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  1. Excellent! That's not an easy kit to build that well.
  2. Only six years down the road, it's painted! Patiently putting it aside for a couple of weeks to harden.
  3. Thanks - that earlier color was just a light guide/undercoat. On to BMF next.
  4. A little update - paint is on: The roof isn't attached at this stage (for ease of painting and assembly). It should cinch down a little better when it's permanently attached.
  5. The required suitcase is also the reason for those sharp edged corners on the trunk of an FIA 289 Cobra:
  6. Yeah, I realize it been a while so I can't blame you if you've forgotten about this one, but I'm making progress! I taped the body parts together and got it painted: Onward!
  7. Not a bad idea, but I'm trying to get it finished sometime this century!
  8. Here's one I've had percolating on the bench for a little while; I'm finally close to getting some paint on it. The idea came from a friend's 1/1 vehicle, but I'm doing it my own way. I started with the AMT '62 T-Bird; the roof is taken from the Monogram '58 T-Bird (narrowed, shortened, and sectioned) and grafted on to the '62 windshield frame. Lots of scratchbuilding to resolve the bed and roof fit issues; the rest of the body is essentially stock. Thanks for looking - comments & questions welcome. Hope to have more to show soon.
  9. You may recall from my last post that I thought the body was getting close to being ready for paint - well, one step forward, two steps back as they say (or is it the other way around?). In any case, I looked at the body one day and realized there wasn't enough height to the rocker panels below the trim. Considering how far I'd come with this, I thought about leaving it as it was, but then I knew it would only continue to bother me, so I added some material and re-shaped it (compare with earlier shots in this thread to see the difference). I also made badges from thin brass and added them to the hood and trunk - they'll get foiled and decaled. I also made some underhood bracing which you can't see here. Just a lightly sanded mist coat over primer here - hoping to have some real paint on soon!
  10. Yeah, I get all that - mentioning it in this thread in case anyone was wondering. I was just happy to see my LHS had them back in stock and I could get one.
  11. I dropped into my LHS (Burbank's House of Hobbies) this afternoon to pick up some putty and had a pleasant surprise: the Sting Rays were back in stock! Picked one up, of course. Just FWIW, the addendum hasn't made it onto the instruction sheet yet.
  12. Thanks for that shot, John - don't believe I've seen that one before. I haven't made a decision on the wheels yet, but this adds another choice to the mix.
  13. Just finished this one. From the Hawk re-issue from a few years ago. Figures are painted with oil paint. I made a new wooden base and added a few touches to the figures, otherwise out of the box. Thanks for looking!
  14. Nice work! I tried to get one today, but my LHS was sold out.
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