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  1. Some back shots. Not happy with the taillights. I used a technique someone that used to build show quality models taught me but, unfortunately the details in the taillight lense weren't molded well. So they sanded away.
  2. I appreciate the kind words, thank you 🙏
  3. The bottom is shortened alil bit, I'll take a pic of the yellow and another hatch without the bumper messed with so you can see the difference.
  4. Yea it does suck but, I get it. All I build are slammed Hondas and mini trucks. I know what I like and do aren't everyones taste, I got over it. I appreciate the kind words bro, thank you. I have lowered EK hatch in this thread, plus a w.i.p eg hatch in that thread, and a bagged GMC Jimmy in the work in progress truck thread. If you have seen any of those.
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