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  1. It is a great feeling sitting there working on your hobby with your kids doing the same thing. But as they get older they start to show you up though.
  2. Thanks guys, Bristol, one of my favorite track i reckon.
  3. I have only ever built 2 nascars, the first was Dale sr's Goodwrench #3 and this one. Iwent for something different, instead of shiny new, i went for the "after race theme.
  4. COUPLE of Willy's. And one my son built.
  5. Now that is my idea of modeling. Great vision mate, look forward to the execution
  6. There is some good stuff in that pond mate.
  7. Good start mate, i like body customs, it takes guts to cut up a kit i reckon, then work how the hell your going to fix it.
  8. Great job i reckon, they look great together.
  9. VERY VERY nicely done, how long did you leave it to get the spider webs??
  10. WOW!! That red really hits you, nice choice.
  11. Nice transplant, will be watching this one for sure.
  12. That is a brilliant paint job there mate. Sweet build.
  13. Cool build there, like the subtleness of the flame color.
  14. Yeah, like that one mate. the grey works well with the red.
  15. Nice built Teddy, absolutely love that color mate, what is it please??
  16. Thanks guys, Blair, it started in an AMT '95 Viper R/T10 kit, which i picked up for donor bits. Scratch built a manofold, the injector stacks are the pins from Deutch auto electrical connectors.
  17. A challenge was laid down to build a shop truck for your own business, based on how i build models, i build this. 41 Chev truck, with the Dodge Viper V10, with home made fuel injection, chromies with white walls, satin black and a couple of pin stripes to brighten it up a tad. The perfect parts chaser.
  18. Very nice, i like the refinements you've done too.
  19. That is just MIND BLOWING!! Incredibly well engineered and detailed. Probably one of the best customs i have seen along these lines.
  20. What a sweet build, both colors work perfectly together mate.
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