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  1. My 2014 Builds

    Nice builds...especially the Stangs!
  2. 1:25 - 1993 Texas DPS State Trooper Mustang LX w/ Lights

    MsDano85gt, The resin 10-holes came from Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland, 410.768.3648. The downfall is that these have been discontinued quite some time ago but I called in hopes that they would have another set laying around somewhere and he said he had a few more sets but did not have anymore centercaps (photoetched) with the "Ford" logo (beyond the set that they sold me). He mentioned that he did still have some with blank caps though. I would call and just ask if you are interested and see what he can do for you. The tires are BF Goodwich soft rubber tires from Ma's Resin. You can do a search for his online store and can go over the tire options. I will admit that these wheels and tires are wider then stock but felt at the end of the day that it would be better to have a more accurate wheel diameter and tire sidewall, plus I wanted to paint the centercaps a very slightly darker shade of the aluminum as they are on the real vehicle and this made it easy since they come as a seperate piece. These also have the valve stems which added another level of detail I was looking for. Hope this helps. An 85/86 GT would be awesome!! Hope you are able to build one...would love to follow the build!
  3. another revell 90 mustang lx

    This is a great build and cant wait to see the final product. Dash is awesome! Nice gauges!!
  4. 1:25 - 1993 Texas DPS State Trooper Mustang LX w/ Lights

    Thanks again for all the compliments!! Means a lot. Here is the last batch of progress photos I will post. Here are a few of the progress photos for the creation of the speaker atop the light bar. All you need is an ink pen, a dremel and some patience. Resin wheels vs. stock kit wheels
  5. 1:25 - 1993 Texas DPS State Trooper Mustang LX w/ Lights

    Thanks for the compliments! This one was definitely my most challenging build yet. The lights, wiring, and switches were a project in itself. From hiding all the wiring, drilling the right diameter holes in all the light bezels, to scratch building the dividers in the tail lights so that only the turn signals light up and not the reverse lights (this comes as all one "compartment" and had to be segregated for accuracy), to fitting all the related lighting accessories and batteries in the small coupe trunk. Fun yet challenging on a 1:25 scale car. And yes, the donut box was just for fun and is not attached to the car. Just sits in the seat. Here are a few early progress photos, will post more later. Here are a few after many hours of wet sanding and polishing. This first picture is the reflection of the pendant lights over the bar in the hood.
  6. The nasty lx notch project

    What a sweet build!! Love it!! Nice work. Great paint job and color selection. Stance is sick!
  7. Well, I have finally wrapped up my '93 DPS Mustang. I apologize for not posting a progress thread but I will include some progress photos below. This started out as the 1:25 scaled '90 Revell Mustang LX kit. In my opinion, the '93 DPS car is the best looking out of the Texas patrol cars. Many were slick-tops and I really wanted to create a '93 with working wig wag lights and Jetsonic lightbar. I have inserted a reference photo of an actual '93 just for kicks. Below is a list of highlights about this build. Custom Texas DPS Decals Aftermarket resin wheels and BF Goodrich rubber tires w/ valve stems Custom Jetsonic lightbar w/ functioning LED's. Scratch built speaker, center mounted on light bar Functioning LED wig wags in head lights, rear turn signals, and tail lights Roof mounted arrow stick light bar Coil suspension springs on all four corners Added air conditioning compressor and associated plumbing (no A/C included in kit) Photo etched emblems and key holes Accurate combination of radio equipment with custom coil cords and scratch built forward facing radar Seat belts Custom made radio antennas Metal end links and exhaust hangers Metal fuel lines from injectors to tank and custom made fuel filter near tank Custom coil cover in engine bay (not included in kit) Custom Texas DPS license plate "93DPS" Since I live in Round Rock, Texas I couldn't resist a custom, scaled famous Round Rock Donuts box to go in the seat. Enough about the details...on to the photos and video... Here is a link to a short video I took here at a local show with all the lights on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_fkUwfmECM I will follow up soon with some progress photos. Thanks for checking out my latest creation.
  8. New project. Nasty LX notch oct 12 almost there!

    Devilsnake98, that was the first thing that came to my mind as well... no painting around the snakes in the garage. Coupe is looking really good so far! Nice paint and choice of color. This build will definitely be a nice one. Keep up the good work and look forward to more pics. I am building the same kit as a 93 Texas DPS car...fun kit!
  9. Very nice looking Boss!! And the best color combo Ford offers! Well done!!
  10. 1:25 Scale 2012 Mustang Brembo Brake GT - Replica of my Ride

    Thanks a bunch everyone for the compliments! ! Means a lot! Got another completed build that I will post soon and another in the making.
  11. 1:25 Scale 2012 Mustang Brembo Brake GT - Replica of my Ride

    Brett, you got me figured out. I did indeed take the maisto and have a hay day with my dremel and some sand paper until I got the shape just right. For those that cant tell, the maisto contains a single piece of molded plastic for the entire engine bay so if you want the engine cover and coil covers, it going to cost you some time!! But as you see...its worth it! Thanks again for the compliments!
  12. 1:25 Scale 2012 Mustang Brembo Brake GT - Replica of my Ride

    Thanks a bunch for the compliments!! This one was a blast to build and of course, its always nice to have a 1:1 reference in the garage. Here are a few more pics I came across this morning.
  13. I am new here so I figured I would post some pics of my latest build. Wanted to build a replica of my own car so here it is. This started as the 2010 Revell GT. Some of the significant mods to match the 1:1 car include Brembo brakes with red calipers, wheel match as closely as possible, lowered suspension, modified wheel wells to fit wider rear tires, 5.0 engine with correct engine cover and modified intake tube to adapt with upper intake, and 5.0 fender badges. I also applied matte black film on the hood and deck lid along with accurate satellite radio antenna and matching license plate. Lastly, the car has a functioning, retractable hood prop. On to the pics...