truck to be all that it is represented.
  5. mikemodeler added a post in a topic `67 Camaro RS/SS NICKEY-Revell   

    It would have been nice if Revell had included the "SS" hood with this kit (although easily sourced from the earlier release) as the stinger hood was an option and wasn't on every Nickey Camaro. Several years ago I was able to pick up a 1967 Nickey Chevrolet catalog, interesting to see the prices from back then.
    A former co-worker bought an original, 30,000 mile Nickey 67 Camaro back in 1981 for $3,500, almost what they went for new! He enjoyed that car (talk about horsepower!) for about a year before trading it even up for a '66 Corvette Convertible 427/425, another fun car!
    I will pick this kit up for the pieces needed to replicate that car, although his had a cowl induction hood that the previous owner had installed.
  6. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Larry's amazing scratchbuilt '57 Jeep pickup   

    I struggle to clean up a regular styrene kit to look presentable and along comes a scratchbuilt brass piece of art! That is one awesome, well detailed replica!
  7. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1971 F100 shop truck   

    Looks great, like the weathering and the stance is just right.
    Question though: Is it just me or are the mirrors slightly oversized in this kit?
  8. mikemodeler added a post in a topic I had a reality check. Leaving the hobby.   

    Fully understand your situation Dave and can appreciate the way you have analyzed it. It seems you have more than a full plate and instead of getting a bigger plate, you have figured out how to manage what you have.
    Glad you won't leave the hobby entirely, I'd hate for that to happen. I hope you can get some building done and find some happiness along the way.
    Take care.
  9. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 77 Jeep My first attempt at a lifted one   

    That is coming along nicely. I too need to learn the art of making arched springs, thanks for the information on how to!
  10. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 1979 Ford F150 Flareside 4x4   

    Coming along nicely, should be a great looking truck when you are done!
  11. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Gauging interest in Dodge W-300 & W-500 cab kits   

    A couple of thoughts on this:
    1. You didn't mention the glass, will that be included too?
    2. The bed would be most welcome, even if it is a separate item.
    3. The frame is almost necessary and though the instructions to build one being included is nice, why not offer the frame with the kit?
    4. I can figure out the drivetrain, although it would be nice to have that too.
    I like the price point, but considering how much stuff would have to be sourced or scratchbuilt, it could be a deal breaker for folks who would be put off trying to find the additional parts. The Modelhaus kits run $90 + but at least they are more complete.
  12. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Gauging interest in Dodge W-300 & W-500 cab kits   

    I would be interested in the single cab W-300 kit and possibly a crew cab W-300. What are you suggesting for the donor kit? I would like to build a 4wd version of these trucks.
  13. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Gas prices... how low will they go?   

    Yeah, and if Bernie Sanders wins the election Harry I think we will get a taste of what our friends to the North are experiencing!
  14. mikemodeler added a post in a topic 72 Olds Cutlass Hartop/Missing Link Resin DONE 01/30   

    Beautiful, that interior is outstanding, a shame it is hidden!
  15. mikemodeler added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    I'll be picking up a Nickey kit to replicate a friend's original low mile '67 Nickey, the car is unbelievable !