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  1. Engine is built and ready to drop in. It's the Roush unit from the Foose FD-100, with a few changes. Headers came from the Monogram Shelby 350 (modified to fit), as did the air cleaner. Oil filter and mount was scratchbuilt (the Roush motor has what looks like a remote filter connection).
  2. There's a whole thread here - it'll keep you busy for a few hours:
  3. Maybe the '63 because there was only one Thunderbolt prototype. Here's one I built using the MCW resin body:
  4. I've seen it here before, but I still gasp in wonder! If I didn't know better, I'd think it was a big scale build - just superb. A few years back, one of the well-known resin casters was working on an accurate conversion kit for the Mailbox Chopper, complete with Crosley engine, but apparently decided there wasn't enough of a market. I wonder if they'll consider releasing it now?
  5. The RetroHobby 2005 re-issues came with some elaborate and rather beautiful newly-tooled decal sheets. No idea what they have planned for this time around. Anybody got shots of the original decal sheets?
  6. I received my copy of that other magazine in the mail today. The Round2 ad inside the front cover has pictures of the Mail Box Chopper and the Taco Trike (listed incorrectly as 1:8 scale) down near the bottom and the words, "The trick trikes are back from MPC . . collect all six!" (emphasis mine). No dates given. Looks like they're (so far) going with the RetroHobby artwork, so if and when the Black Max and Cobra Chopper happen, I'll be curious to see what artwork they use for those.
  7. Thanks for asking - I've been making good progress on the engine and running gear. Should have something to show soon.
  8. Very clever combination of parts! And right - they didn't have cordless mikes back then.
  9. Kind of a primitive version of the MPC trikes, now that I look at it.
  10. Some photos I took at the "Harley vs. Indian" show at the Petersen Museum. 23 shots at the link. https://public.fotki.com/Roullier/motorcycles/harley-vs-indian-at/
  11. The interior is done. I put some stuff behind the seats so it wouldn't look so bare back there. The "shelf" behind the seats is just the extension of the bed floor and won't show once the body is on. Thanks for lookin'.
  12. Fantastic build so far! I admire your dedication to getting this right - looks like your skills are up to the task.
  13. Ahh, so I have to correct myself a little. I went and pulled out some old datebooks; turns out I saw them in February of 1981. I'm not quite that hip after all. 😉
  14. Wow - just outstanding! Stance looks fine to me; very realistic overall.
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