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  1. landman

    Big V8s

    Boy, that brings back memories. My uncle had purchsed the visible V8 and we all built it together with my cousins. That must have been around 62-63 something like that.
  2. Comme รงa? I don't have one and I wonder if it was ever kitted.
  3. Absolutely. How do I switch it?
  4. I opened a 58 Thunderbird box labelled "1941 Ford Woody" and it contained the body of the woody (eBay) and a 39/40 coach (old build) which will serve as a donor. There is also some woodgrain decals from Uschi van der Rosten. I'll try to do it justice.
  5. Ford 4.6L Triton truck engine. SOHC V8, 4.6L/220 hp.
  6. Found it. It was on Woodworking Talk. Very very interesting. https://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f13/2-3-scale-cars-motorcycles-55257/
  7. Several years ago a gentleman from Australis had a thread about building a 3/4 scale Indian motorcycle out of wood scraps and assorted junk. Ican't remember where I saw it, whether it was here or in a woodworking forum. It was an old Indianmotorcycle and ended up looking remarkably realistic. Ring a bell for anyone. And yes, I tried the search engine.
  8. Are there any seats for spectators in your shop? ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  9. Thank you, found it, this is the one I have.
  10. Thank you gentlemen, glad you like it. It was a bit of a battle but I had it in the back of my mind for a long time, so I had to do it.
  11. What Ford truck kit other than the 5oth anniversary F100 has the Triton engine? I have an engine bought on eBay and the 50th anniversary engine is different.
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