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    Ahh, ok - I see, thanks for illuminating me! There was just something about the various tools and the poses, that suggested the Fujimi sets, but yes, I've got the Fujimi stuff already - the tools and the figures.

    Judging from the box art, this (and the other set) is based on the Fujimi tooling, right?
  3. AMT/Round-2 reissue of '67 Shelby GT-350

    Maybe the rearend is a little weak, but I'm still a big fan of this kit - it still has the best early SBF made to my eyes, plus very decent suspension and unibody details. Then again, I've never built one out of the box - only used it as a parts source for various Falcon, Ranchero and Comet builds, as well as mastering parts for an even more accurate and even earlier (five bolt) SBF.
  4. New, at a Post Office near you

    My post office doesn't have them yet (boo!), but I was able to tell the woman at the counter to watch for them.
  5. There's also a lengthy article on the then under construction XR-6 in the April 1963 issue of Hot Rod.
  6. Best 60s Ford Mustang Kit?

    Agreed - the AMT '67 has by far the best mechanical, chassis, and engine detail for this era.
  7. Moebius /Model king 65'Mercury Cyclone A/FX

    Yes, in the final analysis I'm glad to have it - I just wish they had gotten a little closer in a few areas, but this has been discussed elsewhere. And it looks like the B/FX Comets ran without the shock tower brace, hmm . . . https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0112-121126/
  8. Moebius /Model king 65'Mercury Cyclone A/FX

    Whatever version they do, I still wish they'd fix that firewall.

    T-Bird and Watson? Ha, "one man's meat is another man's poison" I guess- I'd buy one each of those, and I'm not buying much these days. Not to say I'm a typical buyer.
  10. Moebius /Model king 65'Mercury Cyclone A/FX

    I believe that car is running a straight axle. There were all kinds of different set-ups being tried at this time - narrowed shock towers, torsion springs, and straight axles - and most of the well known cars didn't stay the same for long. The Moebius Comet at least provides a good starting point.
  11. 289 FIA Cobra (64 Targ Florio) MFH

    From the picture of the FIA Cobra engine bay earlier in this thread, it looks like they put the adjustable/slotted part of the bracket on top - kind of the reverse of these photos. You won't end up seeing much of the lower bracket once the engine is in the car.
  12. Moebius /Model king 65'Mercury Cyclone A/FX

    Slixx #1941 includes markings for the '65 Cyclone. http://www.slixx.com/1941.htm?id=2672
  13. Drag-racing as cool as it used-to-was.

    OK, cool - who's going to build this? It's just a more modern take on AFX's gasser build from not too long ago.
  14. The AMT kit boxes were pretty small in 1960 - would the Falcon promo box be even smaller than the normal kit box? Maybe the same size as the Levacar box?
  15. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 6/26/18)

    Yours looks like the factory "Onyx" black? This one is more of a dark gray metallic with some pearl clear over it. I came into a quart of it years ago.