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  1. Danny at Scenes Unlimited has these.. https://scenesunltd.com/collections/wheels/products/w54-1-25-24-5-5-spoke-wheels
  2. I have two sets of those in 17 inch from Fujimi. I also have a set of Fireball Modelworks Mini-Lites # FMR-049. I have a set of Aoshima 8 spokes in 14 inch. Let me know if you are interested and I can PM some pictures if you want.
  3. Posted some kits for sale on a FB page specific for the type of models they are. A page member messages me " how much?" I respond with what I thought was a reasonable price that included shipping because it's a large box/kit. His response is "No kit is worth that money, I'll never pay more than $75 for a kit!". Okay, check the listings on eBay and you will see that I was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than there. Given the the type of model, if he knew what he was looking at he would know what the going prices are. And when this kit was new retail was about $20 more than his limit of $75.
  4. This kit actually builds decent and those tacky looking flares are separate from the body. I have one to build and it will be built stock as I grabbed some decals from Keith Marks
  5. I can check later today, I have a ton of old issues, might have it. Have you checked with The Model Empire? They used to have many of the model magazines and back issues.
  6. Here is the link to the Scale Equipment page referenced above http://www.seltd.net/24610cp.html
  7. Those look awesome and I would be in for a couple of those frames and interior tubs if you print them and sell them. I like the idea of being able to do the 4wd or 2wd.
  8. IIRC, this was announced right before Revell announced their 64 Chevy pickup kit. Can't remember if Satco cancelled due to the perceived competition or if they were underfunded and could not make a production run. I had looked forward to the long bed and wish someone would do a version.
  9. I have heard that mid to late May is when they will arrive. I have had one on order for months and am in no hurry to build it as there is a ton of stuff ahead of it. Looking forward to it arriving soon, along with some of the other Moebius stuff we were teased with.
  10. That looks fantastic! Those Revell snappers build up so well, have a few to finish myself.
  11. I have 4 bodies from Robert but luckily they have easily found donors for chassis and interiors. I ordered three more on this last run and while it's pretty pricey, the stuff I will have may never be offered in a plastic kit so I can have something I would otherwise wish for. The accuracy of his bodies is what drew me to buying from him. I need to get mine done soon.
  12. I stand corrected! I thought it was the LT-1 version, my bad.
  13. The Yenko kit was a small block, as was the Nova SS. The Revell 68 El Camino may have the correct big block stock exhaust manifolds. The exhaust can be modified to fit. The Revell 66 Chevelle wagon has stock BB exhaust manifolds.
  14. A proper set of manifolds and exhaust system can be found in the Yenko Nova (red car on box) or Nova SS (blue car on box) kits from Revell. The chambered exhaust was not as common. The cowl induction hood on the COPO / ZL-1 Camaro is fairly common and wouldn't be surprised to see it included in the kit.
  15. It's a shame it's not the Monogram snap kit, it was a hardtop and has a nicely proportioned body without the ill fitting T-Tops.
  16. Priorities are in the right place there Scott! Congrats! I would be interested in a bed or two, even more so if you also figured out the longer frame. Have long wanted to build a mid-60's Chevy pickup with a long bed
  17. I'd be in for that hardtop and hood. Seems like a no-brainer for someone with a 3D printer (hey Iceman!)
  18. So they took the ZL-1 kit and added a new hood and possibly some decals? I have a couple of hoods from Norm and can build that version from my stash.
  19. Might get another 32 and maybe that Camaro, just wish it was the hardtop version and not the T-Top.
  20. https://fireballmodels.info/ Maybe check with Joseph and see if sells the decals separately.
  21. Yes, I saw that too. Hopefully the parts can be removed and reversed.
  22. https://madmodeling.com/Category/transmissions Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for. Might be available in 3D form.
  23. let's hope a resin caster or the 3D printing community can come up with a top for this Blazer to give us the chance to build it stock with the parts from the '76 StepSide.
  24. That McLaren looks intriguing, haven't seen that before, what can you tell me about it? Have you built one before?
  25. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a global site, so someone in Europe might have access to products those of us in the USA don't. As has been mentioned, ask questions, most everyone here is willing to share their knowledge and sources of information and products used.
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