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  1. Beautiful build. Love the display dioramas too. Here's one in town here should you decide to do a 1:1.
  2. Then I must find a truck to put mine in. And your model is stunning my friend.
  3. While the second white turned out OK, the removal of the masking tape did not. I likely forgot to de-tack the tape before applying it.
  4. The interior is different from the 1:1 I am trying to replicate. Maybe the kit is a compromise between different models of Ford.
  5. No comment. They might get me barred, chastised and ejected.
  6. Chassis is pretty well complete as is the interior.
  7. Masked the car and shot the green....outside as this is real car paint complete with isocyanates. so shop coat, gloves and respirator. Looks OK to me.
  8. Fabbed up fender skirts using the following method. Took a picture from the net, reduced it to size using Microsoft word, printed it and used it as a pattern. Used half round for the bead.
  9. Looks like it will work. I must remember to score the inside to show the shutlines.
  10. Assembled the cut down body and added the outrigger doors. Not having any slam locks anymore, or at least not finding them, I used PE seat belt clips for handles.
  11. If I find a spot to put it. Space is getting scarce.😟
  12. The Holmes was temporarily held together by round rods. They will be trimmed and boltheads added.
  13. Had to sand off one tool box door and part of another one to make room for the outrigger doors.
  14. This forgetfulness is getting annoying. welcome to the golden age. I gurss I'll have to disassemble the deck to do the necessary mods.
  15. Also, I forgot to cut down the sides of the body to make the doors for the outriggers before I assembled the body.
  16. Which indicates that the spread isn't wide enough. Jensen solved this by removing the skirt beteeen the wheels.
  17. But mockup #2 says "Thou shalt slide axles back".
  18. A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins Clark. Rated as mystery but spooky enough. I enjoyed it.
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