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  1. Here. It is NOT going in the collection. Maybe in the back of the shop with possibly a tarp over some of it.😊
  2. You did not drop the ball, I failed to read it properly or more likely, I read it and forgot. 😉
  3. Cut the pattern out of a sheet of .040 then glued it to another one to give a proper thickness. Punched some "covers" for the ends of the cams.
  4. When are the results coming in for ours? Or have I missed something?
  5. Reshaped the heads to give a wider angle between the cam covers to match the image. Bit by bit we are getting there.
  6. I'm not sure if I find them boring but the scratching sure is fun. The dio allows me to dabble in many things but stick to a theme. I always wanted to do a pipelayer out of theD8. It has been done before. I should look for some manuals and get at it.
  7. With the outboard cam covers held in place by tape, I could obtain an overall width measurement . I was able to find a good picture of the gear train of the OW-43 which will serve as a template for all those covers. I printed three slightly different ones and I think the one in the photo fits best. I wonder whether there's a cover like that at the back.
  8. Tom, where did you source the lifts. I think I am ready for a two poster.
  9. Made some caps for the breathers. Had to move my tubes further apart to clear them.
  10. Made the cam covers using square rods and half round. The marks are the location of the bolts. They did not look right so I redid them with narrow ribbing to represent the ribs on the real thing.
  11. Started tonight. Used a 442 block with a 3D printed weber manifold. Used plain rectangular srip for the heads ars they will hardly be visible once the stuff is added. Added coolant outlets and inlrets. I will use three injector stacks for the three air breathers. will fabricate the caps.
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