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  1. What did you see on the road today?

  2. What did you see on the road today?

    That is beautiful!
  3. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.

    The home made headlight cover wasn't very successful. It is a bit stiff and pops back out and the clamp I put on smeared some of the glue. So I may attempt to disguise it using duct tape. After all duct tape is often seen on a racer....We can justify just about anything in modelling.
  4. Morgan 4/4 Is Done!

    Nice. The other day I was in a city I lived in more than 25 years ago and saw a gentleman in the restaurant who I thought I should know. I didn't remember his name but I remembered his Morgan.
  5. '36 Chevy modified

  6. What did you see on the road today?

    Riding my bike today, it felt like my seat was coming loose. I happened to be right in front of a garage with the door open. I went in to borrow an allen wrench and there was a Lotus Esprit sitting there, solid but dusty. I want to go back tomorrow to give the guy a coffee shop gift card and take a picture.

    Me too.
  8. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.

    Began adding details & stuff. Made taillights with half round. Headlights are from Scale production and turn signals are truck clearance light lenses. Tried to hide the old glue by painting the surrounds of the glass pieces black. One headlight cover will be homemade, the original having disappeared. Added the dash and a KFS PE wiper.
  9. 65 Impala SS 396

  10. TAT Mack B-61

    There is a big "groove" along the base of the hood. I hoped to make the joint in there then touch it up with black after. Thanks for the advice.
  11. TAT Mack B-61

    Looks like I've done everything backwards. Wouldn't be the first time. Interior is next. I don't have a gray light enough. So it'll go on last...when I find it.
  12. Unpleasant task

    I am following Greg Hoffman's recommendations for the time being. Any further digging is for a rainy day....
  13. Unpleasant task

    Thank you.
  14. caravaning in the rockies

    Nice.It has that "mood" like a good dio should have.
  15. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.

    Painted it. Please forgive the poor photos.