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  1. Cool figurine. What paints do you have? Acrylic are better, they're drying faster. You should also think about making a wet palette, because straight from the jar they are too thick. Do not paint everything at once, better more thinned layers, like one thick one. Wet blending will work here Shading with washem doesn't make much sense at this stage. Perhaps it would be better to primer the figure with black in its entirety and gray with a 45-degree angle. Then you would have the shadows marked. I watch with interest, finally some figure SBS.
  2. So, this is my pet... I cannot have any fur in my environment. But it also eats meat 😜 .
  3. Thank you for all kind comments! David, I only use wet palette (Army Painter). I forgot... Here's the link to the gallery.
  4. Thanks, mate, but it's only beginning, just few layers of base color and wash. More proggress, more contrast, highs etc. Yeah, mine too. Hope you stay safe.
  5. Sixth! "One. There was a time when I'd have gotten all three..." With each bust from this series, I have a chance to learn something new. This time I was forced to try shading the white color and free-hand painting in the form of stripes on the vest. But that was a pleasure for me. I am also happy with the eyes. Vallejo, Citadel and Pactra - as always. Little scratch (collar of the vest). Stay safe!
  6. Mark, Tom, thank you guys! Well. Another one goes to the pedestal. Some delicate tweaks and a gallery. M.
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