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  1. Hi, friends. Another one on my workbench. I think it's well-known bust. There will be an opportunity to practice freehand painting. Primer - carspray (Motip): Stay cool & safe!
  2. That's it. Goggles put on and painted, you can even see a little of the forehead and the suit underneath, the eyes were given life in the form of a glow. And this little tear in the right iris I do not touch, it cannot be seen with the naked eye. If I hadn't been playing zooming in on a photo, I wouldn't even know it. I am still waiting for the ordered label. Thank you to everyone for your support, matter-of-fact criticism and cheering. Marcin.
  3. Thank you guys! I tried also drybrush, but the effect was shitty... So, after trying to paint a single-color lens, I went back to the beginning, with some tweaks: What do you think?
  4. Thank you guys for your support! I'm starting right now to play with goggles. I use the works of Andrzej A. Sadowski, an artist who died in 2016, a photorealist, his works are amazing. https://www.bwaprzemysl.pl/?andrzej-a-sadowski-malarstwo Base paint, mixed with black and gray, depending on the location on the glass of the goggles. It's a long way to Tipperary...
  5. Well, the poor guy is packed and tied with a ribbon😀 Lucky charm - for ogre it's a human palm. Here - a bit musty (Drakenhof Nightshade and Carrebourg Crimson, with pale flesh highlights), I will adjust more contrast on it. Stay safe!
  6. That'll be way too easy! The challenge for me is to get the impression of transparency by painting.
  7. Thanks David, But painting the transparent glass in the goggles will be a real challenge
  8. Hi, guys! A well-known bust. I couldn't resist and bought it. Limited edition (70 pieces worldwide), income donated to help one of the Italian hospitals. In addition to a perfectly cast figurine, in the box I also found a cover letter of the action, a company advertisement and pictures painted by Italian artists taking part in the action. I'm glad that I could help. Mine is #61. It'll be in orange suit. Stay safe!
  9. I am thinking of a small vignette representing an ogre slaughterhouse, somewhere on a happy little meadow. I checked my supplies. I have some hands, 1:35 and 28 mm (Scibor). I will put the blade of the halberd in the hand of the ogre... And I will stick the cleaver into the stump: Is this height ok? Greetings!
  10. Hello. It's been a long time since I painted anything relaxing, so this cutie came to the workbench. In a nice 28 mm scale, but quite big, because it's an ogre. A butcher (noticed - lunch on the back ) but somehow so nice. Inbox: Do ya think I'm sexy? A snack: Enjoy!
  11. The shirt's already done (pheew, four attempts, I hate painting blue). Base on face - heavy skintone Vallejo.
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