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  1. Yes they are r/c, 16 easily switched channels (see Magracing facebook page) lithium AAA powered, 20 minutes racing on one charge.
  2. Heres a pic of the track. The far turn is a 'Martinsville' style turn. There are 2 lanes and cars in the outer lane need to be steered into the banking. If not they will run onto the flat and loose time. The pit entry is in the middle of the back straight. Up to 16 cars can be raced together.
  3. This was not built as a diorama but I think it is a passable representation of 1970's Sicily being part of my Targa Florio Magracing circuit. Both the Alfa 33 and Porsche were of course winners of the Targa. The anti Porsche graffiti is authentic! Cars are 1/32 scale, lithium powered, r/c controlled.
  4. Photo attached of 2014 Ford and GM saloons. I made the vac formed bodyshells and decals and fitted them to extended Magracing chassis. The oval track is now finished and I will post pics if ok. The cars are not intended to be 100% accurate models. They are for serious racing.
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