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  1. I had/have the same problem because of the dryer sheets. You can't see it, but the sheets leave a thin coat of clear wax over the screen especially if you use more than 1 per load. If you put water on the screen, it won't fall through. As suggested above, take it out and scrub it weekly.
  2. I assume this is still going on? MMVA Facebook
  3. I found on the Gateway IPMS facebook page the show has been cancelled. IPMS Gateway
  4. Is the May 2021 show still going as planned? Also, it looks like there are two FB pages for mmva stl? Didn't see any news on either one.
  5. It’s on the “first” page of the flier. It was May = Indy & Formula1 and Oct = Buick. Now Oct = Indy, Formula1 and Buick possibly
  6. If you have a subscription to NHRA tv or thinking about signing up they have posted previously recorded races to fill in for this year. Earliest race is the 1972 Winternationals that has a lot of great reference for building. There is a ton of races from the 80s and 90s too posted. Funny to see they were recorded on TNN network, USA Sports and Speedvision. Definitely worth the price plus membership.
  7. Sounds good - great idea on keeping the themes. Thanks
  8. I saw that the May show is now canceled but is there plans to reschedule before the October one?
  9. Bumping if anyone has any available thanks
  10. I would check over at F1m but Zero Paints has several Mercedes silver options available. I would think the blue/green stripe will be tough to match. It’s almost neon. Good luck
  11. I missed the show in May and hope this one has lots to see.
  12. I am building the exact same kit that has the photo etch too. I want to do the weathering like yours; very realistic than being show room new. did you have a build log? How did you get the grime all over it? Looks spot on
  13. I didn’t think about diecast and will check those out. I thought the same thing though, looks simple enough and might be able to create some from scratch or at least easy enough to 3D print. Let you know if I tackle it. Yea kinda of a pain and i am having a hard time fixing the wheel wells; they just didn’t even put the wheel lip towards the front half.
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