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  1. Should I apply the foil and decals before the clear?
  2. 2nd generation Z28 (LT1). OHV V8, 350 cu.in/ 360 hp
  3. Here are the three greens I have. None are like the car above. we'll see. And I'm not so sure about the louvers anymore.
  4. They are there. And to me they are the styling cue I prefer on the '65-'66 fastbacks. I know they wouldn't be correct, but it won't be going to any judging meet.😉
  5. I started this one this morning. If I do it as a Hertz car it will be either blue or green. I may also use the louvers instead of the glass panel in the rear quarter.
  6. The red one is done too but it is an unmitigated disater. It fought me all the way. It is NOT going in the display cabinet. I may salvage the suspension bits and scrap the rest. Or, if anyone is interested I'd trade it for a pair of Hemis.
  7. David it is possible that the new arrangement gets more views as it puts our dios in with the rest of the WIPs. The people who scan WIPs regularly see it where they didn't before. If they didn't before it is because they never or rarely went to the Diorama section. So the corresponding lack of comment is likely a result that they are just not interested. No harm done. You still have your followers.
  8. The blue one is done. It is getting a bit of polish. The driver's side mirror is missing.It may show up next time I sweep.
  9. As far as Iknow it was in only one Dodge (at least one Bighorn) and it was Allis-Chalmers themselves who had ordered it. The engine's build thread is in here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/123724-1974-dodge-bighorn-done/
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