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  1. I think I might be able to throw together an entry the plan is to strip back a revell 41 Willis and shove the running gear from a revell svo fox body in it I plAn to remove the fenders and bonnet and maybe the turbo for a blower
  2. Is that a yes cos technically they are and inline motor
  3. not an issue mate don't have facebook, I barely get emails and I am of the personal opinion that a text can wait my mobile when I am driving is usually off in the glovebox or at least in the centre console if I am expecting a call(which I'll pull over to answer) but most of the time it is off and the music loud?
  4. Wow I could imagine it'd be a pretty similar figure over here. I am 18 and can reasonably confidently drive a manual it is a requirement for my job (apprentice mechanic). While I don't have a car history (I'm still driving one of my parents car, an auto!) I can safely say that my first car will be a manual as they make even the most boring drive a fun, enjoyable experience
  5. I've just read this and am speechless, I did not know Harry personally but he seemed to always have time for everyone on here no matter who they were he truly was a great bloke and we are forever in his debt for what he did for this hobby. Rest in peace mate and my thoughts are with Cato during this tough time, take care bud
  6. Pim

    Datsun 240z

    Nice my ultimate daily driver
  7. Hey guys hopefully you can help me I am currently building the revell 41 willys pro street which comes with a blown hemi and remote oil filters I am wondering how I would go about plumbing this up I'm unfamiliar with things like this.
  8. this is what i will be building i am a bit unsure how i am going to build this either box stock with the blown hemi or as a tuner with a turbo 4 from a mustang and ferrari wheels.
  9. Well guys my entry for this year is going to be the rather good Revell 41 willys pro street kit I don't exactly know how I am going to build it I'll edit this with some pics a bit later
  10. Wishing all members a happy and safe 2017 from the land down under ????????
  11. Hmmm.............. what should I build ? datsun 720 with a blown hemi fox body stang 41 Willys with a turbo 4 finish my gto from last year what do you guys think?
  12. i got a hilux body i could cut and slice into something
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