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  1. My first bust! I think it's the only way to show this character here Painted with Citadel (paint and color washes), VGC, Pactra. Enjoy. M.
  2. This kind of WIP is a honey for my eyes, as we say here in PL. You will do something with the rear spring? The one from the set does not look good. A thick wire maybe?
  3. Hello friends!Easter soon, it's time to think about ornaments. These figurines are beautiful, don't you think ?? Their names are a game of Polish and Russian words. They mean that one is without hands and the other has no legs. Bases - they're beautiful as well, however, they're quite small... I will use these: Hope it isn't very disgusting for you?
  4. Easier? I would not dare paint anything bigger than 54 mm. There is no place for a mistake - everything can be seen! I think 28/54mm is the best scale for beginning with miniature painting.
  5. Thank you guys, I always doing my best. And I can assure you that every constructive criticism is welcome.
  6. 3rd Regiment Cuirassiers Wearing Redingote Officer - 54 mm Pegaso Models.What do you think? My second (including Adolf) non-fantasy figurine. Painted with Citadel, VGC, Pactra, AK Rust Effect. Greetings.
  7. Fourth from the bunch of german ogres. A general. The whole WIP thread is here http://modelwork.pl/viewtopic.php?f=112&t=60701 . Enjoy. Comments and criticism are welcome as usual. Greetings, Marcin.
  8. I marked darker places with macragge blue, and lighter with steel gray: I always give time to dry before further painting, at last there is no need to hurry. Today it looks so:
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