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  1. And just a few detail shots: Yes, I agree, I should have added the pink accent to the rear seats, but at the time the ROI didn't seem worth it. Also, It's very difficult to see the back seats with the car assembled. Still, I think it's a beautiful build and I'm sure that she will love it.
  2. Here are a few more: I used gray primer for the Mustang, but white on the Camaro. That is the difference in color. The pink is actually the same batch of mixed paint.
  3. Here are some shots of a build I recently finish, along with a link to my YouTube video of it. I have posted this on about 3 or so pages on Facebook so you may have already seen it. I'm not bragging on it or anything, I just thought there may be some here who haven't seen it yet and would like to. Back story: A YouTuber hosted a group Cancer Awareness build back in October and I completed a Mustang that I took to the ACME show in ATL in Nov. When I returned from the show I took the car to work, as I normally do, because some co-workers like to see what I build after they are done. One of my coworkers told me the story about how her sister is a breast cancer survivor and she would like the car to give to her. She didn't come right out & say that, it came up in conversation. But, her sisters favorite car is a Camaro, so obviously, I couldn't just give her the Mustang (I could, but you know how Ford/Chevy people are). I told her that I would be her a replica, but a Camaro. The kit is the Revell Snap-Tite Camaro Concept car. The primer is a $0.99 can of flat white from Wal-Mart, the white is Folk Art Metallic Pearl White, and the Pink is a mixture of the Pearl White and Folk Art Metallic Rose Shimmer. The color turned out really good. The paint scheme is inverted from the normal Pink Breast Cancer bow. Another YouTuber (Dale Elliot - Pappaws Scale Dreams) donated the custom personalized Tag. Thanks for checking it out. Link to the YouTube video: I should have painted the rear rocker flat black. I hear that hind sight is 20/20.
  4. both are great looking builds, nice work.
  5. I really like the wheels, nice build.
  6. interesting. neat to see peoples interpretations
  7. great price, excellent build.
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