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  1. Gregg's Status

    Thanks for the update - wishing him the best.
  2. '54 VW Bug ... reloaded from Fotki

    Yes, but it looks like the non-High Tech version can be had for around $25.
  3. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Yes, but by '67 I imagine everyone had gone to alternators.
  4. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Yes, the oil fill would be through the valve cover; at least one breather per cover. On a side note, I'm not sure how far you want to go with this build and whether you're trying to be period/rules correct, but If you're really intending on going "full race" you could even do a Weber carb set-up like an FIA Cobra.
  5. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Good choice - I'll be paying attention!
  6. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 1/4/19) Finished!

    "Under Glass" thread here - in case you missed it (sinking down fast):
  7. 1965 Comet (resto-modish) Done!

    Two years in the making - not because it should have taken that long, but mostly because I can easily make things more complicated, coupled with some real-life issues that mitigated against much quality bench time. Anyway, the idea is for it is to be a mid-bucks, practical street car with some style. Finally finished last night! A few representative shots below, much more at the link at the bottom: Full album here: https://public.fotki.com/Roullier/model_cars-1/moebius-1965-comet/ Build thread here:
  8. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 1/4/19) Finished!

    It's done! I'll put a post in the "Under Glass" section a little later today - meanwhile, here's a teaser:
  9. Acme 1/18 Fiat Dragster kit

    Looks like it's closely based on the Mondello & Matsubara Fiat:
  10. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 1/4/19) Finished!

    Good thinking! That hadn't occurred to me. It's pretty hard to get much metallic red paint into those thin spaces.
  11. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 1/4/19) Finished!

    Almost (finally) done, but meanwhile here's a little oddity - has anyone else noticed this? There are two parts on the "glass" tree that aren't shown on the instruction sheet: The only place they fit is in the rear panel: But the tail light piece covers all that: Stay tuned, should be finished any day now!
  12. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    The Triumph TR3 comes in both stock and racing versions, and there's a TR2 Le Mans. There's also an Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV (both High-Tech street version and a racing version) and several versions of the GTA.
  13. Cobra FIA Targa Florio

    Outstanding build of one of all-time favorites! He really nailed this one. Great base & photos, too. Not to be greedy, but any shots of the engine?
  14. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    There are also Gunze versions of the 2CV and Volkswagen Beetle with figures.
  15. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    Yes, both of them in fact! Here's the Messerschmitt from the double kit, but it's the same as the one on your box, but without the figures: I also have the High Tech version, but un-built yet. And here's the Fiat with figures from the animated movie: Of course they're tiny (as are the real things), so they're fiddly and Gunze does things a little differently, but with patience they build up nicely. Not overly detailed, but well-proportioned to my eyes, and kind of a lark to build. Watch the famous chase scene from "Castle of Caliostro" if you have three minutes to spare: https://vimeo.com/39790868