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  1. Not an exact match, but the Munsters Dragula comes to mind.
  2. I've only built one a few years back, but it was a very enjoyable build, went together well and easily benefits from some added detailing. I had no idea prices for these had gone up, seems like they were as common as dirt (pun half intended) for awhile there, but it looks like they can still be had for $25 or less, still around or under the price for a new kit. There are numerous reissues after the original batch, with some updates, but still the same basic kit. Note that the Casey Luna version should have a Ford engine, but it has the same SBC as all the rest.
  3. I'm not sure how I missed this earlier, but this is a really fine build of one of my favorite racing cars, one that I was fortunate enough to see race in person. Sorry to hear about Ron - he was obviously an excellent builder. I don't think I've seen one of these built before and had no idea they were such well done kits. Simple, but well proportioned. I owned one of the Lola kits for a while, but to me it never looked quite right and I sold it off.
  4. That picture shows an earlier test version of the car. As is often the case with racing cars, things get changed all the time from race to race, and even from practice to race. My speculation is that the re-painted car that Dan drove in the race would have had a red seat and steering wheel, since it was originally a green (Clark) car. Dan's original car probably had a black interior. So you can decide which car you want to represent with your build.
  5. There is definitely some room for confusion over what the correct interior colors should be. For more on the story, read this: https://imsmuseum.org/lotus-29-1/
  6. Actually, I was so interested in this kit that I bought a clean, half built, mostly unpainted original a few years back off eBay. I didn't figure it would be reissued any time soon, if ever! I also have the Replicas & Miniatures one piece copies of the tires. Part T-25, not sure if he still sells them.
  7. For what it's worth, the kit part (which is only in some issues) isn't an accurate representation of the real Deora bed cover. But in any case, not that difficult to make with some sheet plastic, which is what I did:
  8. This should be a good! I've always wished Tamiya had done this one in 1/24.
  9. I have an extra Tiger Shark hood if you're still looking (Tiger Shark and Dream Rod hoods are slightly different).
  10. I'm not Tim, but I believe gassers were required by the rules to have two seats.
  11. Here are a couple of shots of part 84, the generator. Some similarities to your part, but not identical.
  12. Kinda looks like a remote oil filter mount to me. I only have the stock version on hand and I don't see that part in the kit or on the instruction sheet. Any chance it migrated over from another kit?
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