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  1. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic Lola T70 MKII 1/24   

    Really terrific, Phil! Pretty quickly done for what went into it, and well worth the effort
  2. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 2/20/17)   

    I've been spending way too much time getting the Mustang inner fender panels and shock towers to fit the Comet, but I'm almost there. A little more fine tuning and I'll be ready to drop these in:

    Holes are for the upper a-arms. Top edges will get trimmed to match the Comet fenders.
  3. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic Accurate Miniatures NASCAR Taurus test shot.   

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post this, Dave. Now we know! Even if the subject matter was done before, it looks like it would have been a very fine kit, with all the state of the art (for the time) updates.
    The one I was really excited for was the FIA Cobra - too bad that never made it.
  4. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic 66 Galaxie   

    Cool - I've always wanted to do the Yellow Banana. I have the Galaxie and the decals, at least. Following with interest.
  5. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 2/20/17)   

    Now that the Mustang inner fender aprons/shock towers are cut to the right length, I'm removing the molded in upper a-arms. The Moebius Comet has separate upper arms, so I'll be "bolting" those the shock towers in a more prototypical fashion.

    While work continues on the shock towers, I've decided on a power plant and closed in on the "theme" of this build. I'm going to be using the 5.0 small block with an AOD transmission from the Revell '32 five window kit, with the modern fuel injection and the finned valve covers. The oil pan comes from the Moebius kit, shortened a little to fit the Revell block. Here's a mock-up for fit:

    The block and trans have been painted bronze/gold; the heads painted silver (to represent aluminum) and holes drilled for plug wires.The headers from the '32 kit don't look like they'll work in the Comet, so I started scrounging through my un-built parts kits and found that the shorty factory headers from the Monogram '94 Mustang looked like they'd work.

    And who knew? The engine block and heads in the '32 Ford is the same casting as the Monogram '94 Mustang! Figures, I guess.
  6. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 2/20/17)   

    I won't do a full detailed review here (that's probably a separate thread), but since you asked, JC: overall not bad, although it certainly doesn't set any new standards (the AMT '67 Mustang engine is still the best early 289 in my book). Dimensionally it looks right, although I haven't measured it out.
    The valve covers are nice and there are two sets - plain and chromed/finned. The detail on the block, heads and transmission is a little generalized and there are several inaccuracies, especially for anyone that wants to build a replica stock Comet or even a period correct early SBF. I'm not trying to bash or nit-pick the thing here, but I'll list some of my issues:
    1. The exhaust manifolds (mentioned in another thread) don't resemble anything I've seen on any SBF, stock or modified.
    2. The water pump has the inlet on the wrong (driver's) side for 1965.
    3. The air cleaner is too short.
    4. The oil filter angle is incorrect.
    5. The intake manifold is a later/aftermarket high-rise unit (The AMT has the correct low-rise manifold for a stock 4V or HiPo 289).
    There are a couple of others, but I don't want to get too "rivet county" here. Some of these things won't matter to most builders and others are easily enough corrected. I'm going to be building my Comet as a "resto-rod" with some updated components anyway - more about that soon.
  7. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic Unique TV/Movie vehicle   

    I used to see that thing all the time sitting outside Dean Jeffries' shop on Cahuenga Blvd.
  8. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic GSL-XXVI Schedule Of Events   

    Just an FYI: The Jeff Jones Mysterion seminar scheduled for Thursday night has been cancelled.
  9. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic Hebmuller replica   

    Cool project!
  10. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 2/20/17)   

    I wanted to keep the original location and dimensions of the Comet firewall, so I glued the side and top sections of the firewall to the chassis, and then fit the Mustang firewall into the center.

    Plenty of gaps here & there, and the toe boards don't line up exactly, but some scrap plastic will fix all that.

    After these photos were taken, I applied a generous coat of Tamiya putty. More soon . . .
  11. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 2/20/17)   

    OK, so this next series of modifications is a little more drastic and maybe not for everyone. I'm not suggesting in any way that this an essential thing to do - in fact, I'm sure a lot of perfectly nice Comets will be built right out of the box, but I decided I was up for a challenge.
    Let's begin by comparing the Moebius Comet chassis (in white) to the AMT '67 Mustang chassis (in black):

    The trans tunnel issues have been discussed in another build thread, but we can also see that the Comet has the lower suspension components molded in, while the Mustang has separate lower suspension, but has the upper a-arms molded to the frame (we'll deal with those later).

    I began by making a template that I could use later to maintain the correct wheelbase:

    I then removed the desired section from the Mustang chassis:

    And then the corresponding section from the Comet chassis:

    After a lot of test fitting - along with using the template to duplicate the wheelbase - I was able to glue them together:

    I had to fill a few gaps with small strips of plastic. I'll let the whole thing set up for a while and putty a few seams. Next up will be getting the firewall fitted.
  12. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic Improving the Moebius 1965 Mercury Comet   

    Yes, that's correct - they cut a hole in the tunnel and added a piece on. Here's a link to the reproduction part:
    And here's how it looks in place:

  13. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic Lola T70 Mk2 1/24 scale- Under Glass   

    Looking good - a real achievement already!
  14. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Cyclone Hardtop- Pics added Jan 5   

    Very effective and subtle improvements, Ron. It's interesting to see where different builders have focused their attentions - I think that shows that this was a desired kit and that while not perfect, it's a good launching point for a variety of builds.
  15. RancheroSteve added a post in a topic Improving the Moebius 1965 Mercury Comet   

    Good catch!