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  1. SUPERBLY DONE !!! That is one sweet build mate, and great paint work too.
  2. DeeCee

    My models

    Some very nice work there, and great paint jobs too.
  3. Thanks so very much guys,... i do love to paint..
  4. That turned out pretty good mate, i'm doing one at the moment, the side panels look like they were kicked in from the mold.. Mine was kerbside too, but that changed.. They are a Cool little pick-up.
  5. Couple of great builds there guys. It is a simple, yet very well detailed kit i found, and have a couple more to do. Pretty stock build, and painted it Satin Martini Grey, with orange accents.
  6. DeeCee

    Morgan 4/4

    Good work Mike, a real classic , and no sign of those paint dramas you had.
  7. Very nicely done, a great save of a classic body. NICE WORK !!
  8. 2 seriously great builds there...
  9. DeeCee

    AMT '40 Ford

    Paint is gorgeous!! and everything else works perfectly, Love it !!
  10. Nice save, turned out pretty good.
  11. Thanks very much Dan, you will get there one day , it's only time mate. And thanks to everybody else who commented, and stevez, i know, but they are fixed now, i changed to metal axles to keep the buggers straight, sometimes we don't notice everything until that camera pics it out for us.
  12. A different take on the Del Rio kit, i paneled up the rear, dropped it on some Pegasus Sovereigns. Paint is all dupli-color auto acrylic, silver base with some shading, and then Red Metalcast, and a good hit of clear. This was another quickie build, this one took a week..
  13. Great work, those new wheels look great, and so does your Foose build. i once painted a model to get the painter to believe my idea would work. And recently,, as i like doing lowrider paint jobs on models, i thought i could do the roof on my 1:1 ute, it was a lot more work than a model, but well worth the effort..
  14. Got a few too, but not being a collector of them, i don't care about taking them out of the packets..
  15. Very nicely done, i hate it when people leave the rims all shiny. A superb job all round.
  16. SUPERB !! Color choice is spot on, so is stance and wheel choice...
  17. Nice tidy build, color suits it too. Bit high in the front for me... but that's just me
  18. Very nice job on it, i like this kit and you have enhanced it well, and good work on the wood too.
  19. DeeCee


    Looks like it has been sitting around for a long time, very nicely done..
  20. Just a quick build to get out of a rut, it took 4 days of tinkering. Pretty well box stock except for the stitching on the seats. Paint is Dupli-color MARTINI GREY, which was put on with a satin finish in mind. A real easy simple build , just what we need sometimes..
  21. Very VERY nice build, i love the overall look, and the weathered paint... or lack of it..
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