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  1. Thanks guys.After much fiddling, I have a horrendous looking front axle which appears to be at the correct height.
  2. I spent many a summer helping with the haying at my uncles'. One had a Farmall C and a Ford 8N. The other had a Case 200 or 230, I can't remember. That is where I learned to drive, on the 8N.
  3. Thanks John. I guess I better add those tools to the back burner. right now we are about to move and I am packing everything but one day soon I hope to set up again and get at it.
  4. Great save. there is a lot of satisfaction in doing this.
  5. The hood is hinged. Won't help with the servicing but we'll be able to see the engine.
  6. Very likely except all that was broken on mine which was a previously built wreck.
  7. So, a 348 it will be. Scrounged for a single 4 intake as the donor model's tri-power is not utilitarian enough in my opinion.
  8. By the way John, i haven't had a chance to dig up the Bugatti's instruction sheet to rectify the blower issue.
  9. Marked the height of the frame ends inside the body then scribed the fender lines through. Flattened an area to olace the tubing which will become the hood hinge.
  10. Bienvenue au royaume du plastique Arnaud. We can read anything here. We all speak the same language with different accents and spellings. You will like it here.
  11. Mockup to set height etc. Looks like we're close. Have to shorten the frame at the front a bit.
  12. Jeff, you will have to enligten me on the acronym.๐Ÿคจ
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