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  1. Palat added a post in a topic My 3d Art   

    Thanks all again.
    Mike, I don't know if it's the best rendering solution... It does suit me, fairly fast and simple. But then i am always experimenting new settings.

    I have been numbering my creations and found a good way to do it. Hope you like some examples.

  2. Palat added a post in a topic My 3d Art   

    Thanks all.
    @mikevillena: i use 3DSMAX for the modeling and VRay for the renders.
    Some more images:

  3. Palat added a post in a topic 3D Modelling anyone?   

    Great job!
  4. Palat added a topic in Auto Art   

    My 3d Art
    Hello all.

    Hope you like, and thanks for watching.

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