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  1. the original seats sere removed to be replaced by Grand National buckets with a sort of matching rear seat. The steering wheel will be a 3D printed item by 3D Model Specialties (Ron Olsen).
  2. The spare recess is filling up slowly.
  3. This will be a Continental with no continental spare.
  4. Enlarged the front wheel openings. It turns out that the new spring spacing puts one right where the molded in exhaust sits. So I removed some of it.
  5. The Ardun V12 which was on the dyno is going into a project. it was replaced by a custom nailhead with 6 Strombergs. The induction system is 3D printed by Chris Drysdale at Maple Leaf Model Works.
  6. This is likely better, however it looks like I'll have to enlarge the front wheel openings.
  7. Set the rear track. Now playing with the stance. Hind end too high?
  8. They said something about not being able to obtain the raw materials.
  9. Thank you so much. That's the one I had in mind but couldn't put a name to it. I ordered it today.
  10. Gravity colors appears to be temporarily out of business. Anywhere else someone can look for accurate color paints?
  11. And we know the engine will fit.
  12. Looked in the windshield drawer and there is one which might work.
  13. Looking over the stripped body, it would appear that this isn't its first restoration. It appears to have had the front pushed in and the windshield header was definitely broken once. It was repaired with home made "glass".
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