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  1. Now Michel, you run out and get a 1:1 of each to have the match.
  2. It gid it again. Won't let me quote and write below the quote. Anyway, the wheel opening moldings were part of an option package.
  3. Looks like the program won't let me quote and write on the same post. this morning. So here's the rest of the story. The hood with the indentations was optional. It features functional air extraction scoops and turn signal indicators. See page from the sales booklet below.
  4. Dis you take the measurements off a real trailer or were you able to obtain drawings? Also, is that excavator a kit or a die-cast promo?
  5. Hey Bill, I'm following this intently as I want to do my own Mustang later. As fot the wheels, the triangles that you have in black are holes. The depressions in the spokes aren't gray but brown. At least on my car. The hub centers are blue on the '67. I took the liberty of posting a picture of mine.
  6. Here's one you guys might find interesting: http://forums.aaca.org/f206/junkyard-diorama-project-1-24-a-283799.html
  7. I should have recognized the Fulmore name too. I'm trying to remember if Burt just helped me with the restoration or whether he sold me some parts.
  8. Hey Tony, back in the day, there was a fantastic hobby shop on O'Connor called Hobbyland. I remember going back there after many years and being disappointed since it appeared to have lost that "Special something" that shops have when they belong to hobbyists. Is it still there?
  9. I started looking at how to do this. It has to be shortened lengthwise. that means sectioning the roof and taking a slice out. I'll attempt that later when I feel braver. As a first attempt at filling the gap above the door. I attempted to make a teeny sliver. A lot of work and will need much filling & sanding. Also removed the door hinges from the Ford roof. The Chevy's are on the front of the doors.
  10. Hello from Kapuskasing, Ontario. Born in Sorel Quebec, lived in Ottawa, Toronto, Thunder Bay, North Bay, Hearst and Kapuskasing. What is it about a rolling stone?
  11. So I started taking measurements off an actual unit to attempt to recreate them in 1:24 scale. Wish me luck! Who would have thought I'd use some of my woodworking tools on a model?
  12. Another thing that needs to be addressed. The diecast's front suspension is a beam axle on leaf springs. The actual car has "Knee Action" hydraulic suspension. It looks like this. It contains both the springs and shock absorbers and is filled with oil.
  13. I quoted Andy in post # 40. the quote shows but not what I wrote in. Here it is. Andy, that is what I am planning to do. I'll likely fill the gap with putty over a plastic backing. However I'm open to suggestions.
  14. I was looking through all the tabs and drop menus to see what is there and better understand how things work. I came across the "Manage Attachments" topic in the settings area. It looks like once you have reached a certain amount of MB's you can't post anymore or you have to start deleting. Am I understanding this correctly? If that is correct then I suppose reducing the size of the attachment would allow for more or the alternative is deleting. Right? Is there a way to select the threads I want to follow?
  15. I think I still want one of those R & R bodies to get the shape of the windshield and rear window. Are they still in business? No answer to emails or phone.
  16. Tamas, nice job on the car and the photos. Is that the Duna in the background?
  17. yes! Just love the paint. Hope to learn to paint like that some day.
  18. Now that is one wicked bug! Reminds me of a Porsche I saw the other day where the guy thought like you.
  19. About the Tamiya brush, the 64 dollar question: does it stay effective like that or do it's magic powers fade away? And thank you Mr.Jordan. They are mostly old cars because that is what I am into now. I had my truck phase as well. And before that I bought whatever was available. phase
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