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  1. MADDOG added a post in a topic M.A.S.K.   

    I used to race home from school so I could watch this cartoon. Awesome idea.
  2. MADDOG added a post in a topic Little Red Wagon Deora   

    This look absolutely awesome. I just completed building a box stock LRW. But this is super cool!
  3. MADDOG added a post in a topic AMT 1970.5 Camaro Z28 build   

    Outstanding build! Love the colors you choose. Just wonderful.
  4. MADDOG added a post in a topic 1/12 '69 Camaro Z/28 (New Foose Kit) BMF Done 6/2   

    Was hoping to see so more of the progress on this build........ Was going great. Looking forward to seeing this build completed.
  5. MADDOG added a post in a topic RRRobot! 12th Scale Rolling Robot with Pilot...Finished!   

    I LOVE how that red and silver go together.
  6. MADDOG added a post in a topic On the road, back when, what have you got ?   

    Very cool thread. I love looking at old pictures.
  7. MADDOG added a post in a topic Show Yer Drag Racers!   

    When I was a kid my dad took me to a few races at Great lakes drag way. I saw this truck a couple of times. My Father and I both loved it and talked about it a lot over the years. When I saw the kit I had to pick it up. Here is the most memorable drag racing truck in my life.

  8. MADDOG added a post in a topic Death Punch   

    GOSH DANG!!! That is absolutely awesome! I am going to watch this build closely. Thanks you for sharing.
  9. MADDOG added a post in a topic Special Engineering   

    I think I love this.
  10. MADDOG added a post in a topic Where are they now?   

    This is something I have wondered from time to time. Glad you asked.
  11. MADDOG added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I have been thinking about getting this kit for sometime now. So I Had my buddy Joe from HTUSA order me up a Lindberg Big Red Rod. I have heard plenty of issues from different people on these. But I still wanted to build a kit of this scale.
    I took a pic of it next to my 1/12 camaro box for scale. This thing is huge.

  12. MADDOG added a post in a topic 1/12 ducati panigale   

    If i saw this and someone told me its a pic of a new real bike...I would completely believe them. This is a very realistic build. Just outstanding!
  13. MADDOG added a post in a topic 70.5 Camaro   

    Looks so sinister! I like it how it is. But I am sure Ernest Jr. will make it look badass no matter what!
  14. MADDOG added a post in a topic '72 Chevy Nova "Tiger Performance" Pro Mod   

    I like this very much!
  15. MADDOG added a post in a topic Big Kahuna - 1/16 F/C - New Body Arrived - 1/12   

    I am so very sorry this happened to you Joe. I hope your sanding will do the trick.

    I used modelsmasters paint and testors "wet" clear coat and have had great luck when painting over decals. I have had issues when decaling a chrome or aluminum painted part. I have to put a coat of cleat on these parts before the decal so they don't bubble. I wonder if your gold paint has the same effect that the chrome and aluminum paint had for me.... I just could not get decals to stick to these colors with out a sealer of some sort first. But I have never had this issue with any other colors.