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  1. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I occasionally see a yellow 1972 Charger across from my school. Used to see it all the time. Also, a couple of weeks ago I saw an early 1970s Firebird that was done up in street machine style. We always pass this house that has 2 1969 Mustangs and a 1975 Camaro sitting outside with nothing but a tarp covering them (BLASPHEMY!). Other than that, I haven't seen much...then again, it is getting pretty cold around here in central PA.
  2. Camaro68396 added a topic in Under Glass   

    My Dad's 1970 Chevelle SS
    Nothing fancy, street machine Chevelle SS 454. It was originally assembled by my Dad, in the early 90s, and then put in a box for 10 ish years. I found it today and fixed a couple of things that had fallen off and clean it up. My favorite out of all of his.

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  3. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Replica   

    While that would be really cool, I think I'll stick with the ones I have on it for now. Besides, the model won't be a tilt nose because I don't have anything that will cut that small. I don't think I've got the skill/expertise for that kind of mod, just yet, anyways.
  4. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Replica   

    I give you, the completed Engine.

  5. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Replica   

    Not much has been happening with the model lately. I've been taking my time since I'm a beginner.
    Here is the Tunnel Ram Intake for it's Big Block! All painted up with carburetors glued on.

    American Racing S200 "Daisy" Mags painted up. They didn't come with the part to attach it to the axle so we had to modify it a little. Only the rears are completed.

    The hood scoop I ordered for it. I think it should be taller so it'll be modified later in the build.

    Now for the Story of my Big Block Problems. I initially ordered a Big Block Chevy engine off of eBay at just under $10 and was so ecstatic that I could find one this cheap (they usually run about $20). So, I waited a couple days until it arrived and upon further inspection it didn't have a Muncie Transmission, which is in the movie car. When I contacted the seller about the engine and what kit it came from, he said it was from a Pro Stock Firebird model. When i looked the model up it said that the engine was 500 cubic inches and had 1000 horsepower. Needless to say, I wasn't putting that engine in this replica. Then a couple of days later I spotted another $10 big block Chevy and to my surprise, it was PERFECT! In the picture below, the Tunnel Ram is actually on backwards, WHOOPS!

    The Engine is actually done right now and, yes, the Tunnel Ram is turned around. I just have to take pictures.
  6. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic American Muscle Fanatic from Pennsylvania!   

    Aright, I'll get some and post them. Still up in the air though if we're going or not. If my parents aren't going, I'll just go with my grandfather and there'll be pictures of his 1970 Z28 up instead of our '68. Either way, there'll be pictures of a Camaro soon.
  7. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic American Muscle Fanatic from Pennsylvania!   

    Nice to fine a fellow Pennsylvanian here! You gonna be at the Riverwoods Car show in Lewisburg on this Saturday? We're bringing our '68...that's if the weather cooperates! Thanks for the welcome!
  8. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Replica   

    I'll have to try those methods when I post more pictures. Thanks!
  9. Camaro68396 added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '68 Chevy Camaro Z/28 2'n1   

    Stock 1968 Camaro SS model? Please show me where.

    I will agree that we need a 1967 Camaro RS/SS.

    Differences, other than what you said, between the SS and RS are minor...Just interior stuff, different badges on the sides, and different stripes. If you really want to get technichal, Big blocks weren't allowed in RS cars. They could be added on SS's or RS/SS's, but not RS's.
  10. Camaro68396 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    American Muscle Fanatic from Pennsylvania!
    Hello! I just started building model cars a year ago and am very interested in this hobby and cars in general. I'm practically a first gen Camaro database. Any question about the 1967-1969 Camaro I can answer. I even have a real 1968 Camaro SS 396 and 1971 Chevy Custom Camper. I'm one of those who likes stock Classic Muscle cars more than Protouring ones. I'm really into the 1960s/70s drag racing scene. I love music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, I literally listen to it daily. If i could go back in time, I would. Well, that's pretty much all about me. Any questions?
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  11. Camaro68396 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Replica
    Hey guys! Just joined and thought I would post my current project...a Two Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy Replica! I'm not trying to do a full on replica with the forward swinging hood and weathered paint. I'll just do what I can with what I have. I started out with a plain jane 1970's Monogram 1955 Chevy Street Machine that I bought on eBay for only $13.00. Sorry about the pictures being sideways, didn't know that would happen...I take pictures on my iPod.

    I got started with the interior and added a tach to the dash.

    Then I completed the interior and added a custom 4 point roll bar. Probably the coolest thing I've done to a model...then again, this is only my second one.

    On to the front suspension!

    Now she's painted in primer...for the primer. I filed away at the posts between the rear window and side windows. Also filed away the side trim on both sides. Also ordered a Hood scoop, American Racing S-200 "Daisy" Mags, and a Tunnel Ram intake manifold for it 454.

    I added the door post to make into a Chevy 210, instead of the Bel Air it was.

    Now she's in her rightful color...Hot Rod Primer Gray. Sorry, my iPod takes really crappy photos.

    Daisy Mags arrived!

    Custom License Plate!

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