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  1. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    There are overall length restrictions in the US. But, they do very state to state. Same with weight restrictions.
  2. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    What is added...
    Trim pieces on the bottom of cab and the top and bottom of the fuel tanks.
    Deck plate.
    Air line box.
    Rear fenders.
    I imagine there is a rear bumper loaded with lights too.
    The suspension has been lowered.
    And the level of polishing done. Factory polish jobs do not look that good.
    There is probably more. If you image search Ownby Trucking, more pics will come up, along pics of the truck this replaced. It was a 362 Pete. I've seen that in person many years ago at a show.
  3. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    Mark, there sure aren't many of us left. I know there are truck enthusiasts, who don't and may never drive, kinda like the guy from American Trucker. But true to the core truck drivers are few and far between anymore. Someone who drives for the love of putting her in an easternly wind and watch the sunrise on a cool spring morning. Or skirtin around an approaching storm watching the clouds pour over the tops of the mountains. Or the best site, the sun set when your about a half hour from home. Or sittin in the So Cal summer traffic doin your official duty of leg checks and cleavage patrols. 
    I'm gonna be stopping by my buddies house here in the near future to see how much he wants for his ol K123. It's a got Big Cam 400, 13 speed, Alcoa steers, chrome 2 hole drives and a straight set of smokin 6s. 
    I've been told I'm stubborn. There's worse things to be. I'm a truck driver, will be till I take my last breath. I just hope I don't have the truckers retirment. Pulling my cold body out of the truck. I'm gonna fight for my chicken lights and mudflaps weights, I'm gonna help a fellow driver when ever possible and keep my CB turned on and answer the bear reports whenever I can.
    I got off topic and on the soap box. Sorry!
    Channel clear, 10-4 
  4. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Peterbilt Devil's Cut Whiskey Hauler   

    Oh my, your makin me blush. This is gonna be a sexy beast!
  5. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic 1965 Polished Aluminum 289 Shelby Cobra   

    This is awesome. It would be nice if someone would do a tutorial on the Cosmic Chrome. That finish is outstanding!
  6. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    Like Hakan said. The length laws across the pond are very strict and short. Me personally don't care for the look of the Euro trucks, but they are getting more stylish. There are a few I've seen that very nice. The Asian trucks are different looking. They can be done up. They tend to be gawdy to me.
  7. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic 1973 Republic CTC-8500 Prototype   

    Very interesting build. Nice job.
  8. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic International Transtar 4300 "Hidden Agenda"   

    This is an awesome build Chuck. Your braver than Iam. I couldn't use a Moebius kit as a donor. My wife would kill me if I bought a 75 dollar kit for parts. This is great. I really like it. Looks like a truck that'd be rollin down the So Cal highways after the first of the year, with all the new emission regulations taking affect.
  9. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Kenworth W900 Day Cab   

    Great transformation of the snapper. Nice job Chuck.
  10. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    Micheal, that 362 is tall. So is the CL9000 Ford.

  11. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    Those are cool. Purpose built to do something that's mass produced cant. I think that's how they can still be produced despite the supposed bumper to steering wheel distance, vocational/emergency vehicles. Trash truck type trucks are produced here by Peterbilt and Mack. Tight, city driving. 
  12. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Cat C15 twin turbo   

    That sounds cool. Maybe you could stuff in one of the new Revell 29 Fords. Build your own D-Rod. Just a thought.
  13. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Cat C15 twin turbo   

    Man, this is lookin good. Can't wait to see what it's goin in
  14. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    It's kinda funny. It's been about 10 years since I climbed in a COE. It would take me a second to remember which foot to start with to climb in it. The last time I climb in one, I almost fell out because I started with the wrong foot. 
    Here are my favorite COEs.
    A Pete 362

    A Freightliner and Pete 352

    A Kenworth K100 

    And a Kenworth K123 

    I'm a little more partial to the K123. When Dad started driving, he bought an old P.I.E. K123 day cab 2 axle, 6V92. Painted silver with red stripes. I have some very fond memories of that truck. I remember sittin in the passenger seat, I still remember the red glow from the turn signal by the windshield and door. Someday I'll be building that truck in scale. But only from memory. There are only a couple Polaroids of that truck, front facing only.
  15. Petetrucker07 added a post in a topic Why a Cab Over?   

    Back in the good ol days of trucking. The length laws are why the cabover and 40 foot trailers were the common site. Then the length laws changed allowing for "hoods". 
    In the mid 70s into the 80s, even 90s, it was a matter of preference and still, some length limitations. Then some say it was saftey, some say this and that. The length laws were changed yet again around the mid to late 90s allowing the conventional to pull 53 foot trailers. 
    My preference is more toward cabovers, but with California's emissions laws gettin ridiculous, there almost isn't a choice anymore. I've heard there is a law requiring a certain distance from the bumper to steering wheel, but I'm not informed enough on that to say anymore. Here Ca, there are a few companies pulling 57 foot trailers and a cabover is the only way to pull them.
    Kenworth still makes COEs, just not in the US. The Freightliner Argosy was last COE available here. 
    The drive trains are the same, just certain parts, like shift linkage, steering. 
    I know of one logging truck. It's this months cover truck of 10-4 Magazine. Here's a link.. 
    Hope this started to answer your question.