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  1. Hooper & Co Diorama

    At the risk of sounding stupid, what makes a terraced house a terraced house?
  2. Streamlined Reo

    Jut thought I'd share
  3. Formula1 Hot Rod

    Oops. Didn't look at you location. So curbside it is.
  4. Looks like you are achieving the desired effect.
  5. 36 ford coupe, my chop

    X2. You are brave and talented. Make sure there are secondary ducts to the rad to prevent overheating.
  6. Formula1 Hot Rod

    Neat project. It may be too late but there are some relatively cheap engines on eBaylike this Cosworth. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/AMT-1-25-1986-25-AL-UNSER-MARCH-COSWORTH-86C-CUMMINS-CART-INDY-CAR-ENGINE/264391148408?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Dd9db2dac53bc4c6185a057c8d8657009%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D14%26sd%3D303216235819%26itm%3D264391148408%26pg%3D2481888&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A708aa0be-a94d-11e9-850b-74dbd1808b94|parentrq%3A04cbe78016c0aa13f5ad7802ff70c7c9|iid%3A1
  7. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    Now that we know what length the body will be, we can determine the length of the fender assembly. First step, determine the location of the front of the cowl. then mark one fender assembly. Transfer mark to body. Mark the rear fender assembly. Cut, splice and hope it will fit.
  8. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    Turns out I have to extend the taper a bit to match the other roof.
  9. 1930 Packard Club sedan

    I have to stretch the wheelbase all right. I was going to cut the fender assembly just in front of the rear fenders, lenghten the frame to fit and fab up some new running boards..I only have one Packard rail for some reason and was planning to use either a Rolls Royce frame or a Duesenberg one which may be long enough as it is. Thanks for the offer. Let me investigate the Duesenberg frame first.
  10. Mo'luminium....What happend ?

    I don't see it on his website. Too early yet?
  11. Mo'luminium....What happend ?

    Hey Jamie, I saw on the KFS website that you are the new owner of their Holmes wrecker kit. Is that correct?
  12. Ideas for the tow modellers

    Took these this morning on my bicycle ride.