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  1. That is spectacular Brian! Love how you used the IH chassis and that old GMC for the load is great too!
  2. You are better served posing that question to model manufacturer than here on the forum. I'm afraid here you would get such a wild variety of answers by members that you might not get the real one.
  3. That truck is (somewhat) available right now. Take the current Firestones pickup and use the cab. Get the grille conversion from Texas 3D Customs. Use a Fireball Modelworks 4x4 conversion kit. Grab the correct bed from Morgan Auto Detail and you have that truck. Granted you will have over $100 in parts and kit, but unless and until someone kits that series of Fords, that is your option.
  4. While great in theory and practical to boot, it just opens up a whole set of problems. Hard to believe, but there are people out there that would try to get Moebius to make them whole on a kit like that by asking for replacement parts, starting the cycle all over again! To your point though, if one was to part out the kits - engine/trans; axles/suspension; etc. then maybe it makes sense.
  5. That is looking awesome! You have done more in a month with those parts than I did in 5 years! Love the wood deck,
  6. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/3d-model-specialties
  7. They can't for the very reason many have stated about the defects in the first place- the kit would be unbuildable. How willing would you be to purchase a kit with it missing key components? It's one thing if optional parts are not there, but the hood and ramp bed? Even at half price it is asking a lot of a buyer to accept something like that.
  8. Ron Olsen has a bunch of 3D files for wheels, maybe he has something you can use.
  9. For the ramp beds, most likely the reason. For the warped hoods, they could open other kits if they wanted to, but then they are rendered un-sellable.
  10. It will with some work, see the picture below. There is a lip inside the tire. The depth of the wheel can be sanded down to fit the tire.
  11. I have those tires, they measure approximately .680 in rim diameter, 1.25 in height.
  12. Many of them are copies of tires from model kits, with many of them being 1/25th scale. That being said, is there a particular tire you are looking at? I may have it and can measure for you.
  13. Got another kit today from Robert Burns on FB (Too Many Projects). 1970ish IH 1100D pickup. Like many of his kits, no interior or chassis and the hood is molded shut. Looks pretty accurate and should go nicely with the first gen Scouts I have from him to finish building.
  14. I have ordered resin stuff from people who were great at responding but their product was barely workable and I have ordered from people who were hard to communicate with but their product was top notch. No doubt it is frustrating, I work in sales and I try to respond immediately because I value my customers and their business. Not sure if he has a job on top of the resin business but if he does, I can understand why he's hard to track down. Hopefully you are like most of us and plenty to build in the meantime.
  15. All I will say is that he does travel to shows and has a life beyond resin casting. Could be on vacation, might be sick, could be backed up in the shop casting kits, probably is a one man operation. Whatever his reason for not responding to you as quickly as you would like, I'm sure he will get to you eventually. Not sure what you are after but his quality is better than most and I found his service to be better than most too. Have to remember these are not big operations with staff to handle all of the work, he is likely the only one taking care of things and is doing the best he can. I got my stuff within two weeks of placing the order, as he said I would, which tells me he casts to order and works hard to stay on schedule. By chance, what email address did you send your message to?
  16. Went last night to get a Molotow pen and figured the kits were picked over but surprisingly there were a few left. I grabbed a GMC Plow truck for me (chassis donor) and a 71 GTX for a friend.
  17. You are doing that justice Brian, so glad you bought that and built it, exactly what I envisioned it to be. Anxious to see this one done.
  18. I am sure with the supply chain issues and production shutdowns in China, the reason we haven't seen a lot of new stuff at HL is pretty clear. Now that things are normalizing we will hopefully see some new kits on the shelves, time will tell.
  19. And then flood FB pages or eBay with the discounted models at MSRP!
  20. Nice ride, I'm sure it's a fun cruiser. I passed on buying a 70 SS 396 Elky in 1982 for $1,500. Hate myself every time I see one, reminds me of what could have been.
  21. I snagged this from Wes's Model Corner- fast shipping and only $39 plus shipping!
  22. I am sure they are, could be swamped with orders and with the holiday weekend, maybe behind in answering emails. I have always had great service and I am sure you will get your product soon.
  23. And guaranteed to be as warped as the original because they will not check it before sending it out.
  24. I just heard Wes at Wes's Model Corner say he should have them this week.
  25. I have an original Wild Hoss and a Model King version of the Bronco and they both have the Firestone tires in them. I too was disappointed when I opened the Model King version to find the Firestones but have enough parts kits and aftermarket tires to put almost anything on mine.
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