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  1. If you're talking the F-150 Ranger as was recently re-released, it's a bit light on detail in the typical eighties Monogram style. Fill the tops of the axles and diffs, and you'll need to make a firewall.
  2. I have a bunch of old MI issues as well, '74-'78, I believe. Favorites of mine? Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) and Walt Whitman. I read a lot, but not much from the same authors.
  3. ...and the logo's a tortoise! This has brought about by, during a photoshoot in an airplane hangar, a tortoise wandered into view of the camera. The bemused creators had found their logo.
  4. Got an MPC Jeep CJ-7 Autoscape kit, never started, unopened bags - $3.50 at Goodwill.
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EPGf77t9hRA
  6. Blur. https://youtube.com/watch?v=6oqXVx3sBOk
  7. I would've too, had I cared. I might go back to it, I seem to do that a lot - it's good enough for the shelf as it sits.
  8. A quick "hammer-together" build of a few nights. I started with the reissued AMT '69 Corvair. It was originally going to be an SCCA racer, but I painted the body in a Rustoleum texture rust paint kit and a little weathering chalk sealed with Rustall #3 Dead Flat as a test body. Then it went in the box again due to a lost engine and lost motivation. Fast forward to last week. Whilst looking for wheels, I found this again. I decided on finishing it quick and dirty. Front and rear bumpers were cast away, the right headlight bucket was taken off and replaced with a single light, and the rear tires were upgraded to Goodyear Polyglas units. Every wheel is different. The fronts are from the kit, the rear right is from the Lindberg '34 Ford Pickup, and the left rear is from the AMT Deora. The interior is actually from an original issue buildup my father did, weathered with white and grey charcoals and equipped with the custom steering wheel. The body is painted, as detailed before, in a Rustoleum rust kit, which may be discontinued. It was weathered further with dark and light rust powders and Rustall #4 Ground Silt around the lower body as any "desert rat" would be. Here's what I'm blathering about. A few nights of here-and-there work and some neatly cut corners result in this model which looks great on the shelf. Questions, comments, criticisms welcome.
  9. Well, if we can go the racing route, I'll take a McLaren MP4/13... traffic would be a breeze.
  10. Nineties. Ech. I'd go for a 1998 Buick LeSabre. Nice ride, decent looks, adequate horsepower, comfortable seats, large trunk, solid build quality overall.
  11. Thanks. It's based off an amalgamation of The Bug, a woods buggy I saw hauling logs when I was younger, and the early sand buggies.
  12. I'd be interested in the rest of that Luv if there's nothing you have planned for it...
  13. If I don't find the drive to finish the Gee-Bee, I have a shed I'm building....
  14. Going to pick up the engine for my Ranger tomorrow. 5.0 F-150 engine, torn down, with intake, EFI unit, ECU, wiring harness, and shorty headers for $300.
  15. Tower Hobbies has it in stock! http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXFWBK Ordering one tomorrow - does anyone have one yet?
  16. I would say to wait on the PE... it's not hard to do, really, but if you're just getting back into it, you might not want to drown yourself with completely new techniques.
  17. I've actually got one, too - after I saw you said it was in 1/26 I got it. I sanded and dryfitted everything, then it went back in the box.
  18. I wish I had seen this before - I saw that and immediately knew it was 1/16. I have the same one. Is yours molded in green?
  19. Good to hear. There's one at a local antique shop I buy a lot of kits from and I never looked twice at it. Time to get it....
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