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  1. Thanks for that shot, John - don't believe I've seen that one before. I haven't made a decision on the wheels yet, but this adds another choice to the mix.
  2. Just finished this one. From the Hawk re-issue from a few years ago. Figures are painted with oil paint. I made a new wooden base and added a few touches to the figures, otherwise out of the box. Thanks for looking!
  3. Nice work! I tried to get one today, but my LHS was sold out.
  4. Thanks. Great photos by Howard there, but those are actually Muntz Jets, the "stretched" version of the Kurtis.
  5. As promised, a little update: I shot some paint on the body so I could see what I've got. Still a few more things to fine tune, but it's getting closer. This is just a base coat; the final color will be some type of red.
  6. Thanks for asking, guys. This one got shuffled to the back of the bench for a while for various reasons, but I'm still plugging away at it. I should have an update sometime soon.
  7. Tom, I remember it as being the Hobby Heaven list, but you know how memory goes . . . Obviously, any endeavor like this is only as good as the integrity of the participants, but all anyone really has to lose is the price of postage. At the same time, there's no sense in just mailing a box of junk all over the country. I suspect we all have model parts sitting around that we'll likely never use, but are too good to throw away, yet not worth the trouble to sell.
  8. A few years back, the Hobby Heaven Board had a kind of "pay it forward" box going. The idea was that the box got mailed to you, you took a few things out of it that you could use, added some stuff of your own and mailed it on to the next recipient.
  9. Yep, the high cost of housing and homelessness are big issues here, but I've been here 46 years and have seen it all - the ups & downs, etc. I don't want to make this political or take this too far off-topic, so my final comment on that subject is just to express my frustration that our elected officials seemingly ignored what a lot of us could see right in front of us for far too long. Back on topic, I'll second Burbank's House of Hobbies (my regular shop) and the referencing of the other thread. Also, depending on your perspective, you may just enjoy seeing all the vintage cars and current exotic machinery that still inhabit the streets on Los Angeles on a fairly regular basis.
  10. The Petersen isn't Downtown in any case, but having said that, Los Angeles is like any major city: good parts, bad parts and a lot of in between.
  11. The lead in that film is played by Chris D., who fronted a band called The Flesh Eaters. Their "supergroup" line-up with John Doe and DJ Bonebrake from X, Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman from The Blasters, and Steve Berlin from Los Lobos reunited a few years ago for a series of shows. Those guys can still tear it up!
  12. Vince can make just about anything look gorgeous.
  13. There was a go kart at GSL that was built with a 3D printed Briggs & Stratton engine. I believe the builder designed and printed it himself.
  14. Hey Gregg, I think I can do that for you. Send me the file and any other pertinent info. I think the numbers are going to have to get smaller as they get further back in the crowd - not sure how that might affect the final legibility of this. Also - just in case you're not aware - the file size can be made smaller by flattening the layers once the image is finalized.
  15. There was reunion and display at GSL XXV a few years ago. Some photos here: https://public.fotki.com/Mark-Gustavson/gsl-xxv-1/fisher-body-guild/
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