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  1. A Jeep and some splined shafts( aka earring backs)
  2. Nice. Doug did you have a Packard as well or am I thinking of someone else?
  3. Plenty of interesting points of view here. I post mainly to share as no one other than me looks at them here. I noticed different members look at different types of work i.e. trucks, cars, racers dios etc. They look at what they like. Most if not all of us build only what turns us on. I often ask for opinions and I do get them. I don't always do what is suggested. Sometimes I do. I only comment if something turns my crank. And I agree that wholesale kudos don't help anything. The same with 45 photos of the same thing. But this is a great place to be, share and enjoy. There is some of everything, something for everyone and members with a wide range of tastes, people skills, modelling skills and expectations. So build, enjoy, post, enjoy other's work and what sounds like constructive criticism to one member may sound like an outrageous personal attack to another. Does this make any sense?
  4. I believe so. Look at the shadow of the name in the step 2 window. It was bought by itself on eBay. This thread is one of three. Here are the others: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/134226-racing-hot-rod-truck-and-aircraft-engines-by-ftb/ http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/134212-big-three-engines-by-ftb/
  5. Porsche 904. DOHC Flat 4, 1966cc./180 hp.
  6. Thanks Tom. Now black or white?
  7. Chassis is pretty well done other than adding the wheels and some detailing.
  8. I agree. there was one in a nearby town to where I lived between 85 and 99. every time I saw it I stopped and had a closer look. they are regal looking machines.
  9. Came up with this. They sorta look the part. Now I have to figure something for the top of the hubs.
  10. Mohair was very much in fashion in car interiors for a while. "mole hair" describes it well.
  11. Fantastique Claude. You kept the original lines in a fresh design.
  12. Debating the following: Sidemount spares + trunk No sidemounts but twin spares in the back instead of the trunk. More dabbling with the wheels.
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