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  1. The rocker panel trim doesn't exist in the kit. So I found a side-on view and scaled it then used the image as a pattern.
  2. Foiling is complete. Don't look too closely.
  3. Beautiful build. Love the display dioramas too. Here's one in town here should you decide to do a 1:1.
  4. Then I must find a truck to put mine in. And your model is stunning my friend.
  5. While the second white turned out OK, the removal of the masking tape did not. I likely forgot to de-tack the tape before applying it.
  6. The interior is different from the 1:1 I am trying to replicate. Maybe the kit is a compromise between different models of Ford.
  7. No comment. They might get me barred, chastised and ejected.
  8. Chassis is pretty well complete as is the interior.
  9. Masked the car and shot the green....outside as this is real car paint complete with isocyanates. so shop coat, gloves and respirator. Looks OK to me.
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