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  1. Thank you all!!!
  2. Thank you all for the kind words and advice it much appreciated
  3. Good morning all, I finally was able to get back to the bench after a long absence do to shoulder surgery and I jumped in with the new Boss 302 kit from Revell I did like this kit and thought it went together well I started by adding the basic plug wires and heater hoses but didn't go to extreme on details as I really was using only 1 arm then at the advise of my Brother inlaw I went with a Calypso Coral paint scheme i am happy with the way it turned out please enjoy and any comments or critiques are always welcome Thank you
  4. Thanks all... Sorry for the delayed reply I have been healing from shoulder surgery and really missing the work bench
  5. Great job on the vinyl top... I've done a couple of those and they are a pain. Your Cutty looks great
  6. This looks good!!! I like the Black and Gold combo
  7. I like that green... And great job on the build
  8. Growing up my neighbor had one of these and that thing was a beast! Great job on the build
  9. I just finished my 70 1/2 Split Bumper It started life as the AMT Baldwin Camaro but once I started it became clear that it had loads of issues. First the chassis was warped pretty bad then the roof line had an indention of the dome light so I figured that I would chop it up and make a strip/street car out of it so i tubbed the rear cut the front fender wells out and built a small cage then turned my attention to the body work I used some body putty to fill the crater and after a few hours of sanding it finally looked good to me so I shot the primer and the GM factory Blue (Which came out darker than I wanted) during the drying process the hood fell and I had to strip it back to plastic and start over but I think it looks great. I ran fuel lines and made all of my own anodized fuel fittings then topped the build off with a set of aluminum wheels that I got from @vintagedragcrazy (Thanks again Vince hope I did them justice) and I named it A.A. Ron from the Key & Peele skit. Please enjoy and any comments or critiques are always welcome
  10. Bo Lidden is a legend in the illegal soapbox derby racing scene... This build is trick
  11. I have this kit in my stash and had a few ideas on how how i was going to build it but now seeing yours I may have to rethink it Great job
  12. The paint looks amazing great job!
  13. Nice, You did a great job
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