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  1. Hello, friends! After two years due to a lack of creativity - here it is. A beautiful figurine of Kamil Smok Milaniuk. Painted as usual with acrylics. I replaced the set gem with a piece of rock crystal, with the option of exchanging it for something else (a nicer stone, slide, coin, plane in the 1: 600 scale ). I am happy with it. I hope you like it as well.
  2. Hello friends! I go back to my favorite scale. Well known bust. I think it's the best PD on the market and I will be doing two versions, it was necessary to buy second set, due to the fact that there are two heads in thebox, but one torso and one arms each. AAARGH... My budget is exceeded, and there are so many beautiful figures to be painted... Someone needs a kidney? Primer.
  3. Hi, David. Difficult subject. Painting black works best if you do not use this color, but only fool the eye by using gray and dark blue. I would paint it all in panzergrau (black mixed with white in the proportion that suits you), then wash nuln oil, and then blending and glazeing until the effect is ok. Try to brighten all protruding elements with some grays, especially on the cape it is worth trying. Good luck. Marcin.
  4. We Poles call him Pepi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Józef_Poniatowski
  5. Insignia of a member of the Order of Malta - Knight of Honor and Devotion. I will not give my head, but it seems to me that it is this one.
  6. Thank you Ray! I asked a friend from the club dealing with the reenactment from the times of the Duchy of Warsaw. Epaulettes and trimmings should be silver, not gray or white. VGC metalizer and silver, with white highs. And small progress... M.
  7. Uniform. Blue from Citadel and Vallejo. Don't ask in what proportions. Ghost gray VGC with nuln oil on the epaulette.
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