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  1. I will be there! Room and flight are booked. Arriving Friday afternoon in time to participate in the Predicta seminar that evening.
  2. Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit

    Both Monogram and AMT did the McLaren Elva in 1/24th. I'm not sure if the Monogram was done as a static kit. And Monogram did the Cooper-Ford, aka "King Cobra" (at least in 1/32). I wonder if that one's around anywhere?
  3. Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit

    I built this from the re-issue a few years back as a replica of the car I saw Bob Grossman drive at Bridgehampton. The MRRN article was a big help.
  4. Piranha Drag Team

    Agreed! In addition to the more obvious stuff, a nice set of Airheart disc brakes that I hadn't paid much attention to before.
  5. Piranha Drag Team

    Just the clear ones.
  6. Piranha Drag Team

    Here you go, Mike: Looks like decals to do two cars easily enough! There's no decal guide on the instructions, but wait - there they are on the sides of the inner box. Like I said earlier, the original box art, new decal sheet, booklet, and correct front wheels were more than enough incentive for me to buy this one even though I have two copies of the last version. Come to think of it, there is one spoked wheel in that last version, so if you have two copies, you have a pair. And finally, looking at various photos, I realize the car ran without the kit roll bar braces at one time, so if you're into the minutiae of the Piranha, possibilities abound.
  7. Piranha Drag Team

    I suspect you're right about that, but I guess the kit just has a cool nostalgia vibe for me. I built it when it was first out and I remember it going together well and looking good.
  8. Piranha Drag Team

    I picked up the dragster-only issue at my LHS last week, it was marked down - maybe they weren't selling well? I have a couple from the previous release, but this one has the original box art that I've always liked, plus the correct front wheels, a really nice new decal sheet with several options and variations, and a booklet with a lot of photos I hadn't seen before. Well done, Round2!
  9. Yes, that's true, but I think by the nature of these markings they would be applied to a white or very light colored car. Ink jet decal film also comes in white, so the striping in this case could be printed on white and carefully cut out. I've also doubled up decals to get better opacity.
  10. Gregg's Status

    Thanks for the update - wishing him the best.
  11. '54 VW Bug ... reloaded from Fotki

    Yes, but it looks like the non-High Tech version can be had for around $25.
  12. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Yes, but by '67 I imagine everyone had gone to alternators.
  13. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Yes, the oil fill would be through the valve cover; at least one breather per cover. On a side note, I'm not sure how far you want to go with this build and whether you're trying to be period/rules correct, but If you're really intending on going "full race" you could even do a Weber carb set-up like an FIA Cobra.
  14. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Good choice - I'll be paying attention!
  15. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 1/4/19) Finished!

    "Under Glass" thread here - in case you missed it (sinking down fast):