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  1. I can't imagine the time investment, the talent is obvious ! great subject also.
  2. Thanks for letting me in on this great under paint idea, and yes bmf is the best thing to come along since injection molding.
  3. So much time and talent involved, it is looking great! " Don't stop until you're done" is what granddaddy used to say.
  4. I repainted this Mini Champs 1/43 Mercedes C320 to match my 1/1 Car that I custom painted. Masked with BMF and striped with 1/64 inch tape from lineOtape. Also painted the wheels black and calipers red.
  5. Looks good, me being a 1963 Corvette fan and all. color replicates the stock silver blue, no clear still looks fine. and great dash!
  6. I like it, I like it a lot !
  7. Love it !...some great ideas and those pipes !
  8. I would hate...love...hate...love to see one of your slow builds ! Very inspiring.
  9. I like it ! and will follow, I'm an AMC fan, currently only have one 1971 Javelin. ( and no model of it) I'm a detail guy but I kinda like the curbside idea.
  10. Perhaps 1/8 60's wrinkle wall slicks, in full torque mode.
  11. Kari thanks for the great seat comparison photo.
  12. If you are looking for a good set of denim seats for the Gremlin check out the ones in the MPC 1978 Pacer X...much better.
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