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  1. Thank you for the responses! The picture was a great addition to this thread!
  2. so I'm building the Revell Corvette C7.R. Should I paint, decal then clear, or paint, clear and decal? I try to make everything I build as realistic as possible. So how are decals done on race cars these days. I know in the past the decals were applied on the finished car, but is it done the same way these days? Does it really matter how I build my model, will I enter it in a show? I don't know but I try to be a perfectionist at everything I apply myself too. Really tough way of going through life! Lol. Thanks for any information you can provide!
  3. Nice work, that turned out really well. Liking the color of the carpet as well.
  4. That looks awesome! Great job, love the diorama!
  5. The decals actually came with the kit!
  6. That turned out very nice, purple was my second choice when I did mine. Engine details are awesome!
  7. That turned out awesome!
  8. Great job, love the stance and color! What type of paint was used?
  9. Nice work, it is a good looking build.
  10. Thanks for the positive comments! Funny but after looking at pics that I post I always find something I forgot. This time was the trunk lock, will have to add a dot of chrome there. Also have to add an antenna when I get a chance. I was really impressed with this paint. Laid down really nice and used about half of the small jar, you do have to thin it.
  11. Great job on this one, choice of wheels was perfect. I would be happy to have it on my shelf!
  12. Last Pic is with it's 1/24 cousin a '71 Hemi Cuda I did a couple years ago.
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