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  1. Fyi for anyone looking to get this kit, amt put way to short of a tailgate in this release.
  2. They have now but becky the owner of slixxs told me theres a few sheets that still have issues and the mavrick is one of them. It just really suprised me ive never had a set of slixx crack like that.
  3. Im about 75% done with my dyno don maverick but the orange side panel decals keep cracking on me. I emailed becky at slixx and she was incredibly kind she sent me two new sets. Even trying liquid decal film and tamiya clear did nothing. Hopefully theres an answer.
  4. Thanks guys! And if anyone’s familer with muscle car of the week on YouTube the car I based mine off of is from the collection they highlight every Friday. https://goo.gl/images/b21MSt
  5. Not an easy kit thats for sure, and the kit decals are awful so powerslide took care of that problem.
  6. I bought this one on evilbay probably about 4 months ago now and its been done for some time ive just yet to upload it for everyone to see. The kits engine is a boss 429 while its cool its not accurate so i pillaged a revell 70 torino for the heads, intake, transmission, exhaust and a few other odds and ends.
  7. Its been a while since ive posted anything to the forum but ive been very busy with working and building. I finished this one up about two weeks ago, not a kit for the faint of heart thats for sure. Comments and questions are always welcomed!
  8. You’d be correct, first time I used them to chrome the wheels and it looks like kit chrome when done
  9. I finished the amt 1967 GT350 a few days ago to fill the gap in my green Shelby fleet.
  10. Very nice!!!! My dads first car was a 73 Mach 1 same color but with a vinyl roof
  11. I’m a regular shopper on model roundup they’re very responsive to emails and my order always arrives quickly and undamadged
  12. Very nice!!! The color combo suits it perfectly
  13. So I just got a new badger anthem 155 and decided to give it a try last night with gravity colors petty blue, it worked great till I realized I have nothing to flush lacquer out of my new brush?. My question is with badgers having the pressed in needle bearing and how nasty lacquer thinner can be what would you guys recommend I can use to clean my airbrush without destroying the bearing quickly
  14. I'm in the exact same boat Matt refunded my shipping but still nothing
  15. I emailed back and fourth with Matt from gravity colors and he had no idea my order still didn't ship and refunded my shipping that's great and all but if I don't have my paint sometime this week I'm asking for a refund. I completely get being backed up on orders but two pepole from gravity colors told me two different stories before talking to Matt and that's just ridiculous imo
  16. Recently picked up this a 2014 focus se it's not the one in the picture but it's the exact same spec
  17. ill let you all know what happens, I'm usually patient with this sort of thing but I was lied to twice and worse I desprtily need that petty blue haha
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