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  1. This one is supposedly 1/25th: From an article by Don Sikora II: https://blog.consumerguide.com/classic-model-cars-the-oscar-mayer-wienermobile/ By the way, did y'all know that the modern (1995) Wienermobile was designed by Harry Bentley Bradley?
  2. This clean little Citroen Ami (sorry about the Prius in the other lane).
  3. Ha, you obviously know the area! There is a Whole Foods/365 about a block away. Silver Lake has become more pricey - it used to be a place poor students and struggling artists could live; not so much anymore. Yes, that station is priced a little higher than most around here - I think I paid $4.09 for premium last time I got gas. . There's an Arco on the opposite corner (out of frame on my left) that runs substantially cheaper and does a lot more business.
  4. Having worked on the GSL group image, I'd tend to concur that the problem was in the printing. While I realize that images always look different on a computer monitor compared to a printed page, the difference here is literally night and day. I've attached a (reduced resolution) copy of the GSL group shot here for comparison, so you can get an idea of how it sorta should have looked. (Hope that's okay, Gregg.)
  5. As I was waiting to turn left a few days ago.
  6. The guy who drove this car did a bit of acting:
  7. Arrived yesterday in Los Angeles!
  8. Speaking of the XR-6, here's a page that ran in Rod & Custom a few years ago. It supposedly shows Tex Smith measuring the slant six.
  9. RancheroSteve

    IMSA Mustangs

    Wow, that's a good thread and the full set of photos are almost overwhelming. Looks like that car was restored to a very high standard. Kinda makes me appreciate the model all over again - it's pretty accurate, with plenty of opportunity to add your own detail.
  10. RancheroSteve

    IMSA Mustangs

    I'm thinking we're talking about the later Revell modeled '85 and up V8 Mustangs here? That was a Roush-Protofab chassis: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/85-mustang-imsa-gto/
  11. Duplicolor 1604 is supposed to be a correct match for the gold.
  12. Looks like an original issue of the Attempt 1 - nice! Some other good stuff too.
  13. Just a bit more progress - got the trim foiled:
  14. For those interested, there's a thread about the trikes from about four years ago: As mentioned in that thread, the Black Max was designed by Harry Bradley, the designer of the Deora.
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