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  1. Just completed a great trade with Dr Kerry - quick and easy.
  2. According to this article, it wasn't the trans - it was the bottom end. https://www.motortrend.com/news/the-drag-racing-saga-of-the-magic-muffler-fuel-altereds-part-1/
  3. I saw this rather famous example at a show yesterday. The Ratican Jackson Stearns Fiat: More about the car here: http://cacklefest.com/Stearns.shtml
  4. Not exactly on the road I guess, but seeing the Ratican Jackson Stearns Fiat at the Road Kings show today was kinda cool.
  5. This thread might give you a few ideas: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/lets-see-some-fiat-topolinos.1035602/
  6. I've got a complete one I'd be willing to trade - don't really want to break it up because it isn't worth much without the wheels and tires.
  7. Anybody have one of these they'd like to trade? Can be open, but otherwise complete, but I don't need the decals. I have various things to trade (complete kits, partial kits, parts, etc), depending on your interests.
  8. Wow, excellent! I don't think I've seen a build of this car before.
  9. Good job, Rich! Your modifications really paid off. I built this kit several years ago and found it quite a challenge - the worst was the engine cover which was warped and I never could get it to fit decently. The decals weren't too bad for me, but I don't imagine time has been kind to them. The Heller and Airfix kit are the same; there are two versions with slightly different decals that I know of.
  10. Thanks, Pierre - I'm sure yours will be great! Tires are just the kit tires. Decals I can't quite remember - maybe Fred Cady, but I keep a few different sheets around that have the Goodyear Blue Streak circles. I know Indycals makes some now: https://www.indycals.net/decals/tires/blueringtires.html Anyway, build thread here from a few years back, and once again, good luck with yours. I'll be watching.
  11. Maybe too late at this point for you, but if you can get hold of the a-arms that HRM makes for this kit, they help correct the front ride height. In hindsight, I wish I had lowered the rear a little when I built mine.
  12. Simply stunning. What everyone else said already, plus I'm really enjoying the variety of his builds!
  13. I dug out what I think is my original issue 427 from 1993. These are the door panels in that kit: The plate near the top says "Fairlane 500".
  14. Well done - I love seeing these getting built, especially with all the little changes and improvements.
  15. Nice builds, Dave! I've got the Mustang GT on the bench now - building it as the "red" Miller version, using the Speedline decals.
  16. Cool concept - love the side by side comparison!
  17. There's a whole lot of NASCAR history involved in answering in this question.
  18. For what it's worth, at one time Replicas & Miniatures was carrying an Auburn panel (RH-508) designed for the '32 roadster. I don't see it listed in their latest catalog, but there is a "dash w/ 3 & 5 hole panel" (RH-507).
  19. Here's a few from the other day: The one that got away - couldn't quite catch up to it - was a Delorean done up in full Back to the Future mode. Just another day in Los Angeles.
  20. Right, those are completely different kits from the Motorcraft kit mentioned previously.
  21. Don't forget, that original IMSA Mustang was updated for the SCCA Trans Am Mustang (Roush, JPS, Whistler) and Camaro (Hot Wheels, Rain-X, Sunoco).
  22. M&S closed in 2021 - Mark retired. Art Laski bought up some of his remaining stock. https://groups.io/g/gpma/topic/m_s_hobbies_closing/86754801?p=,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate/sticky,,,20,0,0,86754801,previd=1641491146214160283,nextid=1636592385683998225&previd=1641491146214160283&nextid=1636592385683998225
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