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  1. Custom blazer still needs an interior but, i really have no interest in doing it. And it does roll!
  2. Scratch built front and rear bumpers, scratch built oem style sidekirts, scratch built rear window spoiler, scratch built wheels, and scratch headlights and taillights. You can see it on Instagram @cantbecopiedcustoms
  3. I'm looking for some reference pics of bagged truck frames to get the ball rolling so to speak. I haven't worked on a model for alil bit, since my small tire 68 firebird in the drag section from about 4 years ago. I'd greatly appreciate any and all pics of bagged trucks!!!! Thanks.
  4. you're right everything did goto his head, he's extremely cocky in my opinion plus his camaro is basically a pro-mod. I'll stick with big chief and his bad a $$ Pontiac powered cars.
  5. Absolutely bad a$$!!! I hope you don't mind me saying..I wish you didn't put that snorkel scoop on it.
  6. Looks good, too bad kye Kelly is a dooshbag < spelled incorrectly on purpose. Nice job though well done.
  7. I appreciate it tyrone means alot. The tires came from an old racing champions 1/24 scale nascar.
  8. Thanks nylibud I appreciate it, iborg are you saying too dark? If that's that's the case I've been meaning to get outdoor pics.
  9. Hmm guess I'm not doing something right with this car, not getting any feedback on it.
  10. I appreciate it dude. Need to just keep at it and get it done. I still have to make turbos and all the piping plus the chute mount.
  11. Cars all in one color and I've been working on the cage. I get pics up soon.
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