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  1. Came across this one at the local harware store. I wasn't even aware they sold models. It was in among the puzzles. So I bought it.
  2. Assembly continues. At times there were serious thoughts about turning it into a barn find.
  3. Getting ready for the long haul. It will need a bit of trimming. I am considering opening the trunk lid (a first for me) so that the cell is accessible. Otherwise it will be a racing filler either on the rear quarter or on top of the lig (which might be too conspicuous for a stealth run).
  4. Got it. Along with several smudges. Now hopefully it will fit on the chassis without the need for some serious clampu8ng.
  5. Did a bit of carving around the front crossmember to seat the C5R properly.
  6. Having a fight getting the interior into the body. I hope to win eventually.
  7. I had used the "lowered" setting for the front king pins to get a slight rake in order to achieve a bit of downforce without adding wings and spoilers. Ended up having to open up the front wheel openings. Next is figuring how to terminate the side molding which has been cut.
  8. The V12 won't fit, hovewer the other three will. So let's hash this over. We want power and relative economy so the 427 is out. The C5R looks like a likely candidate.
  9. A teaser. It will sort of look like this.
  10. Looking at wheels. 1.Nascar wheels and tires, likely not appropriate for long distance highway driving 2. 20" 5 spokes with low profile tires 3.Two types of chrome alloys on Goodyear Polyglas 4.Two types of chrome steelies on Goodyear ZR40s.
  11. I like that philosophy. So all four engines will be considered.
  12. Dennis, it says in the rules that the engine must have been available to the public, I doubt the LS3 V12 was.😉.
  13. I have decided to enter with a 1951 Chevrolet. I intend to keep it as stock looking as possible so as to not attract the attention of the law. However it will have Oomph. Here's a few options, Corvette C5R, 2010 Camaro, LS3 V12 with OBX induction, 427 with OBX induction. I understand some of them may not meet the criteria.
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