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  1. Indeed, I've just read that they're expecting al terroristic attack in Brussels, I live like half an hour away from they're ?
  2. I've been praying for Paris, really sad what is going on
  3. Rockabilly is very alive in Europe, especially at the USA car show's, live rockabilly bands etc.. I've been 'into' rockabilly music and cars since I was 5 yrs old I would die to relive a day in the 50's and 60's, I have just bought myself a Sparta GI 50 Sport Moped, just to relive those days, it has been sitting in a Dutch barn for over 20 yrs and I'm going to make a 'ratrod' bike out of it, fix it and drive it! :)
  4. What do you guys think about the wheels? Feel free to say what you think or should do. Black or chrome? (Do you spot the ugly stain near the spoiler?) All dryfitted.
  5. Is prepainted, but veeeeeeery ugly done, the trunk has big 'stain'.. Thanks for the positive advice.
  6. Hi! Some of you might know my Vandura project, I need a lot of replacements parts so I ended up buying this one. Not exactly what I needed, so I started building it, to gain experience. Did so custom stuff on it, like red accents, red bowtie in front, want to paint the wheels black. It's all just dryfitted. Tips & advice are welcome.
  7. Did some work, decided to use the untouched body, so I needed to get rid of all the moldlines, started sanding and puttying the holes for the spotlights. I did 2 holes earlier on, but one wasn't filled enough so you could still see a hole, refilled it along with the remaining two. Do you guys maybe have tips on scratchbuilding windows, scratchbuilding mirror and other tiny things? Also on how to apply bare metal foil for chrome? Thanks for looking!!
  8. Yup indeed.. He will be missed. I choosed to use the other body, not the one Model Brain cut windows in, I will save that one for later. Sanded the moldlines and filled in the 4 holes for rooflights. Went by to the local hobbystore, I wanted to order a complete new '77 Chevy Van kit & a few other kits for parts, but they couldn't order one because they can only order Revell DE.. Figuring that problem out right now..
  9. So... With a deep sadly message on my facebook wall I got up this morning, Jon Jacobus or know here as Model Brain is no longer with us... I could actually start earlier on this project due to missing money, but right now, I can start on it, They paid me a few days earlier. Jon, I hope you'll sit next too me while I build your Van! You where a great person.
  10. I'm just leaving it this way, just do the interior, but not for now. What about a Mexican blanket on the seats?
  11. Yeahh, totally agree with you on that, but, I like the nice red paint, it's better than on my other diecasts.
  12. Thanks. This is what I am looking for, just like the wood you used for the bedfloor has been laying around in your forest in the backyard for years, you've just wiped the moss off of it, boom ready, but maybe I'll leave it this way, what do you guys think?
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