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  1. Some back shots. Not happy with the taillights. I used a technique someone that used to build show quality models taught me but, unfortunately the details in the taillight lense weren't molded well. So they sanded away.
  2. I appreciate the kind words, thank you 🙏
  3. The bottom is shortened alil bit, I'll take a pic of the yellow and another hatch without the bumper messed with so you can see the difference.
  4. Yea it does suck but, I get it. All I build are slammed Hondas and mini trucks. I know what I like and do aren't everyones taste, I got over it. I appreciate the kind words bro, thank you. I have lowered EK hatch in this thread, plus a w.i.p eg hatch in that thread, and a bagged GMC Jimmy in the work in progress truck thread. If you have seen any of those.
  5. I appreciate the kind words 🙏
  6. Subframe is painted, still needs some finishing touches, then on to the rest of the chassis.
  7. Potentially redoing the sub box and putting the subs where the spare tire would be, and cutting out a hold in the spare tire cover to see the subs through it.
  8. "Keep on Rollin baby" PXL_20210908_212236482~3.mp4
  9. Hasegawa door panel vs revell eg coupe door panel.
  10. I appreciate it 🙏. Thanks for tip, I may try a different marker for the orange see if I get the results I want. I constantly change things, so who knows what could happen.
  11. I got one taillight done. They were supposed to be clear but, the details were so fine that 800 grit paper wet sanded the details off. I did them OEM like they came from Japan unfortunately the orange isnt very visible they are tinted as well, so I may redo it. Also a few pics of the inverted subs. And a side shot of the car. I may put a more profile tire on the front to bring it down a little bit, make it shovel nosed.
  12. Awesome work!!! I need to waste money on this kit soley for wheels lol.
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