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    Thanks Luke, thanks all, i just keep tinkering away mate..
  2. DeeCee


    Started with the Eldorod Cadillac, turned it into a hard top, dropped it and added some Pegasus wheels. Paint is a custom mix Maple Syrup Acrylic over some dark shadowing, which causes it to change shade depending the angle of the light.
  3. Beautiful custom, lots of work, love it.
  4. VERY nice, gorgeous paint too.
  5. Thanks Clause, looks good, but i will never again use hobby paints, as i had too many inconsistencies with them, i'll stick with what i know works mate. 👍
  6. STUNNING as always mate. 😎
  7. I wanted something different, as the small block Chev just looked too small for what i was after, so went to Mr google, and i found where they are making Hemi heads for LS Chevs in 1:1, so i just thought, " why not'" , , so i scratch built everything to fit on the Chev block. Just to be different, and give it a bit more size and aggression. I call it a CHEMI..
  8. I treat a model like the real car, automotive primer, blocked etc, Auto acrylic, and automotive clear, from a real paint shop, that way you get quality. I usually block back the clear and re-clear it aswell. 2000grit wet/dry. then polish with Autoglym super resin polish which is the same process I use when painting my 1:1 cars. hope this helps, the extra effort is worth it if you are after the glossy look mate.
  9. Thank's , the stripes are paint . I have a lot of trouble with decals. ;)
  10. Thank you all, :) Yes , i opened up the fog lights for that purpose, and the stripes on the seats are embroidery cotton, stuck down with some white glue.
  11. A lot of scratch building , modifications and Fabrication on this one, pretty much everything was scratch built, body widened, and twin turbo Hemi/Chevy. Paint is Dupli-color GINGER ALE , i'll let the pics show you the rest
  12. DeeCee

    67 CORONET

    Started with the Foose Coronet, modified pretty well everything, and plumbed up a pair of 100mm Turbo's to the 426 Hemi to build a Pro Touring street monster.. Paint is Satin Martini Grey..
  13. DeeCee

    67' CORONET

    Thanks guys, VERY much..
  14. DeeCee

    67' CORONET

    This was a big build for me, over 2 months, i started with the Foose Coronet. Wanted to build a street monster, so i went with the kit 426 Hemi, and added a pair of monster turbo's, all the exhaust, intake and headers are scratch built. Fabricated a rear wing, front spoiler, and molded a scoop to the hood, and covered the original fuel tank, and made some diffuses, to go with the theme i wanted. Interior was subtly changed, adding some piping to the seats and door trims, also sank the rears back, to make 2 rear buckets, added flocking and a hood lining. Used the kit wheels, but utilized a set of wide bands for the rears, made a 4-link, and mini tubed it too , and opened the trunk, and made a fuel cell. Paint is a mix of Dupli-color GINGER ALE, and MARTINI GREY, the body was painted 3 times before i got the SATIN look i was after.
  15. DeeCee

    65' IMPALA

    See previous post re: paint, and the wheels were made out of 2 sets, 1 for the centres, and the other modern rally style, for the bands.
  16. DeeCee

    65' IMPALA

    Thank you all... :), I use Auto Acrylics, this one is a black base, with a light mist of silver, so when i cover it all with Duplocolor Metalcast red, it will POP when the light hits it.
  17. DeeCee

    65' IMPALA

    I built this for my good mate Dennis... (Big D ).. His only request was to make it tough, and he specified the paint color ... The rest was up to me.. Mini tubbed, narrowed rear, custom wheels, and a lot of detailing.. So i sent him this. Stay strong buddy..
  18. DeeCee

    Pontiac Catalina

    Good to see your still floating around Luke... And thanks guys.
  19. This is a sweet kit to build, just needed a cool paint job...
  20. That's one cool Buick..
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