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  1. Outstanding progress here. Have you considered a welded on look for the Mopar badge instead of bolted. It looks so clean and refined now.
  2. Splendidly built, nice and clean with a perfect color combo. Given the right background it could easily be mistaken for a 1:1.
  3. Nicely done. And if it was any other driver I would give a 👍
  4. Nicely done, but technically those are "Honey Do's" either way they look good.
  5. Very fine workmanship! Are these Sportsman tires available? I have one set but would like to find more...
  6. MCW paints are some of the best. Premixed mild lacquer colored per 1:1 factory paint, or custom mixed to order. Best sprayed with an airbrush, you can't go wrong.
  7. It was less than $2.00 a gal today. Most of my driving is Highway so I wonder if that helps?
  8. I recently acquired a 2010 F150 XLT (Flex Fuel rated) The yellow ring on the filler and the badge signifies this also. 1. Can you mix regular gas and flex or do you have tuse one or the other? 2. What about performance? 3. I read that F-F gets less mileage due to lower combustion. And if doesn't that defeat the idea! 4. I'm sticking with the regular for now
  9. Those headers do look great, very difficult to bend. Looks like shrink wrap for the collectors?
  10. James2

    Random Question?

    Colors mentioned so far: Cream, Pale Yellow, Ace likes Potato, Some kind of Purple, Google says Smooth Blue, Black, Beige, Skin Tone depending on your heritage, Chocolate Single Malt, Blue, Orange being the new Black, French Silk, Satin Brown, White Lightning, Flat or Semi Flat Black. I think of GM Capri Cream or maybe Butternut Yellow, any thoughts?
  11. James2

    Random Question?

    Back story. I have a model car that will be smoothed, meaning all the non essential parts are removed or flattened for a smooth look. I want the color to reflect that same idea, so what color best represents the term smooth? I first thought of butter or cream. Chocolate or French silk are close but I’m not sure about a brown car? There are no wrong answers...
  12. James2

    Random Question?

    What color would "SMOOTH" be? Or if you think SMOOTH what color comes to mind? Asking for a friend...
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