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  1. The shelf stand will likely hold some trannies.
  2. Used the hooded bulletin board from one of the Fujimi garage sets to make a notice board. Added a fluorescent light to it. A couple of plugs, pins and beads will turn into lamps.
  3. The end panel has its brick, door , signage etc. i even gave it a sky although I doubt any pictures would show it.
  4. OOps! Can't edit so they'll stay like that.
  5. The bodies are back together. Now I'm debating whether to do a black stripe loosely based on the suject car or a Bugatti swoop.
  6. Russell, that is what it is. Sometime back I changed my credit card and I somehow forgot to update that account, so I'll likely do as Carl did and let it lapse. I'll also try to replace the photos.
  7. I used to pay somewhere around $40 a year, although I'm not sure if that is still happening. I'll have to login and see the account.
  8. I noticed that all my photos which were in Photobucket now have their corporate overlay on them. Is that normal? Am I being punished for something?
  9. Pecking away at a storage stand.
  10. Working on the end panel. Brick, stucco (sandpaper) and siding. Ended up removing the sandpaper.
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