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  1. I would check over at F1m but Zero Paints has several Mercedes silver options available. I would think the blue/green stripe will be tough to match. It’s almost neon. Good luck
  2. I missed the show in May and hope this one has lots to see.
  3. I am building the exact same kit that has the photo etch too. I want to do the weathering like yours; very realistic than being show room new. did you have a build log? How did you get the grime all over it? Looks spot on
  4. I didn’t think about diecast and will check those out. I thought the same thing though, looks simple enough and might be able to create some from scratch or at least easy enough to 3D print. Let you know if I tackle it. Yea kinda of a pain and i am having a hard time fixing the wheel wells; they just didn’t even put the wheel lip towards the front half.
  5. Anyone know a comparable from another kit or aftermarket/resin of the regular 1971 cuda interior seat like in the link below; the red one at the bottom? From what I understand, the interior in the Revell 71 cuda is actually the “leather” option more seen in a Gran Coupe or special order. Vinyl Bucket thanks
  6. I know what you mean Steve. Some small auto parts stores here let you go behind the counter and look at the old paint chip catalogs. So much easier than trying to guess online. It’s fun to look at stuff from 50s or Ferrari’s
  7. Thanks. I do have an airbrush but was trying to go the easier (cheap) route in some cases. Was trying to see if any old mopar colors translate into readily available Dupli Color cans at parts stores. Like B5 blue is same as their arctic blue. But agree with what you said, most accurate and less troublesome is the a/b ready formulas that I’ll look into.
  8. I will definitely check this out. Nice having a digital option for immediate use.
  9. The Encolorledia is what I had in mind. Same with Model Paint conversion chart. Great links- thank you.
  10. Is there something on this site or another that shows cross reference paint for different manufacturers ? If not, any interest if one was created? Really trying to find factory paint codes available in off the shelf sprays/bottles. For example: Paint code: V2 / Hemi Orange/ Tor Red Paint: Duplicolor XYZ#, Tamiya 123
  11. I think you might have seen this post. I just read it the other day too researching color options available for 71. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/47229-sunday-morning-mopars/
  12. I picked up the 1970 cuda 2n1 with 50% off last week and saw some newer kits and lots of planes as well.
  13. I was going to try that too but start in with orange; didn’t think about mixing yellow and red.
  14. Here is the results from Duplicolor DE1622 Chrysler orange. First had black then gray and lastly white primer.
  15. I went ahead and ordered the Duplicolor Chrysler Engine orange paint (DE1622) and will share results of a spoon test when it comes in if anyone wants to reference. This is different than the commonly available Chrysler Hemi Orange paint (DE1652). https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/DC_DE1622
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