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  1. Okay, time to start.
    Hat.I decided not to take the risk of heating the brim of the hat and hot molding as I might not pull myself together. It was faster and cheaper to cast the crown itself.I used a fast, red catalyst - you really need to hurry, because it freezes immediately.Especially when we don't use a vacuum.


    Harry's hat - at rest - is best seen in the scene of the death of its owner:


    New brim:


    Keep safe.

  2. Harry Luck!
    The Second of the Seven :)

    Very good cast, grey resin again, hard, dry, one mold line on the back, a few leftover sprue cubes, but we already know that.
    Beautiful details, a guy similar to the original.


    But the brim of the hat will probably have to be sculpted anew, as before. Harry has a gambler/telescope style hat, not a "peasant" or "scarecrow" ;)

    And I tell it once again: customer service in MMM is top notch!

    Stay safe&cool.

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