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  1. Did some thinning of the resin panels to be able to insert the chassis. Opened up the hood, which is easier said than done. Attempted to duplicate the cutline off the 1:1 around the nose bit it was too thick there. So I ended up cutting the entire front fascia off then once separated from the hood I put it back.
  2. Happy new year everyone. I would like to submit this for approval. Autocar A64B + wrecker body + my scratchbuilt Holmes 750 .
  3. X2.I'm curious about the method.
  4. Carl, I have been there many many times over the years and I must admit you have caught the mood right on. You can almost"recognize" the scene.
  5. Narrowing the Avanti interior to fit in the football shaped starliner body.
  6. Absolutey fascinating! There is scratch building, and then there is this. WoW!
  7. Yes, I sold it in 2019. The maintenance was getting to me and where I lived you couldn't drive it on the highway. I have mixed emotions about it. I could certainly enjoy it more here, however I would be in a storage situation as I do not have a garage anymore.
  8. It might have been better buying a new kit. this glue bomb sure is brittle. Had to make new tie rods using the old ends and I changed/lerngthened several pins. I seem to remember a glue called Ambroid when I was a kid that left big yellow blobs like this. That sure brings back memories.
  9. I haven't received it yet, he just mailed it. The Matchbox version of a car I once owned.
  10. Started sanding off the casting flash. The gluebonb kit doesn't have the rear suspension so sarted fabbing one up using my Avanti's as a pattern.
  11. Cominf from the master scratchbuilder, that is a compliment indeed! Thank you sir.
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