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  1. That is a pretty awsome build there mate, i also reckon some stripes, either over the nose or down the side, race cars need stripes.
  2. Here is something i have completed recently, it is a "What if??" 69 Comaro with the roof off a 71 Mustang, and a set of Aoshima wheels. WHAT IF ? they had of built a fastback version of the Comaro.
  3. Thanks for the welcome fella's, now , just got to work out how to reduce the size of my pics, then i can show you guys what i am all about. Some will like it, some will think "WTF??" But that's modeling i reckon.
  4. Hi all, my name is Dale and i'm an model-a-holic. I build most nights, from rods, low riders, muscle cars, but my favourite is Custom mods. Chop it up and see what i can do. Some will know me from the Ozmodel forum,so, I am also a MOPAR nut. G'day to everybody.
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