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  1. Hi there, friends. Chris Adams. Beautiful sculpt of Pavol Offo Ovecka, painted with citadels, vgc and pactra. To be continued...
  2. Not me actually, this very talented sculptor is Scibor Teleszynski, I like to paint his stuff. I heard about this, kinda weird. Fines for possession are also high. Thank you guys for all kind words!
  3. Hello, friends! It was supposed to look completely different, I planned to make a easter trinket,, but I do not like modeling with Damokles' sword in deadline overhead. And that's what came to my mind.
  4. Thanks guys! Mate, just make the first step, buy a figurine/bust and try how it is. I painted my first mini only because I couldn't find a buyer for my figurine stuff (2 years ago I did not even dreamed of painting things like this, I thought this sport is not for me ). Just try. Fellow painters will help ya.
  5. Well, I repainted right eye. Now it looks more dafoeish for me. I still do not know if I shall do that same with left eye. I added more colours and light
  6. I think that's the only way to paint it properly in this scale (1:9/1:10), much more complicated than in 28 mm. Several thin layers.
  7. Started yesterday. Beautiful bust, I must say. Willem Dafoe , in the flesh, I mean, resin. Hope you'll like it.
  8. Thank you guys! This is the best bust of Snape I could find. A sculpt, not a 3D print!
  9. My latest work in 2018. Beautiful bust sculpted by Pablo Ronda. Painted with Vallejo Game Color and Pactra. Plinth made by my friend. Hope you'll like it. Any CC welcome. Happy New Year friends!
  10. Hello, friends. Next bust on my shelf. Very nice sculpt. Painted with Citadel, VGC, Pactra.
  11. Thanks Jim! Thanks to the colour washes from Citadel. The hardest part was a face. I needed four attempts. And make-up did the rest.
  12. Ready for inspection! I hope you'll like it.Painted with Citadel, VGC, Pactra.CC is welcome as usual!
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