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  1. DeeCee

    67 CORONET

    Started with the Foose Coronet, modified pretty well everything, and plumbed up a pair of 100mm Turbo's to the 426 Hemi to build a Pro Touring street monster.. Paint is Satin Martini Grey..
  2. DeeCee

    67' CORONET

    Thanks guys, VERY much..
  3. DeeCee

    67' CORONET

    This was a big build for me, over 2 months, i started with the Foose Coronet. Wanted to build a street monster, so i went with the kit 426 Hemi, and added a pair of monster turbo's, all the exhaust, intake and headers are scratch built. Fabricated a rear wing, front spoiler, and molded a scoop to the hood, and covered the original fuel tank, and made some diffuses, to go with the theme i wanted. Interior was subtly changed, adding some piping to the seats and door trims, also sank the rears back, to make 2 rear buckets, added flocking and a hood lining. Used the kit wheels, but utilized a set of wide bands for the rears, made a 4-link, and mini tubed it too , and opened the trunk, and made a fuel cell. Paint is a mix of Dupli-color GINGER ALE, and MARTINI GREY, the body was painted 3 times before i got the SATIN look i was after.
  4. DeeCee

    65' IMPALA

    See previous post re: paint, and the wheels were made out of 2 sets, 1 for the centres, and the other modern rally style, for the bands.
  5. DeeCee

    65' IMPALA

    Thank you all... :), I use Auto Acrylics, this one is a black base, with a light mist of silver, so when i cover it all with Duplocolor Metalcast red, it will POP when the light hits it.
  6. DeeCee

    65' IMPALA

    I built this for my good mate Dennis... (Big D ).. His only request was to make it tough, and he specified the paint color ... The rest was up to me.. Mini tubbed, narrowed rear, custom wheels, and a lot of detailing.. So i sent him this. Stay strong buddy..
  7. Good to see your still floating around Luke... And thanks guys.
  8. This is a sweet kit to build, just needed a cool paint job...
  9. Thank you all very much, and i'm glad there are others who appreciate something different.
  10. I wanted to do something different with a Willys, as everybody either does them as drag or tough street .. including myself. I wanted to drop it, chop it, and custom rod it, some will like it, some won't, but that is the best part about modeling.. IMAGINATION..
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