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  1. If you want to build an accurate stock version, you have some work ahead of you, but whatever you do with it, I'm sure it will be good. I'll be watching! There's a long thread on the kit here:
  2. Replicas & Miniatures, I believe.
  3. I'd like to hear that story, Dave. Just to be clear, Mitch - I really dig your build! I've got a real soft spot for this kit - the Motorcraft version was the first kit I built when I got back into model building in the late 80s, inspired by a trip to the IMSA race at Del Mar. Sitting here at my bench, I can see three Mustang and two Camaro versions new in the boxes on the shelf; one of them has a resin body and decals to build a mid-90s Valvoline Trans Am Mustang. One day, maybe!
  4. Some of those shots are of cars a couple of years before your model. The big difference (visually, at least) during this period is that the IMSA cars were allowed to run wings, while the SCCA Trans Am cars used "blade" type spoilers. There were other differences under the skin - most of which escape my memory now, but the IMSA cars were little more sophisticated. The Roush IMSA GTO cars often ran turbo four cylinder engines, and depending on the year, Mustang, Cougar, or Merkur bodywork. I once spent a couple of minutes with Dorsey Schroeder in the pits at Long Beach and he told me that the IMSA car was a little faster and easier to drive. Not trying to rivet count or split hairs here, either - just trying to clarify for those that don't know and might care.
  5. GTO was the IMSA class designation. Regardless, it's good to see one of these built!
  6. Well done! The driver really adds to it. Those aren't easy to find for any kind of reasonable price over here - I finally got one that looks almost identical to your "before" photo just recently. I hope to do something similar to what you've done eventually, but it looks cool just sitting on my shelf.
  7. Check out the front wheel openings on the race versions vs. the stock body!
  8. I noticed the pictures weren't showing up all of a sudden and then I realized why - I had moved them to another album. It's too late for me to edit my post, so here they are.
  9. That came out very nice! Reminds of the days when I watched the WRC on SpeedTV, or whatever they called it then. I've got that kit in my stash - one of these days, I hope.
  10. Done! From the Heller-Humbrol 1/24 scale kit. WiP thread here: Thanks for looking.
  11. Great job on a very tough to build kit. Gluing the engine cover shut is definitely the way to go with this.
  12. Wow, this is excellent. I've got the kit in my pile - not sure if this is inspiring or intimidating!
  13. Agreed. I built one a few years back. Detail is pretty soft, fit is problematic. Probably better to glue the engine cover shut and build it curbside. Cool subject, though - too bad Tamiya didn't do it.
  14. I've been trying to duplicate a small but significant detail: the custom bullnose molding on the front of the hood. Here's what I've got so far - maybe a slightly over-size, but the right idea..
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