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  1. Finished the front skirts & moldings. Made up exhaust outlet plates(for lack of a better name).
  2. The moldings are done save for those on the front fender skirts which are in the works.
  3. Got the cab to line up with the bottom of the body (sort of). Started on the moldings. Please someone remind me not to attempt this again.
  4. Both, then a saw where I could. the engine will wind up somewhere else. I think the whole essence of this model is the lines, what is underneath is irrelevant.
  5. Well a major decision has been reached. Attempts to position the cab so the hood would open always ended up pushing it too far forward. So I followed in the steps of the very wise Mr. Sixties Sam and will go engine less. We can't see it anyway.
  6. thanks guys. these are the little chassis tweaks which will help keep everything level. Started on the running board skirts.
  7. Working on cab & body position to determine the depth of the running board skirts. Dashboard is ready.
  8. At first glance I thought you were in my kitchen.😄Oddly enough, we had a grandson over for supper last night too . Ours is 27 years old however.
  9. Me too. Had looked at it before but passed. Today I had a breakdown. Ah well, it looks like a nice model.
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