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  1. Hurricane Irma

    I'm with You all, friends.
  2. Thanks Peter! I am particularly pleased with the face and the ribbon. And iris of course, which is painted with 10/0 brush.
  3. Ready for inspection! Another experience - this time in baldness painting. Satisfied with the face and beard. I keep practizing. Any comments welcome.
  4. Thanks Mates! Be prepared for next!
  5. Ready! The first one from which I am satisfied. Painted with Citadel and Vallejo Color Game. I also used the knowledge of color theory - a useful thing.
  6. Dwarf Engineer - 28 mm Scibor Miniatures

    Face and shoulder.
  7. A couple of motorbike kits I've built

    Nicely done! Panigale my fav.
  8. Dwarf Engineer - 28 mm Scibor Miniatures

    Primer black/gray/white... Face... Stand.
  9. 1943 Northrop flying wing

    Yay! Photobouquet stole Your pics! Pay ransom money!
  10. Thanks, Piotrek, this time I paint my figurine without hurry, so maybe that's the point. Meanwhile - a robe/tunic. I do not like to paint one-piece clothes. I spent two days on it.
  11. Face and eyes - READY! Nuln oil from Citadel wasn't very good choice, so I repainted the face (dwarf skin vgc + orange pactra) and washed it with Mig wash for green vehicles. Brightening... Iris and pupils...
  12. Face. Dwarf Skin an Nuln Oil.