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  1. I used to race home from school so I could watch this cartoon. Awesome idea.
  2. This look absolutely awesome. I just completed building a box stock LRW. But this is super cool!
  3. Outstanding build! Love the colors you choose. Just wonderful.
  4. Was hoping to see so more of the progress on this build........ Was going great. Looking forward to seeing this build completed.
  5. Very cool thread. I love looking at old pictures.
  6. When I was a kid my dad took me to a few races at Great lakes drag way. I saw this truck a couple of times. My Father and I both loved it and talked about it a lot over the years. When I saw the kit I had to pick it up. Here is the most memorable drag racing truck in my life.
  7. GOSH DANG!!! That is absolutely awesome! I am going to watch this build closely. Thanks you for sharing.
  8. This is something I have wondered from time to time. Glad you asked.
  9. I have been thinking about getting this kit for sometime now. So I Had my buddy Joe from HTUSA order me up a Lindberg Big Red Rod. I have heard plenty of issues from different people on these. But I still wanted to build a kit of this scale. I took a pic of it next to my 1/12 camaro box for scale. This thing is huge.
  10. If i saw this and someone told me its a pic of a new real bike...I would completely believe them. This is a very realistic build. Just outstanding!
  11. Looks so sinister! I like it how it is. But I am sure Ernest Jr. will make it look badass no matter what!
  12. I am so very sorry this happened to you Joe. I hope your sanding will do the trick. I used modelsmasters paint and testors "wet" clear coat and have had great luck when painting over decals. I have had issues when decaling a chrome or aluminum painted part. I have to put a coat of cleat on these parts before the decal so they don't bubble. I wonder if your gold paint has the same effect that the chrome and aluminum paint had for me.... I just could not get decals to stick to these colors with out a sealer of some sort first. But I have never had this issue with any other colors.
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