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  1. Completed the wiring. All that is left is the carb linkages and fuel lines. I doubt I'll be able to duplicate the cam cover details. Thhose lines are pretty fine and I'm not sure my printer can go that small and stay clear.
  2. Carl, I used 7 strand beading wire. While it provides the proper effect it is not easy to work with as it is stiff. So you smear CA on the drum, wind several turns and clamp, and so on.
  3. Added venturi tubes to the velocity stacks and monted to the carbs.
  4. Interesting. A friend of mine had his out juste the other day.,
  5. Just off the road on my bike ride the other day. I wonder how long it has been there.
  6. I looked at another one of his and it is 1:12. We can assume this one is too.
  7. I only have two. Dodge L700 stake with Viper engine and a '38 International WIP.
  8. I think I'll paint it black like the subject vehicle however it won't have the pinstripe.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/roadsiderelicdioramas. You have to become a member.
  10. No David, I "stole" it from a Facebook diorama page.
  11. This is absolutely amazing.
  12. Thank you. Your gift has given me many hours of enjoyment.
  13. Added exhaust manifolds and carbs. Is it just me or is one manifold crooked?
  14. Added headlight lenses and slam lock latches to storage compartments.
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