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  1. Beautiful job. What toy line is the excavator from? And where did you get the tracks?
  2. The instrument panel and interior are completed. Cut off the resin lenses and replaced them with PE lenses.
  3. Watching and learning. Thanks for the free lessons and the pleasure of watching this emerge out of thin air. This is the hex punch I use. It is from UMM, http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?products_id=9072 .
  4. landman

    1/64 Farm Diorama

    Love it. That house brought back some moemories. I might have been inside it. Nice work.
  5. Finding a box of old models is what brought me back to the hobby. While most have had a few loose pieces glued back on and displayed, there are several that were taken apart and redone, a few of them rebodied in the process. I have to agree , they were very satisfying.
  6. I wish the others were as detailed as he is. The only other one who comes close is the big guy.
  7. The new staff are at work. the partners are discussing bringing more on.
  8. I think that is what he's doing, however I intend to make him examine a small part, like a carb.
  9. I purchased two new "employees" and a gorgeous Alfa 158 engine. I cut off the arms of the one guy and reattached them in a "at the bench" position.
  10. It think so too. It might also be because they bring back memories of trucks I knew, but I do older trucks amost exclusively.
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