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  1. The '56 Ford is on hold, so I started pecking at this one. Working on the engine. It is awkward since the numbers on the instruction sheet don't match the numbers on the sprues. At least the images are a good guide.
  2. Beautiful model. I thinned out y paint and gave them a once over. they turned out not too bad. I did have a 49 Merc. It had donated its hind quarters to the couch. However i can't find the rest of it. Shame on me for throwing away something with "potential".
  3. Hi Steve, I don't have a '57 T=Bird. So they'll likely havee to be scratchbuilt.
  4. Added a spacer to the spare to center the '32 rim. Rick's wheels wil work out fine. I have to do something about those whitewalls though. And we have primer.
  5. Work continues on the continental kit extension. Thanks to a gift from fellow member Tarheel Rick, I have the proper wheels. I'll use a '32 wheel for the spare.
  6. Yes, it shouldn't be too difficult toi make out of flat stock.
  7. Looking at ways of making the splah pan/bumper extension. First in cardboard, then in plastic. This molding isn't in the kit either. It should be fairly easy to replicate.
  8. The chassis is pretty well done.
  9. I had totally forgotten about it until a few weeks ago. It is next after the current one.
  10. Trying on lids and doors to check the fit. Does anyone know if fender skirts are available for this puppy? Or am I in for a fab job?
  11. Getting ready for the scary part. There is an inordinate amount of flash to trim and sand. I takes a bit away from the fun.
  12. Added fuel line to the engine and working on the ignition wiring.
  13. Thanks Patrick. That is what I had in mind. I have an old build on the shelf.
  14. So I obtained this kit. I may have to steal the continental spare from something else and it won't have those wheel covers. Otherwise, it should be close.
  15. A neighbor's friend is selling his Crown Victoria. Initially I was going to post his ad but it likely is against company policy so here are a few photos of it. My neighbor asked me If I could build a model for his friend to remember his car by. She is a beauty.
  16. Ardun V12, updated interior and wheels. Made from a junker.
  17. The finishing details were a challenge. Either I am too old, I am getting clumsy or it wasn't a good idea but I kept dropping, breaking or otherwise making a mess. The license plate says Poifect but the end result is far from it. However I imagine an Ardun V12 in a car this heavy would be something to contend with.
  18. He just turned 100. https://www.facebook.com/patrice.stmartin.7/posts/pfbid02sSWNARGQWjLh9S6q11tdEAvxW3xUrENSgzVJ3xiBprzAaKMdiD7N18hvxS6M7ZBYl?notif_id=1659015222277295&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif
  19. Eric hasn't been on since March. hope all is well with him.
  20. Another piece of wire for the nose of the hood.
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